Gold SDKs & BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS Updates

We’ve written many posts now on the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system that RIM has everything riding on to revive business. BB10 is to be unveiled at an event on January 30 but for now is still in the hands of developers. Today we have news for those concerned as BlackBerry 10 Gold SDKs are now available for developers as well as a BB10 Dev Alpha OS update.

Yesterday the Gold SDKs for BlackBerry 10 became available to download in varieties that includes AIR, Cascades, HTML5 and Native so developers will be well on their way to coming up with BB10 apps. CrackBerry reminds developers that they have until January 21 to submit apps to the $10k Developer Commitment. BlackBerry announced the gold build of the BB10 developer toolkit, which includes the final tools, APIs and components that developers could need.

If you’re a developer using HTML5 then WebWorks can be used to create apps with native-like performance and reap the benefits of core integration. Meanwhile developers using native C/C++ and Qt will utilize Cascades, also offering deep integration with core features including BlackBerry Hub. Building with Adobe AIR and also porting Android apps to the platform are also enabled through the use of BlackBerry 10 tools.

A little later on yesterday BlackBerry also announced the BB10 Dev Alpha OS was ready for developers although apparently some users are seeing, according to CrackBerry. Developers should check for the Dev Alpha update and should be able to find it. Release notes show plenty of fixes such as when a BlackBerry device was connected to another using an HDMI cable there were some audio problems. Previously changing mobile network settings to 2G may have made your device show a cell broadcast message every few minutes and this has also been fixed.

Other issues that should now be corrected are a Time Settings problem, audio sometimes clipped when playing media files and Pictures not synchronized to Microsoft outlook when added to BlackBerry Contacts. Great news for developers then and a sure sign that BB10 is on course for that January 30th unveiling. We’ll be keeping you informed about further developments so do check back with us from time to time.

Are you looking forward to the release of BB10 and the devices running on it, such as the first smartphone that we showed you a brief glimpse of yesterday? Do you think the new OS will be enough to turn around RIM’s fortunes? Why not comment on this.

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