Maybe time to delete Instagram, Facebook confirms ads

iOS users were treated to the Instagram application long before it was released onto fierce rival Android, with millions of users creating a frenzy around the popular photo sharing app. Earlier this year the company behind the popular app was snapped up by social networking giant Facebook in a $1 billion deal, and it may be time to delete Instagram, as Facebook confirms ads are coming to the service.

When the deal was first announced many wondered how Facebook would ever recoup its vast layout to purchase Instagram, and the photo sharing service has managed to stay free from ads since it was first released back in 2010. The guys over at BusinessInsider have confirmed with Carolyn Everson of Facebook that “monetization” will be coming to the application at some point in the future.

At the 2012 Ignition conference Everson admitted that a Facebook ad team were looking into getting money out of the Instagram application, and comes as a battle recently started between Twitter and Instagram with the latter pulling almost all of its support for the popular social network. Twitter than responded by added some new photo filters similar to what Instagram offers.

It will be interesting though how the addition of ads will affect the Instagram service and how users take to it, but it is obvious Facebook would want to start making some money out of the service after spending so much on it.

There will be many users that won’t like having ads plastered all over their photo feed, and Facebook itself has often come under fire from users regarding advertisements on their news feeds. The thing is there are a number of other photo sharing apps now available especially on the Android platform, which further raises questions behind the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook.

We have heard a number of Instagram users that have said they will be deleting their Instagram account and use an alternative service because of the ads, but others have suggested that Facebook may simply charge users to edit photo’s after doing so a number of times instead of ads.

Some owners of jailbroken iPhones have suggested downloading the AdBlocker application to prevent the ads from appearing in the first place, but some have said this wouldn’t work. We have to wait and see how Facebook implements the ads on Instagram, but the news will certainly anger many users that may have seen this coming as soon as Facebook took over the service.

Will you be deleting your Instagram account?

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