Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean OTA update saying hi

Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone have been enjoying the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for a couple of months now, and are now looking forward to the next version to arrive. Some owners though are still stick on Ice Cream Sandwich waiting for their carriers to get the new firmware out to the hardware, and today we have some good news for Verizon Wireless customers that own the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the Jelly Bean OTA update is starting to arrive at last.

Customers of the carrier have seen rival networks in the country already enjoying the new operating system, and have had to make do with various leaked ROMs of the software without any official release until now. Only a couple of days ago we heard the Jelly Bean update would be arriving any day, but now the carrier is pushing out the new firmware as an over the air update instead of needing the Samsung KIES desktop application.

As per usual the software upgrade will see a staggered release over a number of days, and if you don’t receive a prompt for the download you can always check yourself manually. This is done when connected to the Internet and is best carried out via a solid Wi-Fi connection, and first you need to select the Settings option on the handset. From here you need the About Device feature and then Software Update and the Check for updates option at the top.

Verizon has listed the new features that Jelly Bean will bring to the handset that includes some new camera filters and the option for users to pause and resume while capturing video content. Owners will now have a handset that is ISIS ready with Austin, Salt Lake City, and Texas among the first cities taking advantage of the wireless payment feature.

The handset will also offer global roaming with more than 205 countries supported around the world now, with other additions include Google Now, improved S-Voice, new Notification panel, enhanced SWYPE Keyboard, widgets can now be resized and placed where you want them, and much more.

While the update is being welcomed by Verizon customers many are still questioning why it took the carrier so long to push the software out considering how long ago Samsung made it available. Some users would prefer Google Wallet instead of ISIS while others are wondering how long they will have to wait for the next update to Jelly Bean.

Has your Verizon Galaxy S3 received Jelly Bean yet?

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  • Stevw

    Yes it has! Downloading now!! I woke up to it on my phone

    • WaffleNinjaPanda

      What state are you in?

    • Matt

      Where you at!?

  • chandler

    What state are you in so who got it first?

  • chandler

    What state are you in so we can see where it come to first because I stil don’t have it

  • EvlNvrDys

    I myself am in NJ, have checked and NOTHING!! Typical Verizon, take forever to even get to this point (yes thank you big red for making me wait so long on the Rezound ICS). Guessing NJ not tops on the list.

    • WaffleNinjaPanda

      You’d think it would be out fastest in NJ because that’s where they’re based. I don’t think the Rezound is getting an update.

    • loel2012

      Verizon is the worst on the updates, and I used to own a Rezound which I gave up for that reason! I thought the SG3 would get it quicker. In theory it did (months later) since I don’t think this update is specifically for the Rezound but for the SG3.

  • SailsHunter

    Wash, DC here. No update as of 7:55AM

  • WaffleNinjaPanda

    Nothing in Florida as of 7:56AM.

  • Rize

    Nebraska nothing yet here. The ota will still hit the phone if I’m rooted right?

    • WaffleNinjaPanda

      I’m not sure about that. I would check the XDA forums. It might depend on the root you used.

    • nepats001

      Official updates do not hit rooted devices. You have to revert to stock ROM and restock the bootloader.

      • Rize

        I’m a newb when it comes to all that. Not sure how I even rooted it. I never flashed any roms. Just rooted and gave up. Had to use an app from the market place to tell me if it was rooted or not. Superuser is in my app drawer?

  • leoc

    Vermont….nothing here

  • dan

    nothing yet in virginia…

  • AD

    Nothing in Indiana 8:26 am

  • Mike

    Nothing in GA

  • terich22

    Nothing in NC yet as of 8:30. :(

  • Matt

    Nothing here in New York City

  • Hatim Abdurrahman

    He was probably lying..he hasn’t responded.

  • Jordan Hiatt

    Nothing in SC as of 9:14 am :( atleast we know we will all have it in the next couple of weeks though. So thank you Verizon for FINALLY releasing Jelly Bean!!!

  • Cody Lane

    No update as of 8:15 in IL

  • cindyh

    Nothing yet in Chandler

  • Hansen

    Recieved it in iowa, 8:19 am. Been waiting for this to see if galaxy s3 or htc droid dna is better. Got both phones here.

    • Matt

      You must be rich

      • Mattcool019


    • Leeroy J.

      Downloading now in Atlanta.

  • Hansen

    Recieved it in iowa 8:19 am

  • Gloworm

    It is now 9:35 in Mass, no Jelly Bean yet

  • danny

    I’m in Virginia no jelly bean update yet

  • bobby

    8:42 tennessee and no update

  • Caroline

    Nothing here yet in TX. 8:54am CST.

    • Caroline

      Just got it! 6pm CST.

  • Mark

    nothing yet in around Austin Texas

  • CM

    Nothing in North FL yet.

  • Mike

    10:15 Virginia, no update yet :( and I’ve been checking on the hour since 6 am.

  • D2HB

    No update in Utah… or not my phone at least.

  • cjprc39

    nothing in AL yet

  • Cody Lane

    9:43 and still nothing in IL

  • Chonch

    Nothin in Philly yet… 10:47am

  • steveb616

    10:45 a.m. in Detroit….no jelly bean yet.

  • YEMan0443

    Still ICS in CT…1048AM

  • Verizon sucks

    Nothing in OH yet 1054am

  • cindyh

    Nothing in AZ , PHX

  • Sean Wilkins

    Nothing in DC yet

  • Rob

    Noithing in Cleveland

  • Todd Martineau

    Nothing in Rochester, NY

  • Hagar

    Mississippi and it is 10:20 and nothing

  • Mike

    Trenton nj mm nothing yet 1125 am

  • hazmat

    nothing in PA (harrisburg area)…been checking twice an hour

  • Eric

    Nothing in md yet. 11:30am

  • Guest

    Not in Nebraska yet (I am not rooted)

    • Guest

      It is now 10:40 am…

  • Cisco

    Nothing In Southern California!

  • bobby

    still nothing in tennessee

  • Jason Taylor

    Nothing yet detroit 11:45

  • supadave

    Nothing in Louisiana @ 10:46 am

  • hazmat

    has anyone noticed that Verizon’s webpage now lists the update as 400 MB….

    • Batman

      cant find anything. Got a link?

  • loel2012

    In VA and have been checking since 7:00 a.m…Nothing yet.

  • Bryan Walker

    Just received it in Nebraska @ 11:02 AM. Check for the update using data connection, not wifi.

  • Rob

    IN Virginia..12:03PM..just started downloading the update.

  • DAve

    I just started downloading the update. It is noon and i am about 20 miles north of philly pa

  • Chris

    Got it in Michigan!! Just hit 3 minutes ago (1200)

  • Cisco

    Got it in SO CAL! Search for it on your 4G or 3G like the other guy said!

  • Allison

    Try turning off wifi and checking with mobile data. Just did that and got update. NY state

  • CM

    Got in North FL. going to d/l on wifi. 400mb update.

  • BigBadRed

    I just got my update in CA!

  • nati

    12:07. Update is in Lancaster, pa. 400mb

  • Aaron

    Downloading it now in Northern VA 12:08 EST

  • Jordan Hiatt

    My brother and I just got in in Greenvile SC wahooooo! 12:08

  • BigBadRed

    It says the update is roughly 400 MB

  • keano

    ready to download in IA as of 11:08am

  • kevin

    Downloading it in IL @ 11:09

  • bubba

    Got it in tn

  • AD

    Noon – Indiana has it!!

  • Hatim Abdurrahman

    WA 9:10 nothing yet.

    • Ryan

      Did you try mobile data?

  • bobby

    just got it in tennessee at 11:14

  • nick

    Just started downloading in illinois!

    • Cody Lane

      Same here! Sucks That it is 400mb

  • Mike

    Finally available here in VA just at noon. But so much for being only 60 Mb, it’s a 400.7 Mb download.

  • Dean

    just received the update in MA!!!! Manually check your phones.

  • RS

    just got it in Md at noon. 400.7 Mb.

  • Mark

    Got it in Austin

  • kevin

    is it 4.1.1 or 4.1.2?

    • Ryan

      4.1.1 … Probably wont get 4.1.2 until next year! -_-

    • Mike


  • KPagan

    Just started download in Orlando Florida 12:28 pm

  • OD

    Downloading now in DC!!

  • krisk

    I got it in mass just now

  • nPn

    got it in NY a few minutes ago!

  • Sean Wilkins

    Just got it in DC 12:30, 4.1.1

  • T-BONE

    Just got it!

  • N8

    Just got it in NC… sweet.

    • N8

      I’d put it on WiFi, Verizon isn’t going to push it over thier network as much.

  • hazmat

    Got it in PA (Harrisburg area) at 12:00….about time!!!

  • amber

    got it in Wisconsin

  • Michael

    In Florida and mine is downloading now. 400.7 MB – Yea!!!

  • Alexis Crute

    I am getting it now.

  • happy customer

    Santa clarita South california is gettinf it

  • Tim Armes

    Got it to

  • N8

    Anyone remember how to turn off the WiFi button in the ongoing notifications? I remember it doing this when I first got it, but I cant remember the fix.

  • chapman

    Got it in arkasnas

  • Colleen

    Downloading right now in northern Michigan!!! Yahoo!!!

  • Getagrip

    Wahington state, updated 12/15/12 – Verizon S3 Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Yeppers, however the smoothness does not seem to be there, very little differnce in speed, slower full screen load after boot. Appears to be improving overtime. I think some issue is app compitibility, not being uodated to the change.

  • Rana

    I’m using unlocked sim free s3 in UK and still not received 4.1.2 update

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