Rogers details Jelly Bean update plans for a number of handsets

We have been hearing a lot of news in the past few weeks regarding various Android hardware being updated to the Jelly Bean operating system. It has not been all plain sailing though with some handsets on certain carriers seemingly taking ages to get updated to the new operating system, but today we have some news for our Canadian readers that are also customers of Rogers, which has just detailed some of its future plans for the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update release.

The carrier has already released the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update for its customers that own the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE, but the company has now revealed when some other flagship smartphones will also be getting the new firmware as well.

They haven’t given exact dates though but have provided timeframes for the software to arrive such as the original Samsung Galaxy Note is down to get updated to Jelly Bean at the beginning of January 2013. Another popular Samsung device in the form of the Galaxy S2 LTE is pegged to receive the new operating system later the same month.

It’s not just Samsung owners that can look forward to the month of January though, as the official Skyfall smartphone, the Sony Xperia T will also be treated to Jelly Bean by the end of next month. The carrier is also planning to update the Motorola RAZR HD to the later firmware at the end of January, while at the start of the month the popular HTC One X is due to receive the update as well.

Obviously this information could easily change depending on how successful any testing on the new firmware goes for each specific handset, and with any new firmware update they are normally rolled out in a staggered fashion.

Handset manufacturers can often roll out new firmware updates only to see them held up by the various carriers in individual countries, with some seemingly more guilty than others, but it’s always nice when a carrier provides information such as this from Rogers to keep customers informed.

Do you own one of the handsets listed by Rogers?


3 thoughts on “Rogers details Jelly Bean update plans for a number of handsets”

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    OrdinaryAmerican says:

    I own the One X, and am looking forward to the JB update. Hopefully, this will be my last waiting period, as I intend to buy a Nexus 5, and switch to T-Mobile. Hopefully this will start a trend that will force carriers to speed up the up-grade process.

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    Hari Kurup says:

    I received the update on fido Canada. Its takin off lot of time to update. Its updating as we speak……

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