Google Maps using Siri tip, no need for iOS 6 jailbreak

Apple iOS device users will be only too aware of the many problems that arose when Apple chose to replace the Google Maps application with its own Maps app. Many iPhone and iPad owners have been waiting patiently for the Google Maps app to make an appearance at the App Store and a few days ago we told how the iOS Google Maps app was now available. Now we’ve heard that Google Maps can be accessed using Siri with no need even for the iOS 6 jailbreak.

Apple’s own Maps app got the company into all sorts of trouble when it arrived with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 as it simply was just not good enough. The many fans of Google Maps made their displeasure perfectly clear and Apple eventually caved and made the iOS Google Maps app available last week where it quickly became the top free app and also leads the ‘Map’ category in the App Store.

The only thing that could please some users more would be the ability to use Google Maps via Siri instead of Siri automatically using the Maps app and now that hurdle has been overcome with a nifty trick. There’s no requirement for an iOS 6 jailbreak and the neat workaround doesn’t need additional apps or URL schemes either, so there’s no need for some of the solutions currently available on the web such as contact card solutions or LaunchCenter Pro.

Instead this is as simple as saying the words “via transit” when asking Siri for directions. That may sound TOO simple for some readers but in fact it works because although Siri automatically uses Apple’s Maps app, saying the words “via transit” after the directions you want then defers Siri to using transit directions from Google Maps instead. This clever spot came from the team at JailbreakNation as reported by 9to5Mac and there’s also a handy video available showing just how easy it is. We’ve embedded the short video below this story so that you can see just how easy this is.

Not everybody seems to have had the same experience with the Maps app as some are perfectly happy with it. However for the many who wanted the Google Maps experience back this will be welcome news. Have you already downloaded the iOS Google Maps app to your iOS device? Will you be using this handy trick to access Google Map directions using Siri? Let us know with your comments.


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