Nexus 4 shipping delays apology from Google UK head

The Nexus 4 seems to be one very popular smartphone, so much so that as soon as it became available, as I am sure you know, the handset rapidly ran out of stock. Google then managed to again offer the Android smartphone, and again both capacity models of the handset ran out of stock, and customers have been experiencing quite long wait times to receive their ordered Nexus 4 handset.

Apparently some customers had ordered the Nexus 4 only to find that their shopping cart on Google Play mysteriously emptied, whilst those that managed to actually order the device were left with long delays, which is somewhat embarrassing for Google to say the least.

According to a report over on Android Authority, the managing director of Google UK and Ireland, Dan Cobley has now decided to speak out on the subject of the delays with the Nexus 4 along with offering an unreserved apology over the matter.

According to the statement released by Cobley, he knows that what customers are going through is unacceptable and they are working hard to resolve the matter, as apparently supplies of the Nexus 4 from the manufacturer, namely LG, have been somewhat erratic and scarce along with communication being flawed and therefore he unreservedly apologises for their service and communication failures.

The head of Google UK and Ireland went on to state that original customers that were given a 3 to 5 day shipping estimate with the Android smartphone, their orders are now in process for fulfilment, and those customers should keep an eye out for an email notification this week along with tracking info, and customers will be charged in full, but will then be given a credit for the shipping change after.

As for anyone else that ordered the Nexus 4 and was given a pre-Christmas shipping estimate, he anticipates those orders will be processed for fulfilment sometime this week.

It is definitely an embarrassment for Google to have all this difficulty with fulfilling Nexus 4 orders, although one does have to realise that LG also has to share their fair share of blame for not delivering the Android device in enough quantities.

Having said that, Google should have known that there would be a big demand for their flagship Nexus smartphone, and made sure that they had enough for that demand, and that there were as few delays for the customer as possible. But at least it now looks like Google is getting on top of the matter, and at least those customers who have waited ages for their handset will be getting their shipping costs refunded.

Are you hoping to have your Nexus 4 in your hands before Christmas?

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