Easy-Doks CR19 essential smart dock at CES 2013

There will be many of us that either own a number of different mobile devices or live in houses that many are owned, so if you have some kind of docking station there may be a queue getting your device plugged in, but today we have news of the Easy-Doks CR19 essential smart dock that will be unveiled at next month’s CES 2013 event that allows for up to three devices to be plugged in at once.

The Easy-Doks CR19 will allow owners to plug in up to three mobile devices for charging them up but still continue using them. All three devices can be displayed at the same time while plugged into the docking stand that also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard, and the built in Smart Current Detection technology will prevent your mobile devices from overcharging and becoming damaged.

The CR19 docking station is compatible with all types of smartphones that include the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices, along with tablets and MP3 players such as iPods. You can even charge Bluetooth speakers and headsets as well. The new product will be unveiled at the CES 2013 event in Las Vegas that kicks off on January 8th through to the 11th.

It has a Tidy Cable organiser that will keep all of your cables neat and tidy while in use and there is even an FM stereo alarm clock radio with remote for when you want to wake up to music. With the supplied Bluetooth keyboard users will be able to type using their tablet or smartphone with a physical keyboard.

Users can listen to one of the docked devices via the high quality speaker system while it is being charged, and there is battery backup for any power cuts along with built in power surge protection to keep your mobile devices safe.

The company has a range of similar products with one to six USB charging ports, and the CR19 with its three ports will be available in February priced at $84.99. It comes with 3 USB charging cables, AUX cable, Bluetooth keyboard, cradles, and AC adapter. The other models the company has on offer are priced from $34.99 going up to $99.99 for the CR34 that features six charging ports. Click here for more information on the range of Easy-Doks.

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