Blackberry 10 vs HTC 8X vs iPhone 5 in Browser Speeds

I’m pretty sure everyone in the mobile space is aware that Research In Motion is pinning all their hopes on regaining lost market share and returning the BlackBerry brand to its former glory with their saviour BlackBerry 10 devices, which are expected to surface early in 2013. It appears that these new BlackBerry 10 handset will come sporting an impressive new browser, and this new browser has recently been put to the test comparing it against a couple of rival devices.

The BlackBerry 10 browser has been tested against Windows Phone 8 and iOS 6 in a couple of videos that compared the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B against Apple’s latest and greatest iOS smartphone the iPhone 5, and the HTC 8X, and of course we have those video comparisons for our readers viewing consideration below.

In the first footage you will note that with BlackBerry 10 turning on the device is all about gesture control meaning you simply swipe up from the bezel to activate the handset, whilst the iPhone 5 activates by pressing the more traditional button, whilst the app grid is quite similar on both smartphones.

Obviously the BlackBerry 10 handset sports a larger screen at 4.2-inches whilst the iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch display. With the browser comparison between both handsets the website used is already in the memory of both handsets whilst the Dev Alpha B is hooked up to Fido 3G WiFi mobile hotspot, and the iPhone 5 is also connected to Fido but via a SIM so the iOS smartphone could be a tad faster.

The second video pits the HTC 8X up against the Dev Alpha B BlackBerry 10 handset that takes us through the same steps as with the previous comparison, again BB10 using a simply gesture to activate, whilst the HTC 8X uses a button and then requires a gesture to activate.

Again as with the iPhone 5, both devices are hooked to the same WiFi and access the same page, and with the results seemingly coming out the same as when the BlackBerry 10 browser was pitted against the iPhone 5, after which the test moves onto a more content heavy site to see whether BB10 can best Windows Phone 8.

Thus it would appear that BlackBerry 10 is somewhat faster at loading web pages than both the iPhone 5 and the HTC 8X, but then again it is not only about browser use when a customer is considering which smartphone to purchase is it, but it would appear that when it comes to the browser BB10 can definitely hold its own in the mobile space…enjoy the footage.

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