HTC One X Jelly Bean 4.1.1 update and your observations

We have been keeping readers in the know about the latest operating system updates for their devices and at the end of November we told how HTC One X owners could soon be receiving the 4.1 Jelly Bean update as the global rollout had begun. We told how the update was being pushed to unlocked HTC One X phones first and that it would probably take longer to come to carrier devices. We’d now like to find out more about the HTC One X 4.1.1. Jelly Bean update, or lack of it, and would like your observations.

More recently we gave details of a leaked list showing HTC devices that will apparently be receiving the Jelly Bean update and the HTC One X was not mentioned on it, presumably because it had previously been stated that the rollout of Jelly Bean had already begun. However we have also had reader’s comments from various regions saying that they have still not received the update to Jelly Bean for their HTC One X phones and so the rollout seems to be taking rather a long time.

Today we have heard that some UK owners of the HTC One X are now receiving the update although it looks as though this is still to unlocked versions for now, a bit of a disappointment when we consider that it was several weeks ago that we first heard that the rollout had started. If you still haven’t heard anything you may want to check manually for the update by heading to Settings>About>Software Updates but bear in mind it looks as though many are still waiting.

One of the emails that we received from a UK reader says that they have just received a major upgrade for their HTC One X, taking it from Android 4.0.4 to 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 4+, so in one respect this is good news. However we don’t know if this update came to an unlocked version or whether it was a carrier version, although from other news it seems more likely to be the unlocked One X. If we find out more on that we’ll let you know. UPDATE – Our UK reader who emailed saying they now had 4.1.1 Jelly Bean kindly got back to us to let us know that his is an unlocked HTC One X.

Hence we can say that although Jelly Bean is definitely making its way to the HTC One X it’s certainly a slower processor than we would have liked to see and we can imagine that many of you with this phone might be getting pretty frustrated about the wait. We’d really like to hear from you if you have already received the update for your One X and if so which region you are in? We are particularly interested to find out if Jelly Bean is still only being rolled out to unlocked devices only or whether any of you have already received the update on your carrier HTC One X? Let us know with your comments.

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  • Aftab

    Still no update in UAE UAE

    • meteb

      Don’t expect it soon I’ve contacted them about it and all I get are scripted answers. The middle east from what I’ve noticed is thier last concern. Plus the mea twitter and facebook won’t reply at all.

  • Daniel

    I’ve had the upgrade to 4.1.1 and HTC Sense 4+. I’m on a locked device, in the UK, carrier is Orange.

    • Param

      Where in the uk?

  • adelej

    i recieved my update yesterday and i’m locked to a carrier in the uk

    • Francis

      Which carrier?

  • Preston in the US

    I am moderately frustrated by the delay in the US on AT&T. It has been a long time coming and I am excited about the improvements. This is an area where Apple iOS just wins out over Android. They are much more clear and consistent with their OS upgrade schedules and compatibility of features across their older devices.

    The One X is a fantastic device as-is so I’m not going crazy about it or anything. Just eager…

    • tihssielppa

      Mmmmm, of course. And then a month or 2 down the line they are found to be riddled with bugs because apple rushed them out in the first place oh and not forgetting that older iPhones just don’t get a lot of the ‘New’ features.

  • davecaz26

    update revived today(19/12)

  • Ash

    HTC One X (Unlocked) on O2 received a 1.25MB update today. Wont let me download over mobile network….will update when i get on wifi

  • sunny

    Jelly bean update is not good…. It eating battery so so fast…. Please HTC fix this.

  • Kcrk

    I have received the jelly bean update. (UK, Scotland)

    • Francis

      On which network?

      • Neuroces

        Im in Scotland UK also, HTC One X locked to Orange..

        F*ck all as usual like!

        • Francis

          You’ll most likely get it before me. T-mobile UK is notoriously slow.

          • Neuroces

            All the networks have been poor with this update.
            As soon as I get it, I’ll post back, Hopefully tonight going by everyone else here, knowing my luck it’l be next year..

          • Neuroces

            Just got my jelly bean update. Said I would come back when I did!

      • Kcrk


  • Kcrk

    I advise everyone to check today as I am on a locked carrier and very surprised that I got it. I’m about to update my one x. Will post back if I notice any difference between ice cream sandwich and jelly bean

  • Brimski

    Got myjelly bean update through late last night .. CID_001 .. working smooth now !!

    • Marc

      What is smoother in it? Can you please give us more infos? Thank you

    • johnny

      do hav any problem regarding usb connevtivity after the jb update

  • DrBob27

    Small update (about 3MB) delivered last night, Jelly Bean delivered today. I’m with T-Mobile on a contract.

    • Francis

      Are with T-Mobile UK?

      • DrBob27

        Yep :)

        • Francis

          Thanks. But is your phone t-mobile branded? As in when it boots do you see the T-Mobile animation? If so, lucky you dude. I can’t wait. What’s been your experience of it

          • DrBob27

            Sorry for the late reply! It would appear that my phone’s actually unbranded because I don’t see T-Mobile’s logo during the boot-up sequence. Jelly Bean is great on the One X – you will definitely notice the difference as soon as you switch to it. The new battery optimisation feature is great; now my phone actually lasts a whole day!

  • srrk

    update recieved in india. Have international version bought in the US.

  • rob

    I have an unlocked one x got it last night

  • Chris Goodman

    Mines locked on o2 and the update is downloading now

  • Roche Pso

    Mine is locked to T-Mobile, getting update now!

    • Francis

      Are you on T-Mobile UK network? If so, I’m jealous ‘cos there are no updates for me :(

  • Wills

    sim free htc_001 just got it

  • ishmael_x

    Nothing yet on uk orange locked, cid orang001

  • zuluT

    They have ruined a great phone with this update, camera and editing is useless. It runs a hefty 100mb plus from your ram, this slows the phone downand kills project butter, and the keyboard is messy.

    • tihssielppa

      No such problems at all with my updated HOX. Camera functions 100% and no slow downs or battery drain issues or anything.

  • Jamie

    I got it with Vodafone about an hour ago

    • Francis

      What’s the performance been like so far?

  • Bernadette

    Jelly Bean downloading now. Sim free unlocked, UK, CID: HTC_001. Three contract sim card

  • John

    UK 3 locked one X. Now running JB as of today.

    • Nick

      I am also on 3 UK locked one X, however i have still not received the update :/

      • luke

        same here, 3 UK locked one x – no update yet, why havent we got it? -__-

        • Akif SINMAZ

          I am using H3G_UK.Update has not yet come. :(

          • luke

            Let me know when you get it please, desperate for this update as my new HTC one x phone has major signal issues which I have been told are a common problem with these phones and which will be corrected by this update!

      • scott g

        Same its getting frustrating aa good friend of mine also has the one x and has the update, he’s not on 3 though

    • Julian

      Do you really have CID H3G_001?

  • old fella

    jelly bean downloaded and installed this morning o2 htc one x

    • Francis

      What’s been your experience of it so far? Battery, performance, multitasking

      • Kcrk

        For some reason jelly bean update delete some apps even though it said it wouldn’t. Htc hub gone :L phone is faster. Had to be restarted twice to let everything configure

  • Bohdi

    Uk on three contract and still waiting

  • Arclin

    Just got JB on my one x, uk unlocked, CID 001

  • jani

    Is anyone else having problem enabling Usb storage when you connect to a pc?

    • michaelb7

      Hold the lock button for ten seconds and the device will reboot, then it should work. I had this problem before.

    • PINJ

      HATE The Way They Made Internet Pass Through. It Takes 12x Longer To Load. Yes I Counted.

  • greig2000_uk

    Got it last night after a small 3MB system update, JB is 360ish MB- One X with Vodafone in West Lothian Scotland, way smoother than ics. Not played about with it so far but no major worries. New gallery view, new keyboard layout, new power saving feature on the notification pull down window (notifications are displayed allot bigger also).

    • greig2000_uk

      Just noticed USB storage is not working when connected to PC :(

      • michaelb7

        Hold the lock button for ten seconds and the device will reboot, which should fix your problem

  • Cassidy Payne

    If you’re due to get the update but it doesn’t show, restart your phone and then check, it should be there :) Much smoother and google voice is updated greatly, no major difference apart from the keyboard which will take some getting used to, had hoped battery life would be improved but time will tell.

  • Abdullah B

    I couldnt wait any longer. I installed an ruu on Sunday. It’s great so far. Battery life’s improved. Btw I didn’t need to unlock the bootloader etc.

  • OrdinaryAmerican

    Screw this waiting game. My next phone will be the Nexus 5. Hopefully the Nexus 5 will roll out properly this time.

  • Abdullah B

    My HTC cid is HTC__001. I would have most likely received it today

  • oldfella

    On jb on HTC one x o2 when I connect to laptop it goes strait to debug mode

  • oldfella

    Can not geft mine to reg on laptop as storage

  • Steve Palmer

    Nothing on branded One X with t-mobile UK…..gggggrrrrrrr

  • Christopher Redmayne

    HTC Media link is still pants, even tho they have gave it an app n everything to push it – waste of money!

  • onee

    I havent got 4.1 update yet on my one x on 3 in uk

  • Kevin

    I’m stuck with 4.03!!

  • why

    still waiting for jelly bean update for one x uk

  • jc

    HTC one x on o2 assuming locked recieved today

  • StevieB

    updated last night, can’t really tell the difference at the moment, not too sure that the battery life is any better & browser occasionally flashes uncontrollably, it foes seem to be a bit quicker & smoother in places
    HTC OneX unlocked

  • eggsarnie

    Just got jelly bean on my one x today . I’m on a small update then the 346mb update straight after. Love how you scroll in a full circle through the home page without having to go 3 to the right then 6 pages left. It’s now a full circle. Also bigger space bar on the keyboard . That was needed.

  • jeff

    uk Vodafone just recieved update! 4.1.1 and sense 4+

  • EWRECK661

    North America at&t no dice. How can I locate my cid#?

    • Tad Zaleski

      cid getter

  • Ewreck661

    At&t North America no dice. How do I locate my cid#?

  • Dave

    Got it on O2 HTC one x today. First impressions ae that bit doesn’t help battery life, other changes seem minimal

  • shane

    HTC one.x on 02 still waiting

  • LCB

    Just got update on my HTC One X with Vodaphone. Its now MUCH slower. Every app like messaging and camera now has a lag to get into and my gallery is a pain – if I press gallery I want to go into my GALLERY – NOT Facebook gallery etc. This will be a pain when quickly trying to send pics to friends via my apps. My One X was fast as lightning before this ruined it.

  • shane

    HTC one x 02 branded. No update yet. Restarted phone still no update……

  • skellator

    Just received jelly bean update so now on 4.1.1. All seems good, some new keyboard optons

  • skellator

    On Vodafone, HTC one x. .just updated to jellybean

    • john

      after updating do u face any problem regarding the usb connection with pc and any signal disruption.

  • Kay

    Got the new update today on orange, and I’ll tell you what, this is the fastest phone on the planet by miles!! I actually called up orange today complaining about the lag, but suddenly the update has fixed this. Messaging, browsing, etc is so smooooth loving it! The battery life is amazing now, and I’m a proper heavy user, charging my phone twice a day, but now it looks like only once or even less will do!! the interface has changed as well to look the same as the HTC one x+…. Really happy HTC’er

  • Sam Smith

    Got the update a couple of hours ago here in the UK on my unlocked One X.

  • Oz

    I’ve had it for a few weeks now (unlocked, Australia) It’s improved camera boot up by 100% and I’ve noticed a few things have actually changed back to be reminiscent of Gingerbread.

  • Ken

    The Jelly Bean upgrade is so slow for everyone here in Canada. I’m with Mobilicity Canada and have a HTC Amaze and I think it was suppose to be on the update list but that may never occur in my life time considering I’m 70 years old. LOL

    • PINJ

      “See You In Another Life, Yeah” – Desmond Hume

  • gg

    Received myupdate today,HTC one x locked (Tesco 02 network) 😉

  • Tim

    UK, 3 locked One X – still nothing :(

  • Ronuk1

    Got my update about 2 days ago now. Network is Orange unbranded, HTC one x CID 001 (tegra chip). OS now runs much smoother & faster than before, like they said ‘like butter’. I tested a game – NFS most wanted and the frame rate is much better, now you feel a sense of speed and less stutter. The camera app has some UI updates but not much there. Its got some cool new skins which look better than the old ones. Cool new HTC clocks and calculators and other widgets. Its got a new notification page with a power save switch. New search bar, google now and a hand full of other bits and pieces.

    • NòóÐleš Neil Baldry

      Have you had any freezing problems yet? Lagging at all.. I have on my phone and its very frustrating. Though it doesnt seem to do it when connected to my laptop. No freezing what so ever…

  • lamelnay

    Gsm HTC one x in the UK updated 3 days ago

  • LCBennett9

    Phone still slow and lost all my calendar – even when Ive re-synced with my Google account

  • Natasha Wood

    cid _001 running jely bean as from last night

  • pabs

    Updated to jb 4.1.1 on HTC one x yesterday. I now have no on-screen keyboard!! Any ideas guys

    • Ishmael_X

      Install swype

  • Param

    Anyone received jb in uk on orange (ee) locked device??

    • Ishmael_X


      I never realised before that “Your phone is up to date” is the most annoying sentence in the language.

      • Param

        I knows tell me about itt getting so annoyed just want the update….I rang orange (ee) they go gota wait another 2 weeks I was like wtf Mann…!!!

    • NòóÐleš Neil Baldry

      I had my update with Orange (EE) locked handset a few days ago, all was fine to begin with but yesterday I started having problems. Firstly the WiFi signal has decreased dramatically, I can sit 3-4 meters from the router and still get on the dot on the WiFi bar. Then the phone started to lag, a little at first but now it is something chronic the screen glitches so the top half is at the bottom and the bottom at the top. Next when locking the phone it would not come back on by pressing the on/off button, very frustrating.. I don’t know whether this is just my phone but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the old OS.
      Phoned my vendor, Phones4U, and they told me to factory reset, the only way to get it back to the old OS. Very annoyed as my HTC Sync app on my laptop does not sync up with my phone, not sure why!!
      Very annoyed, any help would be greatly received.

      • James

        your phone is broke, i had this problem. htc replaced my motherboard.

  • carl

    Philippines, got my JB update with sense 4+ last week. several tweaks here and there..but it’s all good.

  • sylvia

    Is it a must to download the sync program for htc, from website, to move over things from phone to mac or pc? I have problem to use usb to move files to computer!!! I want the old version back!!!!

    • PINJ

      ME TOO

  • Trenchy

    One x unlocked. Got update few days ago, since then Internet keeps going off. Have rebooted and reset to no avail… Contacted htc they say may need a repair..

    • Maria

      Mine does the exact same thing.. Keeps dropping the WiFi connection.
      My Cut ‘n’ Paste function doesn’t work anymore. Uses battery like crazy even with everything turned off (wifi mobile data sync and so on) screen off and the phone in standby still uses like 10% in just 30 min.
      And for the past 3-4 weeks I’ve been having major problems getting the phone to charge. Plug it in with the original S3 wall socket charger and nothing happens. Well it says that it is charging (battery icon, lightning, and the red LED goes on) but it doesn’t charge. It actually just seems to discharge even faster.. Freakin hate this phone after the update. Before the update this was, without a doubt, the best phone I’ve even had. Now I really wish I’d never even bought it!!
      Really really disappointing

      • Trenchy

        I have sent mine for repair. It is due back today. Contact HTC to get this done.
        I will let you know how it goes after the repair.

      • PINJ

        REALLY Disappointing

  • Tom

    I got my update (unlocked T-mobile) and am wishing I hadnt, had all sorts of problems. Very slow when unlocking – press ulock button get a black screen and wait 5 seconds. Very laggy between apps. I also had a problem where I transferred some films from the phone to PC and then deleted them – however free space never updated and i ran out of space today. Had GPS randomly start up as well. Battery life had taken a massive dive too. Not impressed so far at all

    • woodworm107

      You noticed the battery drain too . eh! I thought maybe my battery was starting to give out but I’m more inclined to think its the JB update. Coupled with the fact I can no longer see my phone as a drive in XP so how the f..k do you get photos off and put music on I don’t know. Also turn the camera on and wait and wait and wait before it fires up. I think it might be cos its turning on GPS for EXIF info.
      All those that are saying you don’t have the update yet, think yourself lucky. Trust me, you don’t want it.

  • chris

    Its on my unbranded One X. Interesting that some functions haven’t been Sense-skinned. Share/Open with menus are plucked from stock 4.1. No problems so far…although post update I had to setup my APN again.

  • Julian

    Did anyone with H3G_001 UK got the update???

  • Jjamotweetz

    Just recieved my update and I Have an htc one X on the o2 network which i got from o2

  • Ishmael_X

    Just got it on orange. Not notified, did manual update check.

  • Asad Ali

    Just received my HTC One X on Orange UK update now. been waiting ages for it. I will be purchasing nexus devices form now on as I am fed up of how long it takes for these updates to come through.

  • laura

    HTC One x, locked to 3 still no update :(

  • Julian

    Ok… That’s it… This was my last phone from Three… for one stupid app … how long do we have to wait for JB????? Can’t f………………………g take it anymore…

  • Irfan

    No JB Updates in middle east yet. cid J15. Good to know that we’re not the only one waiting for updates. Very frustrating though.

  • Chas

    Since updating to jellybean I started having problems. Display was going out of register, freezing up, difficult to restart. Contacted HTC they told me to clear the cache as it was some apps that were conflicting with jellybean.I did this with no improvement so I was told to do a factory reset.This totally screwed the phone so now it is back with HTC who are looking at it.

  • lostmonk29

    I have not recived the jelly bean update for my hox it’s real doing doing my head in aaarrrrrrrggggggggg

  • Steve

    Anyone with CID T-MOB101
    got JB update…….not me:(

    • Julian

      NO Tmobile and no H3g_UK :(

  • sunith

    WiFi hotspot got damaged after jb update

  • avaughan585

    My phone is brand new. It was working fine for about 4 months until I upgraded to 4.1.1. Ever since, it has been slightly slower, apps have been crashing, some apps showing blank screens when trying to access menus. I cannot access settings for weather for instance. My google profile contact card brings up a blank screen also which is annoying because I still have not memorised my phone number yet. it seems to be a complete regression from a perfectly functional phone to something with frequent annoyances

  • Someperson

    Messy keyboard. Is it a must to download and use the HTC Sync Manager? I really would just prefer the old way for that. With the Sync Manager I can’t copy and paste the files I need. The gallery is nice and more organised though. I’ve gotten a few lags after this update.

  • gunslinger

    i’m experiencing hell alot of problems on my htc one x after this crap jelly bean update.. apart from usb storage problem, its very slow to responsd.. taskbar isnt staying down.. reverts back on its own within few seconds.. nothing is workin properly.. is there anyway to unistall this update… can somebody help me out… email me if possible…

    • Meena

      i think u r probably having wid much more application in ur device..uninstall some of useless app,then restart ur device.if till the problem occurs then master reset will surely fix ur issues..

  • Tommy, Bolton Lancashire

    HTC One X here locked to Three and still no update to JB, emailed Three and got no reply, absolute joke going to change to Samsung devices from now on and probably provider too.

  • hemal

    manually updated to JB which was pain as everytime it was saying the download unsuccessfull, talk to HTC asked me to clear the storage. then run the check update now it is downloaded and updating. bit annoying to start with

  • seangee

    Received this morning on o2 locked phone

  • MrBozo

    Still don’t have JB update for my One X on Three….C’mon Three what are you playing at ????.

  • Andy Singh

    I’m on T-Mobile (UK) and am yet to experience any problems though I am upset my wallpaper does not move when I swipe through my home screens. I admit, the software is eating up RAM but it’s always been between 800-850MB and have not experienced any lagging. Hopefully I won’t be eating my words this time next week

  • David Walker

    I got the update today. Since then, my agenda widget wont pick up any entries from any calenders. The agenda within the calender app works, just not the widget, that’s android, htc or third party.
    Also the favorite contacts widget is no longer available in 2×4 size and the music player widget is not available in 4×1, so they have disappeared from my home screen. :(

  • DB

    Htc One X on tmobile locked and I got the update today. Now my one x works again….. I can make calls and open text messages.

  • mike

    rogers HTC one x updated to jb 4.1.1 & sense 4+
    Phone worked fine before update after up can no longer calibrate touch input otherwise phone loses its screen

  • mike

    Sorry correction loses keyboard after calibration

  • Gurudumu

    After upgrading to 4.1.1 the vibration of my phone is louder and it feels like it rattling in some way. Anyone experience this?

    • jonone77

      I have the exact same, otherwise it’s running so much better. The phone feels lighter, keyboard is much more responsive, feels smoother. So far so good…

  • Shaun

    I had my upgrade to 4.1.1 ;-( and it totally screwed my phone up having to do resets after any playstore downloads plus anything else. cant see how to restore to ics without jailbreak but that voids o2 ins

  • Shaun


  • Andrew

    I’m with orange and since this jelly bean update has been rolled out it’s broken two HTC one x’s.
    First one which i had for 8-9 months worked fine until the Jelly Bean update and then my call volume was very low, both out going and in coming so Orange replaced the device on Sunday. New device last a grand total of 26 hours after the jelly bean update and it’s now corrupt. Unlocks when it wants not when i press the Unlock Button, Screen is sometimes showing a ghost image, while in menus the phone will switch back to the main screen I could go on and on,

    This phone is now being replaced tomorrow and while on phone to the orange agents the two I spoke to said they’re not pushing out the Jelly Bean update yet but it’s a branded, lock Orange phone so it’s coming from their servers and their advice is when I get my new phone tomorrow I’ve not to update to Jelly Bean. This to me is a complete joke and typical Orange. Why they’re pushing out updates that are 1 messing phones up and 2 their helpdesk don’t know about is comical to me.

    Wonder if a brand new One X last a total of 26 hours is some kind of record.

  • No1Skelly

    I tried to instal this update and it bricked my phone Genius.

  • kkharouf

    i just received the update from 4.0.4 to 4.1.1 … it is awesome but i expected more in visual area …. and i live in the middle east .. Hishemite Kingdom of Jordan

  • Jonw

    Three UK branded/locked One X and still no update. I asked 3 support over 2 months ago, and they keep fobbing me off. I have a friend who has an unlocked/unbranded One X on 3 who has had the update. Very angry that as a loyal customer of over 8 years, I have to wait for my updates like this.

  • Jon Whiteside

    Three told me that the 1st JB build for the One X from HTC failed and they’re testing build 2. If it passes testing, the update shouldn’t be too far off for locked/branded handset users. :-)

  • smiles

    HTC one x 3 UK still no update. this will be my first and last HTC

  • Jenish

    I am also on 3 UK locked one X, I have still not received the update :(

  • gokuluday

    My battery is draining terribly fast.Even with wifi off,then battery is draining like 10% in half an hour.The camera is taking long time to load up too

  • thekiid

    HTC one X UK device locked to three now Downloading Jelly Bean…..Was not notified. did a manual check and got a small 1.25mb download which installed. Rebooted the device and the 356MB was then also avaible. :)

  • JazHaz

    Just, this morning, got the 4.1.1 update for my locked HTC One X, using Three Pay As You Go phone in the UK.

  • Tikolosh

    UK 3 nertwork, locked device – Android 4.1.4 just rolled out OTA today.

  • RJE

    I started the download today for the One X, but it seems to have frozen. I’ve had a black screen with the green update symbol for 3 hours. Any ideas what I can do?

  • Mikey

    Ruined the keypad so badly I can’t send messages properly in one-line boxes, can’t see them with thekeypad up aand can’t scroll through because the cursors have been erased! Stupid, where can I download 4.0 back from..?

  • Barbast

    Slow camera app launch from lockscreen!

  • Heidi

    I wish I’d never received the up-date. Got the message to do up-date on 05/02/13. Did up-date which completely screwed up phone – now waiting for it to come back from being repaired by 3. After up-date, no signal available, couldn’t manually select a network and it appeared to erase IMEI number stored on phone – they had to get it from the SIM tray. DId factory reset and other things suggested by 3 but only option was to send it away for repair. Fortunately I still had my old phone and with the micro SIM adapter managed to put my SIM card in old phone so have been able to use that. Stil inconvenient as I had things on new phone that wasn’t on old phone. This is my second HTC phone, previously had the HTC Desire HD and have always praised them. Very reluctant to do so now – will look at another make next time! Should be getting it back within next couple of days – just hope it works properly and I can get all my info back on it.

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