LUMINOUS Wristlets iPhone 5 case review for girls

When is comes to choosing a case for your iPhone 5 we all have different tastes, with women obviously wanting something very different to what men do. As you may well know there’s a huge choice available to them, but today we thought we would offer a LUMINOUS Wristlets iPhone 5 case review, which is ideal for girls — well women will like them too, but we feel as though the younger demographic will prefer the purse more becasue of the bling factor.

You really do need to have a certain style in mind if you are to encase your iPhone 5 in this purse like case from Japanese designer Ayano Kimura. When I first removed it from the box it was almost like the sun was glaring right into my eyes with that gold color. The box that the case comes in is a fine example of over packaging something, but then we have to admire how well designed the box is and is far better than just a plastic bag or a plain boring box.

As I said above the first thing that you are drawn to is the bright color, but also the gold colored Ayano name plate as well, although the one that was sent to us by Bling My Things was not put on straight. However, that’s just a small issue, but we can see certain women not being happy if this is not just a one off because this is advertised as a premium line.

It’s so hard to judge if women will want to put their iPhone 5 in the LUMINOUS Wristlets, but after asking a number of young girls in my family they said that they would be more than happy to take it off my hands. One would presume that young teenagers would not use the credit card slots, but we know that they would have store cards or top up cards if they have a Pay As You Go phone.

There’s a pocket for cash and the small strap can be removed if you feel the need to do so, great if you want to carry it as a clutch or small purse. The finish has a snake skin effect on fabricated leather and because it’s water-resistant, it’s very easy to keep clean.

Your iPhone will sit inside a white plastic case, and while it’s easy to get in, the iPhone 5 was a little tough to remove — just like most cases for the new iPhone then. You’ll be pleased to know that you are still able to take photos because of a hole for the camera lens, but it’s not an easy task to keep the purse open while taking a photo or shooting a video. Answering the phone can also be a little difficult, especially if you have a few credit/store cards and some cash in because it just adds to the bulk when the purse like case has to be folded over. It just doesn’t feel as comfortable as one of those luxury flip over cases does. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that the LUMINOUS Wristlets iPhone 5 case is a great fashion accessory, and while we can see girls liking this more than women, there is certainly a market for both.

Where to buy
You can purchase LUMINOUS Wristlets iPhone 5 case from Bling My Thing for £49.99 or $59.99 and not only comes in gold but also gun metal with gun metal hardware, black with gold hardware, black with gun metal hardware, and metallic pink with gold.

Overall for the price this purse like case is not that bad of a deal and while I’m not a fan, we have to remember that such a review could do with the female touch, becasue how many men really know what they are thinking?

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