Rogers BlackBerry 10 orders & pre-release platform testing

We’ve been bringing readers plenty of news about the upcoming new operating system BlackBerry 10, due to be unveiled at an event on January 30, 2013. Today we have some notable news regarding BlackBerry 10 as Rogers is to begin taking orders for new BB10 devices on Monday and also RIM is releasing some BB10 devices to selected recipients for pre-release testing.

We have pointed out several times now that BlackBerry 10 and the devices that will run on it are crucial to any possible rejuvenation for RIM and the BlackBerry platform and although at one time it seemed too much of a huge ask, more recent news has suggested that BB10 and its devices could be really promising. For example we recently saw a first image, swiftly followed by a leaked video showing the touchscreen keyboard that looked extremely impressive and then earlier today told how BB10 had come out well in some tests on browser speeds.

Today we learned that certain enterprise and government customers have been sent pre-production BB10 devices and software access by RIM for pre-release testing, another good sign that everything is on track. RIM stated that this technical review program access has been given to 64 of the Fortune 500 companies and to over 120 customers in total. This will allow for thorough testing of BlackBerry Enterprise Server 10 and the BB10 devices and the feedback will provide valuable information to RIM about possible adjustments necessary.

In further news we can tell you that Rogers seems to be very quick off the mark and says it will be taking orders for BB10 devices from Monday. This seems pretty odd as the OS and subsequent devices haven’t yet been made official but CBC says that customers will be able to place orders although Rogers will not be supplying any specs, pricing or release information just yet! This will apparently be given early next year but we’ll remind BlackBerry enthusiasts that the new BB10 devices that will be on offer first are all-touch phones that don’t have the traditional physical keyboards of BlackBerry handsets.

In a previous story we told of leaks suggesting the first touchscreen BB10 device may appear in March and a BB10 device with physical keyboard might follow in June although that has yet to be confirmed. It’s certainly make-or-break time for RIM and the BlackBerry platform and we’re looking forward to hearing further details about the new devices and BB10 OS late in January. We shall, of course, keep you informed with further developments.

Are you an existing BlackBerry enthusiast looking forward to BB10 and what it will bring? Maybe you’re an Android or iOS device fan but have an open mind on the future of BlackBerry with BB10? Send your comments to let us know.


7 thoughts on “Rogers BlackBerry 10 orders & pre-release platform testing”

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      steve jobs says:

      I can say stupid, made up, biased comments too. Like, your face is stupid and your mother blows bums for bus fair then walks home, yaaaaaaa. Douche bag.

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      Nice Guy says:

      That’s an unfortunate comment. And truly, it’s a shame! You should learn from rim on how bad situation can be restructured to good.

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    MrHomz says:

    I am a loyal BB user and am anxiously awaiting the launch of BB10. I will be getting one of the new touchscreen devices the day they are released. I also have a couple of iPhone friends that are looking into it, one is very impressed and wants a change from the same old UI that iOS has given.

    Even being a BB user for years, I am well aware that Android and iOS have dominated, and so they should. They are both filled with features that RIM decided not to pursue. Had RIM tossed the dynamic duo of Balsille and Lazaridis back in 2009, they very well have held their position in the market. Just because the company was mismanaged for years, does not mean it cannot regain it’s presence. And it will. BB10 is a ground-up build on a very secure and slick micro-kernel platform that will have more apps at its launch than any other OS in history. They mean business!

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