Baidu Cloud Pure Internet Phone Launching on Doomsday

China’s most popular search engine is Baidu, and recently the company announced they would be delivering their first smartphone, a device that has been rumoured to be coming for the past couple of years, and that smartphone is called the Baidu Cloud Phone. And Baidu is now ready to release that handset to the mobile space.

According to a report by Unwired View, the Baidu Cloud Phone is set to be released into with world tomorrow the 21st of December, which we all know is supposed to be Doomsday according to Mayan prediction, and the device will be unveiled at 12:21 via a grand online conference.

The Baidu Cloud Phone is of course touted as a 100 percent pure Internet phone, so presumable any rival devices are not classed at 100 percent Internet phones by Baidu anyway, but apparently the device is very different from traditional Internet phones, and has come about through a collaboration between Baidu and China Telecom, along with a 3rd-party software company and an unknown hardware maker, and of course it will be China Telecom that carries the Baidu Cloud Phone.

The Baidu Cloud handset will apparently sport a 4.5-inch touch screen with a possible 540 x 960 resolution along with a 1.2GHz dual core processor running the show, but other than that no other specification details are known at this time.

The smartphone will of course come with Baidu’s own mobile operating system that will be based on the Android platform, whilst on the rear of the handset will be the Baidu Cloud logo and on the front will be China Telecom’s Tianyi logo.

Apparently the pricing of the Baidu Cloud Phone will also be revealed during that unveiling conference, and the handset will become available in three colour options, red, white or black, although Baidu has stated that the device will be an affordable one.

As the smartphone does pack those rather mid-range specifications one would expect the device not to be that expensive anyway, especially if Baidu really want the handset to be success, and of course as this is a Baidu device the likelihood of it ever seeing the light of day outside China is unlikely.

Still if you are living in China perhaps the Baidu Cloud Phone will float you boat enough for your to want to own the device so your can surf the net on the go.