December 21 End of world Mayas & Aliens rescue

Well if you are somewhat on the superstitious side and believe in prophecies, at some point tomorrow we all wont have anything to worry about because it will all be over. That is of course if you believe in the Mayan end of the world prediction. However if you don’t then perhaps you would like to spend your spare hours playing a new game based around that Mayan prediction where you get to fight aliens with the ultimate goal of getting off Earth before it is destroyed.

The new game is for the iOS and Android platforms and is called Mayas & Aliens, and is from the same people that made Tiny Bee, Bibi Blocksberg and The Expendables with Mayas & Aliens set in the year 844AD and in a Mayan village that is under threat by a volcano.

The basis behind the Mayas & Aliens game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple iPad and Android devices is that after increasing prayers and sacrifices, the Mayas village is visited by alien gods that promise the Mayas a way to escape the destruction of the globe, but as their spacecraft can’t hold them all, tests are required to find out who will go, and that’s where the fun begins.

The Mayas & Aliens game features 9 extra-terrestrial tests with over 90 tasks in the world of Maya that the gamer has to get through in order to ultimately secure their future. The game has over 90 colourful characters, high quality cartoon style illustrations, buildings and hieroglyphs.

In the Mayas & Aliens game the player does battle against other players in leagues to gain extra rewards, gets the ability to gain experience points so they can upgrade their skills, along with being able to search for collaborators to increase your chance in fighting and becoming victorious so you can secure your place on the spaceship.

The game will be constantly updated and improved along the way whilst apart from those iOS devices the game supports most Android smartphones and tablets, and has been optimised for the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 1 + 2, Galaxy Note 1 + 2, Nexus 4 and 7, and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

For those iOS gamers that would like to play the game, Mayas & Aliens for iOS can be downloaded to your device running iOS 4.3 or above for free from iTunes, and likewise the Android gamer can grab the game from Google Play for free.

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