Auxo app switcher starts iPhone 5 jailbreak most wanted

There are currently many owners of the Apple iPhone 5 desperately waiting for the release of an untethered jailbreak for the handset, and the iOS platform may have a huge number of fans, but there are many that like to tweak the operating system themselves by adding features or apps that Apple wouldn’t allow onto the hardware. Today we have news of the Auxo app switcher while the iPhone 5 jailbreak remains the most wanted thing among users.

Earlier today we brought you the latest news regarding the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak with comments from popular jailbreaking member Pod2g, and now iDownloadBlog has news on the Auxo iOS app switcher. The idea was first seen back in October as a concept idea by a designer going under the name Sentry.

He has been busy working with a couple of developers to get the concept idea out to the masses, and the team on iDownloadBlog have managed to get access to the final build of the Auxo application before it is released.

The idea behind Auxo is to improve on the stock iOS app switcher and with the Auxo app you will be provided with a new card preview of recent apps, which compares to the stock app that only shows the application that is currently running.

Auxo allows applications to be quickly pulled from the switcher with a simple swipe down action, and you can also kill multiple apps at the same time by using two fingers or more, which was found to be much better than the stock way of tapping then holding down to take an app out of the switcher.

If you require all of the apps to be removed from the switcher a simple tap and holding on a running application will provide a menu from where you have the option of killing all running apps with a single press. The application was found to have some smart features as well, for instance if you wanted to switch off an app playing music it will prompt you to make sure this is what you really want to do, which is something that is not found on the standard app switcher.

There has also been a redesign to the music controls and it looks similar to what is seen elsewhere in the iOS 6 firmware, and they also now supply information on the music track such as artist name and track title, and this comes with the album art from the currently playing music track.

Auxo has two rows of toggles found on the final page of the app switcher that work in a similar fashion as SBSettings or NCSettings, as well as allowing users to quickly switch on or off features such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

In use the Auxo app switcher was found to be really impressive while bringing extra functionality and having an uncluttered feel, and the reviewer put it into their favourite top ten jailbreak tweaks of all time. It is thought that Auxo will arrive on Cydia very soon but currently it’s only compatible with iOS 6, but the team behind it are busy working on an iOS 5 version.

It is not known how much Auxo will set users back when it is finally released, but it’s thought to be pretty reasonable. Check the video below and tell us what you think of Auxo.


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