iPhone 5 iOS 6.0.2 pathetic update, hello Android

Apple in a nutshell is losing a little of our faith each year, do not get us wrong Apple has some of the most beautiful products on the market and we cannot doubt that, bring it back a notch or two and talk about the software and this is where we are at the edge of our seat pondering on going full out with Android. The intent to change to Android has come from many of our readers emailing us asking if we have had problems since installing the new iOS 6.0.2 update, we can say yes we have had nothing but issues with WiFi since we updated on our iPhone 5, and we have resorted to using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 so that we can use strong WiFi signal when not at the laptop or Computer.

Apple did promise they would bring a new software update that would fix the WiFi issue on the iPhone 5, what we would like to know is “When is that update coming because it was not within iOS 6.0.2?” Apple stated that the new software “fixes a bug that could impact Wi-Fi” get real Apple because this is not the case and we are not the only ones complaining.

We have noticed that Apple has not given us details on the literal Wi-Fi bug that has been fixed within this update, we have the iPhone 5 and can tell you that when we was in a WiFi zone or in peoples houses we had to use 3G because we could not get on the net even though it showed on the iPhone 5 full signal strength. So yes we installed the new iOS 6.0.2 update hoping it would address the problem, but in fact it has made it worse.

We installed the new iOS 6.0.2 update OTA (General > Software Update in Settings) on the iPhone 5 and was so happy for this new update, well happy until we found out it is a pathetic update that has made it ten times worse, when at home and connected to the wireless network we could get signal in all rooms and even walk down the garden, not anymore because soon as we leave the back door WiFi disappears and we have to use 3G.

A few of our readers believe that the new iOS 6.0.2 update was not only for fixing WiFi but was implemented to cover security holes to stop the iPhone 5 Jailbreak everyone is hoping will release, we do not believe this for one minute but some think so. We have had numerous readers mention that since they installed the new update they have had nothing but problems with their batteries draining faster than ever on the iPhone 5, we done a test and charged the iPhone 5 to 100% before going to bed and in the morning it was on 98% and that is with no apps running in the background, since installing the new iOS 6.0.2 update it shows in the morning 89%.

Apple listen carefully please, RELEASE iOS 6.1 and sort out these issues.

If the new 6.1 releases and the WiFi problem is no better than iOS 6.0.2 then you may have a utter predicament on your hands with iPhone 5 users making a change to a rival. We have to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when away from our laptop and computer, so if we have resorted to Android how many consumers will opt for the same path.

Please do let us know if you are having any problems at all since installing the iOS 6.0.2 update.


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    K g says:

    Wifi is never connected from the sleep screen…. Did the same thing prior to the update but now it is much worse, it is always like that now. I can connect to wifi but it only connects after about two seconds of being woke up.

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    BDK says:

    Everything is worse, spotty wifi, cellular data network going I. And out even when having 5 bars. Battery life is awful. Have had an iphone for 6 years and never had any issues with any phone until this one…..Steve jobs is rolling over, apple is screwing up

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      solomonshv says:

      same here. another issue i’m having is with the mobile hotspot. which never worked right on the iphone 4s (kept dropping connections) and is even worse on the iphone 5.

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    Cristiano says:

    This is the 2nd iphone 5 unit I got and both had the exactly same wifi issues as described. But the hardware was not the problem. After researching I found out that, once it was a Verizon phone, it needed the carrier update. And after the carrier update it has been working flawlessly (this was like 1 month ago when I was in US). I’m from Brazil and I got this phone from ebay (it does not lock other carriers, but came without the sim card). I am really afraid of updating the phone and loosing something it would require a Verizon update, which won’t be possible, once this company does not operate over here.
    More and more apple is behaving arrogantly with their “so wanted” devices, but now quality is being affected.


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    Dyllon Richards says:

    Seems to me only Europeans are having this problem, I live in the US and didnt even get the update because my wifi works perfect and I’m sure a lot of the update was just patching exploits. Perhaps it’s your guys routers trying turning your routers power up, using a higher Frequency and switching to N-band only since that’s what iphone Communicates best on

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      solomonshv says:

      the update IS available in the US. your iphone just hasn’t gotten to push notification yet. i have an iphone 5, my mom has an iphone 5 and my dad has a 4s. and we all got the notification for this update. fortunately none of use installed it.

      my dad is still using iOS 5 on his iphone 4s just so he can have his jailbreak. in fact he is holding off on the iphone 5 upgrade because there is no jailbreak for the latest device. the GS3 is looking mighty fine right now. just sayin’

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          solomonshv says:

          so, what you are telling me is that you never used a GS3 and just repeating the comments of other clueless girls commenting on the net. good to know.

          as far as ads go, the iphone has them in the free applications just like android phone. that part made it sound like you don’t own an iphone either. contrary to what some of the crazies believe having an android phone doesn’t mean you get random ads fly at you out of no where when you are dialing a number or sending a text.

          if you think iphone apps don’t have ads then it is possible that you don’t own an iphone either.

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    Sen says:

    Apple said that iPhone 5 is having ultra fast wifi but the real thing is worst wifi ever in the iPhone it’s really a sick will apple will do something to fix the problem

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    Benno says:

    Just set up my new iPhone 5. Constant problems connecting to wifi, losing signal,not detecting wifi etc.
    Installed the software update- no improvement.
    In this household we also have a 4S and iPad which connect to wifi and behave as you would expect.
    To say I am disgruntled would be an understatement.
    Apple – release a statement outlining what the real problem is and when you will fix it.
    You are losing the goodwill of your customers, manage our expectations properly.
    Merry Christmas!

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    'ANTHONY', ENGLAND says:


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      Benno says:

      Anthony- how is the widely experienced wifi problem “utter rubbish”?
      At the last count there are fourteen Apple devices in my house so it is fair to say that I am an Apple advocate.
      Apple charge a premium price for a premium product so releasing products that do not perform, I have the right to comment.

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        BigAustin says:

        Just wondering how widely experienced this is… We have 5 iphone 5s in my household, no wifi issues with any of them. I have a slew of friends using iphone 5, no complaints about this from any of them. How are you so sure the people complaining aren’t people with borked hardware, a situation that potentially no patch, no matter how many gigabytes large, will remedy.

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      Rob says:

      Anthony you are an idiot! Every comment about the 5 has wifi issues. Oh and by the way how old are you, don’t you know how to use capital letter appropriately? Dumbass!!!

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      Arron says:

      Your an idiot. Everyone here is having the same problem and your basically calling them all liars. I have an idea, LETS TALK IN CAPS MORE TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE WHAT IM SAYING IS IMPORTANT AND LOOK LIKE IM YELLING! Get a life before criticizing other people who are all having the SAME PROBLEMS.

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      Perdu says:

      Hi Antony,
      I suggest you send me your fantastic iPhone 5 and i’ll send you mine. Then you’ll know what rubbish is!

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    Phoebe says:

    Just bought my iPhone 5 twelve hours ago and I’m completely pissed with the connectivity issues especially since Verizon kicked me off my unlimited plan to be eligible for the discounted upgrade. If I knew about their issues 12 hours ago, I wouldn’t have spent $200 on a new phone. Apple needs to get their crap together.

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    Windbrand says:

    Anyone who installs an update for a PATHETIC “update log” like that “fixes minor issues” is an idiot. Everyone knows ANY developer can just release a fake “update” for the real purpose of getting attention to the program or in this case attempting to stop jailbreak. There is NO ACTUAL CONTENT in these updates. How many times have we seen “fix minor bugs” in the update log of an Appstore app? Why not tell us what it fixes? Because it DOESN’T FIX ANYTHING.

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    Naylor says:

    Erm, updated to 6.0.2 on my iPhone 5, dunno what the fuss is, no issues at all, didn’t have any before and don’t have any now.

    What’s the beef?

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    nvik says:

    I did not use to have any trouble with the WiFi connection, but after upgrading to 6.0.2. the WiFi is useless. Does not matter how close I am to the base unit. The phone simply will not work with WiFi at all. Very disappointed as this was a feature that was working really well on my A1429 model. I have several hand held Mac products, including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad 2. They all work fine on WiFi so there is nothing wrong with the WiFi signal that is broadcasted by an Airport Extreme.

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      BigAustin says:

      Have you tried doing the carrier update? sounds like that’s helped other verizon people. All 5 of the iphone 5s in my house don’t have this problem, at all, but we’re all on ATT.

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        nvik says:

        The carrier update does not appear under settings-general-about. I have the european model, maybe that has something to do with it? I have friends and a wife who have the same model and the 6.0.2 upgrade installed and they don´t have any trouble. I´ll be looking for a way to make the carrier update appear on my device. Thanks for the advice 🙂

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          BigAustin says:

          The carrier update is provided by the carrier. For example, in the U.S. it would be provided by Verizon, ATT, etc. It doesn’t show up as an update, I think you dial a special number with the pound prefix and it updates. Google will know more.

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    Rob White says:

    I was really excited to get my new iPhone 5 until I realized all the issues it has! Wifi is a joke and my Bluetooth is equally problematic. I’m gonna go back to my 4 S as soon as I can do a sim swap cause obviously the nano sim won’t fit my old 4 S. I’ve been an Avid supporter of iPhones having owned every singe one since iPhone 2! Shame on you Apple!!!!

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    Jbrey says:

    Gotta remember its only a phone. I have the iPhone 5 way better typing wifi is spotty at times but LTE just turned on I’m pulling 18.36 mb from 4G so screw the wifi!

  14. I have no issues . In fact I find this article suspect the iPhone imploys LTE, 4G what network in what part of the world bypasses the first two and junmps to 3G. Very suspect why not try a different iPhone Apple replaces them easily in 10-20 min no charge and you don’t have to purchase Apple care. And still that’s no reason to jump ship to Samsung. Unless you like crashing apps, inconsistent apps, an a dysfunctional eco system and security issues out the wazzu. Again your article is very suspect. iPhone is still the next big thing.

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    airsealand says:

    Update my iphone 5 hoping that v6.0.2 would fix the wifi issue. It did not. I went to Apple, where without hesitation, they gave me a new phone. Spent a few hours restoring everything only to find that wifi still sucks on the iphone 5. It is very intermittent!!! I have found that toggling the wifi on/off helps at times for short periods of use, then it lags completely. Not sure if there is a solution coming. i keep wondering if its an act to get us to use our data plans up.

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    Regrettable iPhone 5 user says:

    Yeah battey issue is exactly as you described however not so much with the wifi, battery only caused problems after the update not prior to… Fix it god dammit!!! Apple, not you guys..

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    HollyB says:

    This update screwed up my data. Even with 4G or LTE, my Internet doesn’t work at all. I have to be connected to a WiFi network. This is really frustrating. I’m going to be traveling and I can’t use any of my map apps and I can’t send pictures anymore. Apple needs to re-release the update before this one, so I can have what I paid hundreds of dollars for. I haven’t seen anybody else having this specific problem. Am I the only one?

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    buzz says:

    I am so glad i don’t live in the US your carrier networks are screwed, i don’t understand though the update worked great for me improvements all round especially hot spot now so quick on the LTE network areas

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    Justin says:

    Just updated to the new IOS 6.0.2 in the hope it would fix the WIFI issue but……… it has not done anything. there is no software update than can fix the issue, anyone that had there iphone5 on launch has faulty hardware its the only answer, i know this because my better half has a brand new iphone5 that works fine and has NO WIFI ISSUE.

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    Mark says:

    Since downloading 6.0.2 I cannot connect to my wifi home network. All of my other wifi connections work correctly. I have tried all the network resets and even reset my phone and tried an old backup. Nothing works. I have never exceeded my data on Verizon until the last 2 months. If I get charged overage charges it I will strongly consider leaving and going to AT&T or another provider. I’ll happily take any suggestions on what to do because I’ve tried everything I know how to do. I used to defend Apple as the best I’ve ever seen. Iphone 5 and the latest ios have made me question if Apple hasn’t peaked and is on it’s way downhill. Sad to see them try to keep up with the competition instead of leading the competition.

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    Richard Sisk says:

    I went out today and needed to connect to wifi in the store. When I returned home the iPhone 5 refused to connect to my wifi. You are right the iOS 6.0.2 did not fix the wifi bug. Tim Cook please get this issue fixed.

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    Bostjan says:

    same problems on my iphone5, on 6.0.1 wifi works perfect,the speed was perfect,but with 6.0.2 i am standind beside the wifi router and have poor signal?!?!?

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    Tim says:

    I had problems with Iphone 5 wifi, would connect but get no data. Went to Apple store and had phone wiped and restored, no change. Went back to store and was given a new phone. Same problems persist, updated to 6.02 and made it worse. So now my iphone is almost unusable on any wifi connection. 3g and LTE work fine, only wifi has issues.

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    WeyBridges says:

    Very poor connectivity at home on previously rock-solid Wifi setup, all other devices work well. 6.0.2 has fixed nothing. How utterly underwhelming has Apple been? Premium products with premium prices should deliver premium service.

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    JOHN says:

    my iphone connects perfect on WIFI without the update. are you guys saying with the update i will not be able to connect?

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    Werd says:

    My wifi connectivity is horrifying since the 6.0.2 upgrade. I can no longer use wifi at hone AT ALL. Connectivity works if and when it pleases. Every other wireless device in my house works without any issues, laptops, apple tv, roku, ipad, galaxy tab. iPhone 5, bubkis. Beyond annoyed.

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    Nirmit Mehta says:

    Choose smarter next time. I know much of you who have used the older android powered phones were disappointed by it but believe me google has made some major changes in their software. Even other hardware manufactures are making better devices than what apple is. I would still say that the iphone is a win partly because of the apple app store and partly because of the no lag IOS, but comparing only those two with other mobile making companies won’t justify it. I own an Iphone 4s, Samsung galaxy tab 7 gt-p1000 that is, Samsung galaxy s3 and I’ve used Note 2 Note tab and other android devices along with apple’s Ipad 2 and 3. In terms of more to do I surely have to give it to Android as it has much things to do when compared with Apple’s ipad or iphone. I could download torrents etc directly to my tablet/phone without having to plug it to a computer to transfer files. Well all I can say is switch now and experience what I have. You’ll be a little disappointed at the start but once you are used to Android you’ll understand why it is by far the smartest choice.

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    Ace says:

    call it ad hominem if you like, but this is an appalling piece of writing.

    “We installed the new iOS 6.0.2 update OTA (General > Software Update in Settings) on the iPhone 5 and was so happy for this new update…”

    This seems like an angry blog post where you sat down and splurged all your rage on to the keyboard. Not terribly professional.

    having said that, Apple’s software has become a joke, so I agree with the sentiment.

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    Navjiwan Bansal says:

    Just brought new iphone 5 after long time booking process, but completely disappointed with the performance of this iPhone 5, constant problem to connect wifi ,so much up set to brought this, 4 and 4s was better to this bloody iPhone 5.

  30. This problem drags me mad. I had been waiting for more than a month to get this phone before i realised how bad the wifi was. My iphone shipped with 6.0.1, but hey. 6.0.2 doesn’t fix anything. I am really disappointed, i purchased it with a hefty price tag, and got a problem this mad. Update, please!!!! I always use wi-fi in my home, and it is important. Now, without wi-fi, it falls to pieces

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    doyex says:

    My iPhone 5, a 16Gb bought at Walmart with (AT&T plan) with the latest iOS 6.0.2 is the worst! I was in a McDonalds (12/30/2012) inside Costa Mesa Mall, California where WiFi is FREE but when i send a text messages to a friend, it won’t send. WHY Apple?

    My previous iPhone 4 with iOS 5 (i did not update my firmware) had no problem even sending in 3G anywhere without WiFi connection but with this iPhone 5 with iOS 6 is the worst so far.

    They say that LTE is faster than 3G but nowhere does a connection be found around.

    I have turn (ON) Send as SMS, so when iMessage is unavailable i can send text messages but still is NOT working.
    I’ll be testing this unit for a couple of days before expiration date, then if it is still not working properly i probably will switch back to iPhone 4S.

    Absolutely NO GOOD iPHONE 5 iOS 6!

    Come ON !!!! Apple i had been with iPhone 1 since 2007.

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    Chasera says:

    Left Android and with new contract went to iPhone 5. Wifi worked great with new software os 6.02 for 3 days then lost wifi connection on ipad4 then iPhone 5. Thought it might be a new year joke from one of our service providers…version and AT&T u-verse. As it turned out after trouble shooting, resetting devices, logging and back on to wifi with no positive results… rebooted wifi gateway/router…all fixed!

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    owCeltUS says:

    sorry never had ANY connectivity issues here in the Golden State…45 ms ping…11.15Mbps download…1.42Mbps upload…on 6.0.2 since it was released…interesting to see only negative comments posted here…here’s wishing all y’all a happy and prosperous 2013! Good Luck with your iOS issues.

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    Matt says:

    Just got iPhone 5. So angry. Slow Internet and bad connectevity when connected to Wi-Fi. Other devices such as a 3 year old iPod touch and an iPad 2 work just fine on Wi-Fi. Hope they will fix his soon.

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    Aleksrun says:

    I got my iPhone 5 on the opening day. Since day one I have problem with connecting to wifi. Apple change my phone once, but I am experiencing the same problem with this one too. I would have NEVER got it if I new about this crap.
    I loved my iPhone 3GS, but with this bs with iPhone 5 , I am getting very close to the edge of switching flags!

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    VLADIK says:

    Im having the same issues with wifi connectivity on iphone 5. 3g works just fine, and im connected only to it. I dont get it why apple cant fix it rapidly. They know about it showing no signs of working on it. Disappointed.

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    Alexander says:

    Guys, this is not a software problem, It’s a HARDWARE problem. About 10% of clients are experiencing “weak signals, wifi issues”. My advice get it replaced or down-grade to iPhone 4s until apple gets its **** together.

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    rhfirstiphone says:

    Got my third iPhone 5 three days ago, fourth technically if you count the one that didn’t work out of the box at Apple store. So far so good with wifi connection, but I’m not counting on it. Apple sucks.

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    tigggeeer says:

    I had this exact issue, reset network didn’t work, update to ios 6.0.2 didnt work, new phone sent by Vodafone. Some networks have an 11 day limit on exchange so be VERY aware and check your new phone straight away.

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    Peter says:

    I had no problems with wifi connection on my iPhone 5 previous to this update (6.0.2) but now I have the problem. I can no longer connect to my home wifi, very annoyed, I hope they get this fixed soon.

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    Skot says:

    Yes after installing the update last night today I am repeatedly getting the NOT CONNECTED TO INTERNET bar!!! I never had this problem before and should of left well enough alone. Don’t know what to do now!

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    CP says:

    I am having problems with my data service. So group texts, picture messages and internet are all slow. . Have to constantly reboot my phone. Talked to Apple rep and they said only AT&T customers are having this problem. Very aggravating!

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    Arron says:

    My girlfriend bought her iphone 5 on release day. She never had a problem with it until she updated to 6.0.2. Now the phone constantly loses wifi, the battery drains fast searches for cell service, is slow and freezes constantly. She has also said that sometimes the phone won’t recognize her hitting her home button or even clicking on her apps. I just watched her try to set an alarm with siri as well and that didn’t work either.

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    Perdu says:

    I have bought an iPhone 5 december 14th, it had 6.0.1
    Wifi was less good than my previuous HTC but it was working.
    After installing 6.0.2 i had nothing else than wifi problems, no more connection at all once at more than 5m distance from the router. After factorybreset etc….no change.
    Brought the phone back on january 2nd and they told me it will take at least 2-3 weaks for repair. What a shitty service!

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    Yuki says:

    same here! wifi connection problem and battery draining real fast 🙁 I live in Asia and I have been waiting iphone 5 retail for ages! weeks ago i was struggling whether i should buy samsung galaxy note 2 or iphone 5 , then i decided to buy iphone 5 cuz i believe apple wont let me down, but now i’m utterly disappointed, my ipod touch4 and other devices can connect to wifi without any problem, i just dont understand why iphone 5 is so crappy. I AM SO PISSED!

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    Astroboy says:

    Yep I’m from Brisbane Australia and its now worse after update. I was hoping update would fix this problem but its worse. Fix it apple!!!!!!

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    umer says:

    Just bought my iphone , and am having problems with wifi connections. I get perfect connection at the door of my room, and as soon as i walk into my room, i loose all connection. Apple needs to release another update soon

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      edarlingb says:

      Same problem when I ugraded from 4 to 5. No success from discussions with Vodafone, who referred me directly to Apple Support. Got the distinct impression that the advisor was aware of the problem with wifi. She advised me to take it into Apple Store. Once it was realised my phone wasn’t picking up their wifi, immediate, no qualms replacement. They know, all right!

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    Ed0101 says:

    I just replaced my iphone5 under warranty with a new unit. No hassles with apple support. My new unit wifi works much better now even with the aluminum case. As I said in an earlier message it is a hardware fault probably due to a defective wifi card.

  49. Currently bought this phone about two months ago and it has worked great until a week ago when my wifi stopped working. Funny thing is it says I have full wifi signal. Hmmmmm…… why us everything saying ERROR WHILE LOADING. Everyone else in this house has a windows phone. Theirs works perfectly! I love apple products but this is ridiculous. I will also add that when making a call my phone tends to get really hot. Thankfully I have a cover on it because I might have a burnt ear. I refuse to change the settings on my home wifi router.

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    Fivetrax says:

    Wholeheartedly agree that the iphone 5 is blighted with problems based on the operating system and I for one will leave Apple phones for good when this contract runs out.

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    Amanda says:

    I’m dying not having Wifi…my bill is going to be stupid. I have to use my old 3GS to get any wifi at any location. I cannot believe this hasn’t been fixed. Changing your router to WEP is not a solution, it’s a bandaid to a real problem.

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    pete says:

    same here got one for xmas and is rubbish have to be next to router for it to work 6.0.2 didn’t do anything, called O2 and they said to do a MAC reset text to 2121, of course this is rubbish too!!!!

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    John says:

    I’m having same worse wi-fi and faster battery drain issues since the 6.0.2 update. WTF Apple. Class Action anyone? Why not. In my consumer opinion this is worse than the antenna issue with the iPhone 4….

  54. I am so disappointed with apple. The 6.0.2 update has killed my wifi working at all… It works for like 30 seconds then has the exact same issue again.

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    IHeartEarth says:

    I have had the 5 for about a month now. I was instantly disappointed with the battery life and called Apple twice. They finally told me to do a system restore and see if it fixed the problem. It “seemed” to help…so I went on with my life and avoided updating to 6.0.2 due to the issue I heard. But then I started having wifi issues. So I updated two days ago and have had connectivity issues and battery draining issues since. It’s been 3 hours since my last full charge and I’m at 83% and have done nothing other than check Facebook a couple times and listen to 20 minutes of Pandora. VERY VERY disappointed in the iPhone 5 and the recent updates.

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    Sunder says:

    Worst phone I have a 12 Mbps connection on wifi I get .13 to .38 download speed and upload of 1.6 1.9 wish I can throw this piece of shoot

  57. I have wifi problems, no matter what wifi I connect to it is slower then a snail when it comes to loading YouTube videos and loading Facebook statuses I got full connection there are only about 2-3 people using it at a time in my house hold and it still slow and not to sure if its the iPhone 5 or not because my friend has the Samsung galaxy s3 and he’s using the exact same wifi but his phone loads up like google chrome so can someone please send me a solution or some tips at least please and thanks.

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    lubomir kulla says:

    APPLE .. Listen to the people here and FIX these issues RIGHT AWAY!!
    WE DEMAND proper treatment ….OR ELSE!! It’s Very , very easy now to switch to other phone nowadays.

  59. Reply
    Mattcool019 says:

    Everyone just shut up and use 3G, 4g , lte stop complaining, if you can pay 200 for a contract then you can definetly pay for an unlimited plan!

  60. Reply
    Mauro says:

    I would say that it is a shame, not only bad. My Iphone 5 worked great before upgrading to 6.0.2 and now wifi is quite useless. It seems it is not only my experience! Please Apple fix it otherwise I will give back my device ask I will ask refund.

  61. Apple is/was a good ecosystem, but the problems with the engineering continue, without Steve Jobs pushing for the perfection he was both renowned and reviled for,. Without Jobs, Apple is just another OS and/or hardware company

  62. Reply
    lisa says:

    I am wildly disappointed… my 3GS’ connection is perfect! My iphone 5??? I’m lucky if I get one level/line, and even luckier when the connection stays put for longer than 10 minutes at a time. Is this an issue that could be remedied by a firmware/IOS update? Or are my iphone days over? The connectivity/wifi issue is insufferable!

  63. Reply
    mustafa says:

    new iPhone 5 is not better then iPhone 4s Before Iphone map is very Excellent but now its not working even Two Times Update is come i m Staying in Dubai UAE and Last 5 year i m using Iphone but i dont know why the are doing this type of map .

  64. Reply
    Sinclair says:

    I have a slightly different issue to most. My iPhone 5 connects perfectly to my wifi, but when it does, it causes my 3G connection (for phone calls and texts) to drop out every couple of minutes… Does anyone else have this issue? Any suggested fixes would be appreciated! Have tried loading back from a backup version, and also tried resetting my iphone to factory settings… No luck!

  65. Reply
    hyksosking says:

    Without much a do, iPHone 5 has WiFi issues, its the same for me, the connection doesnt hold well, while my iPhone4S works just fine so does the iPad 2 and iPad mini, totally disappointed with APPLE and the network provider I bought from here in the UAE. #FAIL #APPLE

  66. Reply
    Ben says:

    Why even bother with an iPhone 5? Slower, smaller and heavier than a note 2, plus I can draw and cut and past images/pictures on my note 2. Apple has fallen significantly since the passing of Steve Jobs.

  67. Alas – this is the worst Apple issue I’ve ever had in 15 trouble free years of apple products. In the house at the moment we have 2 iPhone 4s’ and an Iphone 5. Last week I updated my Iphone 4s to OS6.0.1 and the wifi stopped working. 2 nights ago my wife’s Iphone 5 wifi stopped working. Our network is broadcast by an AP express! The macbook pro and apple TV are fine. The only remaining iphone not having any issues is the one on the old OS. I have spent 4 hrs problem solving and can report that there are about 15 known fixes ranging from putting the iphone in the freezer to changing to Static IPs, resetting the network, forgetting the network and on, and on. Personally I like the freezer method – I can’t believe I tried that! We will be taking the iphone back in 2 weeks if this is not fixed.

  68. Reply
    Pissedoffiphoner says:

    My wifi connection went from mediocre to utterly pathetic after the wifi fix update. I am not impressed at all. I hope they sort this out- il be on the blower to my phone provider to replace this iphone 5 because its unusable!

  69. Reply
    Ged1s says:

    Noticed mine today after installed 6.0.2 couple weeks ago….has wifi but it does not open webpages or apps that require connection, had to reboot phone to make it work….

  70. Reply
    Alisha says:

    constand issues with wifi on iphone 5. wish I hadnt sold my 4s. Might look at Samsung next time I need an upgrade….

  71. Reply
    shelley says:

    ever since i dled the new update i constanly loose connection to the internet phoned apple they said to backup and start as new iphone user, still doesnt work :- used all my data allowance in a wk cos wasnt locking on to wifi at home

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