iPhone 5S with projector and transformer-like actions

The Apple iPhone 5 has only been with us for a few months and already thoughts are turning to what the company may have up its sleeves for the next version of its flagship smartphone. While this is always open to speculation and leaks for the lead up to every product Apple releases, we often get some great ideas such as today with the iPhone 5S with projector and transformer like actions.

Away from all the component leaks and case mock ups we often get to see some great concept ideas about a number of different smartphones from a variety of companies. Recently there has been talk of the next iPhone whether it will be called the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, but a designer going under the name of Fran_Snk has come up with a really neat idea that can be seen in the video below.

A video that is titled The Secret of iPhone 5 begins by showing just a normal example of the handset but as it continues shows off some rather neat tricks, which would really ramp up the competition if such an idea ever came to fruition.

The device has some built in projectors that provide a work interface as well as a virtual keyboard that is projected on to the desk in the video when the handset opens up. This will turn the Apple iPhone into a fully fledged Apple computer that seemingly provides a similar OS X experience that is found on a Mac.

It seems in the concept idea that the new iPhone model would open up to reveal the projectors that are integrated into the handsets main body, and then projects a full sized virtual keyboard for the user to take advantage of.

The concept iPhone features four mini projectors so if any such device was actually made it would certainly need some sort of new battery technology to be able to cope with all of those demands the features would require.

Other than the transformer like actions to reveal the built in projectors the rest of the handset looks pretty similar to what is seen now with the iPhone 5, and while this is only a concept idea it would be great if the engineers over at Apple, or any other smartphone manufacturer, could actually make the idea work at a reasonable price.

What do you think would you like to see anything like this on a smartphone?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5S with projector and transformer-like actions”

  1. samsunger says:

    Nothing….just 18% thinner 12% lighter 4x graphic performence 2x cpu performance and wait its same price as the previous gen 😛

  2. KID ANDROID says:

    Amazing idea but there is no way that Apple could make it, they contantly screw up with things already that have already been invented. They cant innovate themselves and not have things completely go wrong.- KID ANDROID