Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update features before release

Despite being the best part of two years old now the Samsung Galaxy S2 remains a hugely popular smartphone with millions of owners around the world, and the device is still available for purchase via some channels. The smartphone will eventually be given a new lease of life once it receives the next version of the Android operating system, and now we can share some of the Samsung Galaxy S2 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update details with you after they have been revealed before the firmware’s release.

The smartphone was one of the must have handsets during 2011 and arguably laid the foundations for its replacement the Galaxy S3, and now according to SamMobile the company’s Korea division has revealed what the update will bring to the handset once it is released. The new software has already been seen running on the handset in a video, so there are no concerns the device can handle the new OS.

It has been revealed by Samsung that the Jelly Bean update will reduce the internal memory by 1GB, and will actually repartition the entire memory system while bringing the operating system on the Galaxy S2 up to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. There was no information about any release date for the update but previously it was being suggested during the first quarter of this year so it could be any time now.

Unfortunately Samsung Korea has revealed that the update will only be available via the Samsung KIES desktop application, and it will take around an hour to achieve the install. Some of the improvements promised with the update include better home screens, improved performance thanks to Project Butter, Smart Stay, Block mode, Easy mode, improved usability for some apps, enhanced camera functions, Pop up Play, and much more.

The update is quite big and while it may see a release in the coming weeks, there is a chance owners of the handset in the US will have to wait a few months yet to actually see it. Previously the likes of AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have taken ages to push out updates to the handset, and is often a common problem with the Android platform as a whole.

Once running the Android Jelly Bean OS the handset will have a nice new lease of life and will be perfect for those looking to enjoy the smartphone for a long while yet. Hopefully this information from Samsung means the update is almost ready to be released to the masses, and the company seems to be getting better recently with regards to pushing out new firmware updates, it’s just a shame some carriers make things a little difficult for end users.

Are you excited about Android Jelly Bean arriving on the Galaxy S2?


8 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update features before release”

  1. Reply
    Erke says:

    it just seems like a joke when they say will only be available via Kies…. Since our phones have connection problems with Kies and new Samsung drivers

    1. Reply
      stuart frew says:

      once it is released do it the easier way and download it from samfirmware then flash using odin does the exact same thing as kies and is perhaps faster

  2. Reply
    stuart frew says:

    i contacted samsung 3 days ago regarding the jellybean rom and was told that there is still no date for release at least this month , ive currently been running the leaked rom on my s2 and i must say its fantastic just hope when they do release this that it will help improve battery life as its prone to lasting 8 hours at most with moderate use quite poor on that side and heats up also while playing games and browsing

  3. Reply
    Mike Piff says:

    You mean the internal storage will be reduced by 1Gb! It will no longer be split into System and USB areas, judging from the way my Nexus 7 is configured.

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