Griffin Powerdock 5 powers up five iOS devices

Well CES 2013 appears to be in full swing over in Las Vegas, and Griffin is attending the tech show, and has unveiled a new charger that can charge up to five iOS devices simultaneously in the form of the Griffin Powerdock5, as this new device features five charging bays which can take five Apple iPads all at the same time even when the slates have a case.

According to a report over on The Inquirer, Griffin calls the Powerdock5 ‘the ultimate space saving, counter-top charging and storage solution’ and the device tackles the clutter and inconvenience of having to use separate charging cables.

When not using the Griffin Powerdock5 to charge all those iOS devices the user can stow away all their charging cables inside the device until such times as they need to use them again, enabling you to keep your charging cables safely in one place.

As for just when and where the Griffin Powerdock5 will become available, and more importantly how much the device will hit your pocket for, the word is the Powerdock5 will launch sometime in the Spring over in the good old US of A and command a price tag of about £60, although there is no word if or when the Powerdock5 will come to the United Kingdom.

Along with the Powerdock5, Griffin also announce a couple of new chargers for Samsung, Apple, Android and Kindle devices named the Powerblock Universal that will command a price tag of roughly £20 and the Powerjolt Universal that will cost about £25, and again both will arrive in the US sometime in the Spring but no word on when the UK will likely see these chargers.

The Powerblock Universal utilises the companies new Chargesensor tech that delivers charging for all USB enabled devices along with sensing voltage requirements of each connected device, and has been designed to plug into plugs and power strips.

When the Powerblock Universal is plugged in to any AC 100 to 240 volt power source, the device converts the power to a safe 10 watt charge for tablets, smartphones and e-readers, whilst the Powerjolt does the same as the Powerblock but is especially for cars and features a 21 volt outlet.

According to Griffin, the devices feature an LED indicator to let the user know the device is ready to charge, whilst an internal Smartfuse protects the device against power surges while it charges and comes with a built in circuit breaker.

Do any of these new Griffin chargers seem like something any of our readers could make use of once they arrive?

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