Samsung Tab 3 tablets, Roma, Santos and Kona aka Note 8.0

While the company has enjoyed major successes in the smartphone world Samsung’s tablet PC offerings have not quite captured consumer’s imagination in the same way. The recent release of the Nexus 10 tablet PC is a different story though with a lot of interest coming from Android fans. We now have news of some Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets that are currently going under the name of Roma, Santos, and Kona aka Note 8.0.

We first heard rumours about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 last week as the device is likely to be pitched against the iPad mini, but the company looks set to unveil a number of new slates in the coming weeks. The next range of tablets from the company will simply go under the name of Galaxy Tab 3, and will come in 10.1-inch and 7-inch sizes.

There will be two versions of each size with Wi-Fi only or with the addition of 3G connectivity, and these new devices are going under the codename of Santos with new code numbers of GT-P3200, GT-P3210, GT-P5200, and GT-P5210. The new tablet PCs are expected to become available during the first half of this year.

Details about the tablets specifications are a bit light on the ground at the moment but are thought to include a five megapixel rear camera. We have already heard though that the Note 8 will feature a display offering a resolution of 1280 x 800 running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean on a 1.6GHz quad core processor.

There is also talk of another high specification tablet the Samsung GT-P8200 with the codename of Roma, and this will also use a five megapixel rear camera and come in either 16GB or 32GB storage options. At the moment nothing else is known about this device that includes the operating system it will be running on, so there is a chance the company could use the Tizen operating system.

There is a good chance we may get to hear some official news about the new tablets at next month’s Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona, Spain. Source: SamMobile.

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