Samsung Galaxy S4 tasty YouTube videos appear today


Unless you’ve been living in a cave then you’re bound to have heard about the Samsung event later today where we will see the official unveiling of the Galaxy S4 (S IV) smartphone. This is a massive deal in the mobile technology world as it will be one of the biggest device launches for 2013 and is likely to dominate the Android platform. Now just ahead of that event we have heard of four videos that have appeared on YouTube today that purport to show off the upcoming Galaxy S4 along with some of its new features.

Regular readers will know that we’ve been posting about the Galaxy S4 for some time and from leaked specs and rumors we think we have a good idea of what to expect. As is the way with most major device launches, specs and features leak out slowly at first, gathering pace until the device is finally made official and a good amount of the information leaked usually turns out to be accurate.

The big Samsung event takes place later in New York and we have already given details on world times and live streaming so if you want to check that out, please do so at the link. Back to the videos then and these have been posted by iStevenCom and while we cannot verify that they do indeed show the real deal, they certainly seems to tie in with leaked images and other information that we’ve seen so far.

The first video we have for your viewing pleasure is about the floating touch technology we’ve previously heard rumors of, whereby the user doesn’t even have to touch the screen to get the phone to respond. The second video shows Internet browsing while the third shows the new Smart Pause feature that we’ve also detailed previously that cleverly pauses video if the user turns away. Finally the fourth video claims to show the new lock screen of the Galaxy S4. You can see all of these videos below this story but be aware you may not understand the language although of course you can still see all of the features mentioned.

We’ll be closely following all of the developments of the Galaxy S4 event this evening and at last hope to be able to bring readers all of the confirmed specs for the device and hopefully also pricing and release details. At the time of writing there’s around 9 hours to go before we will finally see the big reveal.

In the meantime we’d like to know what you think of the videos. If you take a look then please do come back to us and tell us what you think of the features shown. Are you hoping that this is the authentic Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know with your comments.


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