Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean 4.1 update begins this month

Although the Xperia S may be one of Sony’s older devices there are plenty of people still very happily using this smartphone. It was a flagship of its day and the good news today relates to the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update as we have now heard that it will begin to rollout before the end of this month.

Regular readers with good memories may remember that way back in January we told how hopefully the Xperia S would receive the update around April time. It’s nice to know then that Sony has kept on target and will in fact start pushing out 4.1 Jelly Bean for the Xperia S before March is over.

It would have been easy to assume that the Xperia S might not receive Jelly Bean at all as it’s an older device so owners will be pleased to receive the benefits of the Android OS upgrade. Changes and improvements include Google Now, Project Butter, screen mirroring, power management, new options for standby mode and much more.

The news of the update was tweeted from Sony Xperia two days ago saying, “@hansa ring knight end of March, we will begin the rollout of Android 4.1 for the Xperia S. [CS].” It won’t be too much longer then until Sony Xperia S owners begin to receive the update for the device but we would point out that as the tweet says, the rollout will BEGIN in March and we would imagine it would take a little time to push it out to every Xperia S out there so you may have to be patient.

Are you a Sony Xperia S user eagerly waiting for the Jelly Bean update on your phone? Send us your comments to let us know what you are most looking forward to?

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  • ADAM


  • Conor Spencer-Hansen

    Stamina Mode, Camera Focusing fix, Project Butter – Can’t wait.

  • someone

    battery charge time less than 6h

  • Greyghost

    ‘Although the Xperia S may be one of Sony’s older devices’

    Come on its only one year old and has been largely ignored by Sony who seem desperate to release as many models in as short a time as possible.

    I chose the Sony to support a manufacturer who I assumed would want to win customers confidence in return. I am not impressed that this Sony update only just beats the release of Key Lime Pie by Google. I certainly will never get another Sony phone.

  • nani

    That’s the brand. Eagerly waiting for burst mode

  • sirakov

    there won’t be stamina mode for xs, stamina mode is developed for xperia Z and some newer devices that will be released in future. there will be some power management tool like in xperia sola but NO STAMINA MODE

  • Alex Mclaren

    I am looking forward to the new lock screen and new look. I really like only having 1 home screen and I will be glad when I only have one.

  • Nastav

    It is all crap, only true when it really comes out…

  • Praveen

    It’s ridiculous…. Xperia S was Sony’s first flagship and was released
    just a year back… And it’s yet to get jelly bean.:/ it is not “one of the older devices”
    as you say…!

  • Adil Abdullah

    I am using SONY XPERIA S since january 2013 . it is so beautiful and nice smartphone i love to use it. i want it’s jelly bean update. I am waiting for its update to be released.

  • felipe

    March 30 and nothing get..My next phone will not be a Sony… Thats for sure. Nice hardware but slow roms and late updates

  • vinnu

    When will the update come in india???

  • Alec

    it’s pretty funny how u make the Xperia S look like a old man who has nothing to say. It’s still one of the best phones on Sonys side. No one, of all those 20 other phones are as good as Xperia S. Now The Z have arrived and this is better. It’s Xperia Z – Xperia S and THEN all the other lowass phones of Sony.

    • Stefen hawking

      Right said

  • Zeeshan Khan

    Sony Xperia Team Never completed their promise on time. As we know that time when ICS was released for SONY till one month people were crying for update from different countries while other brands were enjoying Jellybean updates.

  • Harry

    Hope the UK Get it first! :L

    • Gillingham FC

      Ha Ha! We still haven’t got .50 let alone .55!!! I don’t think we’ll be first!!!

  • Harry

    Needs to hurry up! OMG.

  • Stefen hawking

    xperia S is still better than all others except z obviously -__

  • fadi

    I am waiting eagerly for the jelly bean update I have researched about this update and I really want it so Sony can be the best company for android hope for that :)

  • KJ

    Come on sony, make my day.

    Xperia s are still a very cool device.

  • Zephyr

    Where is the Jelly Bean update that was said to be released yesterday? I have had been anticipating for this update. I wonder why Sony seems to be silent about this?

  • franklin

    eagerly waiting and hope to get the update soon.this is the best phone i have ever used.awesome phone,with gorgeous display and a excellent camera.after the update the 2012 flagship can still be in the android phone race for more years

  • Rajesh

    Sony Ideas For Life, Please update

  • abdullah al kafi

    we want jelly bean right never keep their promise.

  • Roshan

    It is 1st of April today. But no update yet.

  • Anmol Mayank

    Hey I Just brought an Xperia S after compareing many devices…n it matched all my requirements…!! It’s an awesome smarty phone….it’s not old one it’s a smart one…who can still gv a fight to other phone at it’s price range..
    I am Egerily waiting to get Jelly Bean Update…..!!!
    When will i be able to get the update…..???

  • Couch

    1st of april and no update

  • Mark

    Even when xperia s came on the market last march it was the last one to get the ice cream sandwich seeing all the older phones getting it first, Ive been a Sony customer for a lot of years but will be going elsewhere now to Samsung or google Nexus. Farewell Sony !!!!!

  • Oren

    Well , it’s 40 ,inutes to midnight of April 1st in my country, and still no update…
    i wonder whats keeping them from rolling it out?!?!

  • badger

    Takes the piss that they don’t let any one no wats goin on

  • Gareth Bale

    It’s April now, wheres my update? I knew it was a mistake!

  • Guest

    well iasked them about the time for jelly bean to be rolled out for sony xperia Sl and they said in the second quarter of 2013 mean from april to. june

  • NightFly

    Howcome xperia S is an old phone???? I bought Myself a samsung galaxy s2 few months ago ( s4 is out by now), and even that granny had jelly bean update yesterday (well mine did at least), so…. seriously WTF SONY? And i thought my next phone will be sony…not happening i´m afraid if they keep their so called old phones out of support.

  • IceSkater

    Again sony are dragging their heels, they did it last year with the launch of Xperia S. They promised Ics update with the new flagship, it came along several months later. They had got another sucker to buy a sony phone (yes a brilliant phone) but rubbish customer service and back up. My first Sony phone and my last, like other users i am switching to another company when i renew my contract. Pull your finger out Sony.

  • Bhavs

    Come on the Xperia S is a great phone we all know that but its hard to wait for the update its April 15 and still no update. But I have Xperia SL its great it has the 1.7 ghz cpu haven’t felt any lags in racing and shooting games.

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