Candy Crush Saga iPhone app problems since update: UPDATED

The Candy Crush Saga iOS app is one of the most popular games in the App Store right now and we love to pass on news of some of the best apps available. Unfortunately the iOS version of Candy Crush Saga has just received an update and while that’s usually a good thing it seems that since the update some users (including us) are having problems with the app.

Candy Crush Saga comes from Limited and many of you will have become as addicted as us to this puzzle adventure game. It’s a free app in the App Store compatible for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd, 4th and 5th generation) and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later and has been optimized for the iPhone 5. It involves the adventures of Tiffi and Mr. Toffee and is a particularly good game to play with friends as you can help each other out.

However, the iOS app received an update to version 1.0.8 on March 21 bringing more levels and episodes Holiday Hut and Delicious Drifts as well as support for Japanese. We downloaded the update but ever since have not been able to play the game. We seem to be stuck on level 81 with an orange screen that’s loading and the word ‘King’. We wondered if we were alone in this but after taking a look at some customer reviews on the app description page we can see that others have been affected to.

Another person has commented to say that when loading level 81 the app remains resolutely on ‘loading’ and the orange screen and so is unplayable, especially annoying if you’ve just paid to unlock an episode. Yet another person says that the game crashes when trying to start a level while another player says that since the update they have been unable to play level 81. It looks likely then that could be something only affecting people who were on level 81 but we cannot confirm that yet.

We have no idea of knowing how widespread this issue is so if you have Candy Crush on iOS and haven’t already downloaded the latest update you might want to delay doing so until we know more. We’d like to know if these are just very isolated incidents or a more widespread issue and also would like to find out if the problem is confined to players on level 81, which seems likely at the moment, so we’d appreciate your comments to share with other readers.

Do you play Candy Crush Saga on iOS and if so have you encountered any problems since the last update? Were you by any chance on level 81 or maybe that’s irrelevant and you are facing problems with another part of the game?

UPDATE: Good news as King.Com has speedily added another update today that fixes the problem, version 1.0.9. We’ve checked this out and found the game is working well again.

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  • Andy

    Hi, I have exactly that problem. Paid to continue to level 81, now stuck on loading screen. However, It was just before the update of my OS. After update and reboot of my iPhone, the problem persists.

    • Robin

      I am on level 377 the IOS does not go up that high, I play it on my pc,, please update it again

      • jovy

        plz update the game i used note 2..but just until 335…yes i played sometimes on my pc but dont like it i just on my phone so plz update…i want play more…

  • Zoe

    I had just completed level 80 then went on to play 81 and have an orange screen that says loading. Hope we don’t have to start again

  • Dana

    I’m on level 80 and I’m getting the very depressing orange loading screen. And yes I just updated my iOS. Waaaaa.

  • Sam

    I’ve just got on to 81 after I updated n have the faults you describe now

  • Traversa Giuseppe

    Dear friends, today 23/03/2013 have the new update and ‘functions as a level 81

  • Julie

    I’m having the exact same issue after installing the update.

  • Carli Williams

    Yup. Wont let me play 81! Frustrating!!

  • Dana

    Ok I went on facebook and played cc through there, beat level 80-83 and tried my phone app again and I can play level 83 and up.

  • Terri

    Yes I to experienced this with the download and stiil waiting to at level 81


    Just paid for 81 and its just an orange loading screen. I have update iOS 5.

  • Samuel Brazelton II

    I’m on level 253 and I’ve been playing the same level for about 30 minutes and I have almost 5 million points and still going I don’t think its supposed to do that lol

  • Lhw

    I am having the same problem on level 81

  • Christy

    Lucky me, I’m right at level 81 tonight and also got stuck with the orange King page. I wasted a few lives making sure that it was just that level, now I see I’m not the only one! Boooo… Talk about addiction!

  • mags

    My samsung tablet keeps crashing im on level 45 i dont know how to fix this

  • Hl

    I have just completed level 56, but it want let me connect to Facebook so i can ask My friends for tickets to the next level.

  • Jamie

    I got stuck on level 99, I successfully completed this level and it will not let let me move to 100 :( so frustrating as I was addicted!! I finally deleted the app maybe they will get it fixed soon!!

  • Yvonne Robinson

    Im on level 113 on my app but 110 on my PC :/ its just not syncing like it has done in the past.

  • Beth Fulton

    hi, I’ve passed level 275 but can’t go on to the next episode… waiting…

  • MaryMac

    I am at about level 90. My problem is that the box that invites you to ask friends for more lives has frozen over the whole page! So can proceed I. Any way at all.

  • irene dumais

    j ai atteint le niveau et me fait pas passer a un autre niveau pouvez faire quelque chose pour régler se probleme merci

  • Jennifer Overstreet

    I’m on level 81 and can’t get no one to help me move on I need 2 more people to help me cause I’m not paying

  • LT

    There are issues using IPhone5 in level 285 as well. I’ve cleared the playing field. Note: The bottom 3 rocks have Jelly’s under them and even though clearing through the Rocks and Jelly’s the Jelly’s do not go away. I’ve played it several times and no matter what it will always state I’ve cleared 39 out of 42 which is totally incorrect.

  • Tami Huffman

    Still having problems playing on levels above 180, tried logging out ofFacebook and worked at first now still having troubles trying to get game to load on my phone. Any more suggestions out there ???? Going thru my candy withdrawal lol

  • Flora Cat

    Playing candy crush on nexus tablet. Crashed yesterday. Passed level 81 so guess the level is not the problem. Maybe time to deal with CCS addiction.

    • Mrbeags

      I too have a nexus and am stuck on level 80. Game will not advance.

  • shew

    wer i can download CC .ipa for free??

  • Dusty

    Mine crashes at 173 everytime I try to access my mailbox for extra lives
    I am on iphone4s

  • gracey

    I’m on lvl 213. I cannot connect to FB. I’ve uninstalled then installed CC in my ipod and i was brought back lvl 1. but when i log in using the pc, i’m in lvl 213. i guess there was a problem in the synching of FB & the CC app.

    • Joshua

      i have the same problem as you, one thing I noticed thou the WIFI icon at the bottom right does not show. ~_~
      I also tried uninstalling/reinstalling both apps (FB and CC).

      hope they would fix this asap

  • rosiemamma

    I am no where near level 81 and mine crashes. Sometimes I am half-way through a level and it jumps out of the game entirely.

  • Francine

    I had over 100 lives and while playing all yes all my lives disappear. I asked my friends for them over a week of saving and pleading for them and they just vanish HELP PLS give them back

  • Freddie

    Mine keeps crashing in the middle of level 316 it’s really frustrating now!!

    • Katy

      Level 316 keeps crashing for me too. Have re installed, rebooted etc but not helping

  • Two Blue Eyes

    Just did update for IPhone4, now I don’t see when ticket is sent and waiting…messages not showing up. Also, there seems to be problems with IPhone & Facebook are no longer sync’d. I-phone shows no tickets but Facebook shows two tickets. I used to see the same information on each format. Suggestions? Programming interface issue? Should I be sorry I did the update?

    • Two Blue Eyes

      Also, in past the messages would stay in queue until accepted the life or ticket. In Facebook they now disappear…..lost in the ozone. Hate it when friends share & I don’t seem to get to use them. Also, if your bank already has 5 (max) and you accept, what happens to the life….lost…….there but not counted? Can’t tell……again, another ozone issue.

  • Cat

    I too had lives saved on my iPhone & they ALL disappeared & now they seem to disappear all the time & not saving anymore…. This is very frustrating after I have asked friends for lives & they don’t save on my phone grrrrr

  • Joanne Tevyaw

    Lives disappeared and game ends at level 365 on iphone

  • Paul parry

    I was on level 317 and it crashed and wouldn’t connect ! Then it said allow Facebook connection ! Now am on level 17! Not happy

  • Paul parry

    This is rubbish!!! I’ve spent hard earned money passing levels and buying moves for the game to crash on me like this! The most frustrating thing is this!! I want a direct number to speak to you of my complaint!!! Not this crap!!

  • Tattybear

    When I open my candy crush game it opens messages first, which are empty so I can’t use all my lives I have saved but still says I have 68 of them… I then close it and try to start the level (159) the game then crashes and takes a life! Wtf? It’s the most frustrating thing! Ahhhhhh

  • Suzie

    I can’t get my game to progress to the next level…. It wants me to continue playing level 35. This is frustrating!!!!!! I have completed it several times and am tired of repeating it …

    • Mrbeags

      I am stuck on level 80 with the exact same problem. Completed the 3 quest challenges and now the game will only allow me to either play level 79 or 80 again and will not advance. Additionally, each time I beat one of the quests, the next challenge required me to beat my previous score. Up to 65,000 points in a minute. cannot do more. the game obviously has problems and needs fixing.

  • Suzie

    Well. I have an ipad and an android max phone and after reading all the complaints I am going to delete the game from both. My time is worth more to me than this.

  • Addict

    how come its only level 395 in iphone and level 400+ on facebook? Help

  • Carole Garnett

    What level does the iphone goes to?? I am stuck on Level 395 on my Iphone, and it’s telling me that an update will come soon. Well it’s been 2 weeks since i’ve been waiting for the update on the Iphone 4s. What is going on? Is the game over on level 395 on the Iphone 4s. Please let me know, bcuz I have spend money to pass levels and if the game is no longer then I will have to let my friends know it is not worth playing any more. Such a waste of time & money. Apple is a rip off!!!!

  • Dio

    App has been at 395 for a while now so hope update is coming soon. My problem is I cannot open messages and it just shuts down if I try. I see the numbers increase so it must be synched with Facebook but it has been like this since just after last update.

  • SM

    I think Latest update crashed the app. Cannot open.m goesmto orange loadngmscreen then back to my main screen. Do I have to delete and,reload? Is it hopeless?

  • Dan

    I am having the same issue. I deleted it and reinstalled several times and it still will not get past the loading screen before it just stops and returns to the main screen. Reported to king, but they have not responded.

  • TonyG

    Im having a similar prob, i sued to play candy crush on an ipod touch with no internet connection and no facebook sync..
    but after the latest update i was unable to reconnect.
    the game keeps crushing in the loading screen … with the “King” message.
    No idea how to resolve,

  • I

    I play on my iPad did my update and everything erased and started me at zero. Can I get back to level 105.

  • Audrey Clement

    My problem is exactly as described in this article. I updated my iphone & then updated candy crush and I was on level 81. stuck. can’t connect to facebook to ask friends to help. I even asked for help via imessages & they still couldn’t help. HELP!

  • LJ

    level 97 gives you 25 moves supposedly, however mine stops at 17 every time I try it. can anyone help? Please?

  • AZ

    Pretty annoying that so many of the levels cut out at least two thirds of your turns in the levels.. Pity.

  • tk

    can not connect to facebook from game. tells me l don’t have access to kingdom.

  • HR

    Since update trying to open candy crush and it goes through all the steps, then flashes and goes back to opening screen again! BUT meanwhile it’s eaten up one of my lives!!!!!! Won’t open then!!!!!

    • Arun

      same thing happened to me too

  • CMC

    I cant open the app at all after the last update I did.

  • Kt

    I keep passing level 395 but it won’t let me move on. When I achieve the score, the new score I have to achieve is higher.

  • Nancy Kimball

    Has anyone found a solution to getting Candy Crush to work again, passed the attempt to load, ever since the last update on your iPhone? It’s been months.

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