Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design visualized in pre-release clone


There will be plenty of smartphone fans that will be giving the Samsung Galaxy S4 a miss and will instead be waiting for the next phablet device to be launched from the company, and now the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design has been visualized in a pre-release clone.

Quite often handsets appear over in China that are cheap knockoffs of high-end smartphones from a variety of companies, and now another one has appeared that you can see on this page from the country that is being called the HDC S Note 3, and is a concept smartphone.

It is believed that HDC is a company that normally creates clones of HTC hardware, but now it seems the company has turned its focus to Samsung. The render is showing a smartphone that features a 5.9-inch Full HD touchscreen display, which is a size that has been rumoured to be coming to the Galaxy Note 3 previously.

Other specs on the HDC device include a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor running at 2.3GHz, 128GB of ROM, 3GB of RAM, and the yet to be announced Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system. The design of this device has almost non-existent bezels that could be used on the real Note 3 to help create a bigger screen while still making the device easier to hold.

There is still a home button but even this has been reduced in size, and the camera seems to sport both LED and Xenon flashes. Samsung increased the display with the Galaxy Note 2 and achieved this by making the handset easier to hold than the previous model, so we could easily see this again with the next version.

Would you like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to look similar to this with the same specs?

Source: Concept Phones via Viral Phone.


14 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design visualized in pre-release clone”

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      Adam Honse says:

      Exynos sucks. Qualcomm provides updates and drivers for their chips while Samsung has done an exceedingly poor job at supporting Exynos after release. All the ROMs for Exynos phones seem to be ages behind Qualcomm phones for that reason, and the Note is too important to get stuck in development hell because it uses an unsupported CPU.

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    Antho says:

    I think the engraved Samsung should be moved up, just below the flashlight as I think it too low because when you’re on a call your hand will be coveeing it for people to see what you proudly owned.

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    ricky says:

    I would definitely buy the phone if it look like that & spec are good. hoping to see wireless charging

  3. Reply
    Adam Honse says:

    Please keep it just like that, it looks perfect! And screw Exynos, the octa core isn’t octa core at all, it’s dual quad-core and at most only gets quad core performance at the cost of Exynos having some of the worst driver support in history. So yeah, screw Exynos, it sucks. Qualcomm CPU’s may not have the bleeding edge performance, but Qualcomm gives a crap about their devices and releases drivers and code to the community.

    Qualcomm’s latest gen, full 1080p screen, 5.5+” display, and unbelievably thin bezels would make the Note 3 a definite winner, as long as the essentials (removable battery, SD slot, S-pen, hardware buttons) remain in place. If this is true, it’ll be the perfect phone!

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    tuna_ says:

    I wish Samsung would stop putting their logo on the front like the Nexus and iPhone. I mean with the screens getting bigger and more edge to edge, the logo just makes it look awkward and clustered.

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    Jimmy. Drew says:

    You bet I do. yes a 13mo camera would be terrific. A bigger battery is more important. I love my Note 2 and if the only upgrade they did was increased battery life I would buy it. The Note 2 battery life is very good but I am waiting for Maxx type battery life.. Cmon Note 3.

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    ronf57 says:

    I agree exnos5 octa core doesn’t seem to compare with true A15 quad cores like the qualcom snapdragon 600 and 800 series. Native 4g LTE that worksfor USA buyers comes with Snapdragon while samsung for some reasoncontinues to have issues with quad core and LTE.I don’t get why but the USA gets stepped back processors in our Samsung phone for LTE compatibility.
    On the other issue, I would definitely consider a knockoff chinesebranded phone if it has snapdragon 800native 4g LTE 3GB ram 128Gb storage and microsd slot large hi-res screen and phablet function.
    Brand loyalty? I buy what delivers performance and functions i need…i don’t care if Mattel decided to make it.

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