Samsung Galaxy S4 rebooting issues emerge, needs update fix

There are a lot of regions and carriers that are now selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 to consumers, and the handset is set to sell in huge numbers. Now though there seems to be some rebooting issues that are affecting a few users that will probably need a software update to fix.

A couple of weeks ago we heard that some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 were being affected by smearing issues on the handsets touchscreen display, but now a new problem has come to light via a growing thread over on the XDA Developers forum.

There seems to be a problem when some users are launching the camera via the lockscreen widget, which then is resulting in the handset suddenly rebooting. Some have mentioned that after the smartphone has rebooted the problem doesn’t happen again for quite a while.

Some have mentioned that the problem only appeared after the handset was treated to a recent software update. Other users are having the same issue when launching the camera but from the home screen, with some users suggesting the problem is being caused by excessive heat coming from just below the camera.

There have also been complaints that the camera start up time is slow compared to other Android handsets, and there have also been reports of the camera not responding when tapping the shutter button on the screen.

For the time being at least it seems that this issue is only affecting a small proportion of users, but there could easily be more reports of the problem once the news spreads. Luckily though it only seems to be a software problem that a future firmware update can fix which hopefully won’t be too long in coming.

Have you had any similar issues with your Galaxy S4?

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galaxy S4 rebooting
  • Bill Timmins

    Yes I have, from the home screen, the camera starts, screen stays blank then reboot after about 10 secs…

    • Daniel

      Facing the same problem as you’re facing. This happens after I added the SD card and saved the pictures to the SD card.

  • mikey curran

    The problem i keep getting is handset keeps freezing every now and then.
    however the one thing that really keep getting is trying to load up my play store and it keeps kicking me off all the time this 8s the 2nd handset with the same problem. Everthing is up to date and i work in a phone shop and havnt had any custs with issues any ideas??

  • Hoezaay

    yes i’ve encountered the camera laggy hanging and rebooting issue ocassionally. Checked a A friends phone with the previous firmware and the camera is really snappy.

  • Jessica

    I also have the same problem.

    Let me ask you guys, do you save your camera pictures in the devices or SD Card?
    Cause it appears that if I save it on my SD Card, the problem comes and go, and saving it on the device makes it goes away.

    But since my S4 is only 16GB, i do need a fix for this buggy reboot.

  • T.L. Ross

    I’ve been having the same issue launching the camera from the home screen. I have the. I9500 model.

  • Some one

    Yes the camera takes long time till it ready to take pictures….and the for many times it will hang then the device will reboot. I don’t believe its related to the heat. By the way my S4 is Exynos Oct CPU

  • Sanjith

    I think all of us are facing this issue after the firmware update. Mine is exactly the way others have described below. And it is related to any app that launches the camera. Why are these guyz selling the device saying the best android phone if they cant even get the firmware right? I repent buying this one, especially after hearing about the Galaxy S4 with stock Android to be available soon in Google Play Market.

  • r e e m

    i do have the same problem , sometimes if i tried to capture image to send in whatsapp by pudding camera

  • Perfect!

    Not the slightest problem with my S4 here :D! Owned a lot of phones, wasn’t exactly a samsung fan in the past, but this just blows my mind! But it is a shame that a percentage of phones have some problems. But those that work fine are just unbelievable.

  • S4 Lover

    Mine rebooting when using the optical reader and using the camera function in Wechat. It wil reboot and the problem wil stay away for awhile. Its all related to the camera. Hope the next OTA wil fix it

  • J_R_F

    CAMERA FAIL!!! Every time I try to use the Camera

  • Fabulous Aimee

    Yup thought i was the only one experiencing that problem with s4.. mibe reboots occasionally when camera is lauching and some apps I use

  • Emanuel

    Mine started rebooting automatically on standby. And there seems to be a lot more cases of random rebooting. Clearly this is an unfinished product.

  • AK

    I also have the same issue of random reboots that happens from time to time not even related to the camera. I was googling the problem and I find you all here :) :(

  • aku

    Yes. I’ve been looking around for solutions. It happens a lot when I try to launch my camera my phone reboots, which is a huge bug apparently in the software. I hope the fix is here otherwise I am claiming it to samsung

  • tandarul

    Same here, also it happens when you try to use anything that uses the camera. (3rd party camera sofwares included) So this is annoying but I personally wait for a sofware fix from Samsung. Hope the guys in Samsung are aware of this situation.

    • Anirban

      Anirban • 3 minutes ago−

      I ve s4 octa core. ..faced same camera reboot problem..buts its only bcos the songs stored in ur sd card are somehow corrupted. …delete all the songs ….and u ll never face this issue anymore…..

  • Anirban

    I ve s4 octa core. ..faced same camera reboot problem..buts its only bcos the songs stored in ur sd card are somehow corrupted. …delete all the songs ….and u ll never face this issue anymore…..

  • Steven Giovano

    Same problem here, after it reboot itself, strangely, It didn’t happen for quite a while, is this a software trouble?? Or is it related to the Overheat issue on the S4?? I’ve asked in another forum, one of the people replied that it has something to do with my SD card

  • Karl

    Having the same issue. The phone keeps on rebooting if i launch the camera from tje homescreen. After the reboot, camera is working fine again. But after quote some time, it will reboot again. Also experiencing that slow shutter reaction.

  • Adil Gamra


  • Dejan

    My camera has stopped working completely, first was rebooting when launching now it just has a blank screen and says camera failed. So sad!

  • Laith R

    Same issue! Samsung do something about it !!

  • LEo

    I hope they fiz this issue soon, i cant believe a phone so expensive has such an important problem

  • Pankaj

    I bought this a few days before….
    It has problem of rebooting while starting camera..
    It also get too hot
    Please suggest any resolve….
    A waiting Pankaj Jhanwar

  • aeayaa

    I bought this device to my wife few days ago and it does have this random reboot issue. I know at least 3 other people who have the same issue too.

  • S4fan

    Happens to move also. … Nothing specific causing it. Happened while I was taking on the phone twice and one randomly when it was sitting next to me. Bizarre. …

  • Dorcuo

    I am having the same issue.. but mine is also playing with the battery

  • andy

    Yes I had the same problem like all you guys. And this is the second s4 with the same problem because the first I took it back to the shop to take a new one. and the phone is still restarting randomly.the first 2 weeks the phone had no problem until I accept an update from samsung and after that the phone started the problem.

  • chack

    yep, it reboot after trying to lunch camera from other apps

  • Christie

    I’m having the same issue too. Bought my new s4 in less than a week, had rebooting problems whenever I launch the camera, whether it’s from the actual camera app or even any other camera apps like instagram. It reboots, and takes awhile to launch.

    • sgs2

      try clearing your running apps in task manager before launching the camera app, it works for me. I’ve noticed that when my s4 is low on ram it reboots.

  • Grant Boonzaier

    If I open the camera app through Whatsapp, CamScanner, or on it own it often opens up black, and then about 5 seconds later it reboots. After it reboots it seems to work fine for a while. Would have to agree with some that it must be a RAM issue.

  • Scott F

    My S4 keeps rebooting/restarting about 3-4 times a day at random. Love the phone, this really needs to get fixed. It happens from all app or uses and NOT tied to anyone particular element like camera etc. I have been told by a Verizon Store Manager that an update is coming in late July to resolve this sort of issue…..anyone heard anything more?

  • Josephine K

    Yes, my phone keeps restarting sometimes when I used the camera. But when it comes back on, it works fine. When is the software update coming??

  • Stan

    Yes my phone also restarts on its own. With the camera issue. I also have trouble drag/scrolling through email inbox list for example, because it would randomly select an email and open it without me doing the appropriate action. (tap, or hold release – you know) I changed the tap hold to long. I have updated etc etc. I had the S3 and LOVED IT!!!! But it was stolen…so purchase of S4 seemed logical. I was mistaken. I hate this thing. Only had a week now…going back to store. Going to try get a S3 again. All these fancy, gadgety air wave, eye scroll, etc etc. The S3 had gadgets – but they WORKED. :)

    • Stan

      P.s. The email issue has to do with the latency / lag (not due to internet connection speed.) the phone even lags auto screen rotation. It has to think for a second before it rotates. WTF? It’s like it battles with the simplest of tasks and I can’t see why one has to disable this, switch on that, change this, monitor that – Just to have a proper functioning phone.? I paid R8000 for this damn thing. They definitely launched too soon.

  • frank

    I bought my phone on july 3 and on july 21 the phone keep rebooting for an hour. I had same problem with htc evo and now with the s4. I end up wiping it out. No more android for me. I never heard apple has that issue

    • Paulo Castor

      I’m so bummed out. Just left my old iphone 3gs for a brand new galaxy s4 and i’m having this same rebooting problem.

  • Wael

    Same rebooting problem. It happens several times a day. I have the phone for only 2 days and I’ve had over 10 reboots. Thinking seriously of returning the phone and buying something else.

  • Harish

    My S4 starts rebooting again and again when I insert micro SD card. This problem started ever since I updated over the air last week. Phone works well when I remove SD card.
    Please help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

  • tq

    My s4 reboots every time I try to install or uninstall an app. I did the software update last week too. It worked fine before that.

  • Saleem

    Yes , I bought the s4 just 8 hours ago and it has rebooted itself almost 20 times
    I have decided to take the device back to service center

  • Nabeel

    my s4 reebots everytime i insert the sd card , works fine when removing it , please anyone knows how to fix this ?

  • zoe

    Mine reboots everytime I open the internet! I only got it yesterday so I will have to take it back already!!!

  • James

    I want to love my s4, but I hate it more and more every day. Laggy, inconsistent behaviour, badly calibrated screen, a mass of trashy samsung bloatware, and random restarting. It is absolute trash.

  • Manie

    Have had my SG4 now for about a month, and is getting really laggy. Also having issue’s rebooting itself, most often while opening camera but other apps as well. Happens about once per day so far. Slowly getting fed up with the phone. Please Samsung fix it.

  • SpaceCadet

    My Galaxy 54 just started rebooting randomly. It appears to have just started since the last firmware was pushed to the device. The update never changed the version 4.2.2 but he build is JDQ39.I337MVLUAMG1

  • Jason

    Nabeel: Same here, I was videoing and it rebooted, then just kept rebooting. Take the MicroSD out and it’s fine. Put it back in and kerboom. Will have to check the micrSD card in a PC I guess.

  • ys

    Starts to experience the rebooting since yesterday. I did not launch any camera and yet it kept rebooting!

  • Saeid Homayoun

    Some times I have problem with start up time for my camera and the most important probl3m is , when I start to take a video after around 30 min my cellphone reboot automatically

  • geoff

    I just reseted my phone and cleaned my sd card and onboard memory. The reason I figured for this issue was the new updates coming and some apps which did not go well with it. As I got the latest samsung update then updated gmail and deer hunter, my phone started to continously restart.

  • Mzshanz

    So upset with this restarting issue right now. Am starting to hate the s4!!! Thinking about selling it and joining the apple family. WHEN ARE THEY PLANNING TO FIX THIS!!!! Sigh…

  • moez

    i shifted from apple to samsung but im thinking to go back to apple as ive been having this issue for weeks now and no fix yet

  • Seny

    Goshhhhhhhh! I am beginning to hate this phone now, Samsung galaxy S4. it keeps rebooting, all the time, i thought it was the battery, i bought a new one, but it still reboots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do i solve dis?

    • Desi Reuben-Sealey

      Turn off your device. Take out the MicroSD card and the battery. Leave for 30 minutes. Put the MicroSD card back in and the battery and turn on. This should clear the cache partition including the dalvik cache. A factory reset normally does this also, but the above should save you losing your device settings.

  • Ajwill22

    I’ve had my phone for about 3 weeks now and about 2 days after I bought it it randomly reboots nothing particular that makes it happen. This is really pissing my the f**k off!!!!! I’m also really starting to hate this phone because of the. It’s just sad that ppl pay a lot of money for these s4s n then you have a problem like this that just makes you wanna just leave Samsung alone completely. Smh. I hope they find a answer cause I really don’t wanna send my brand new phone to Samsung to get back a refurbished 1. Or does anyone have a solution to this? !!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP SOLVE THIS PROBLEM PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • JimS4crap

    my S4 also re-starts by itself, & keeps re-starting until i take the battery out. Could be a heat problem.

  • Soozi

    Mine reboots itself for no reason. Last one lost all my contacts and photos :(

  • Trevor Hare

    Remove memory card. This works. Not because the card is ‘faulty’ as samsung (or your
    provider will say) but because the update is crap and cannot read the
    caed fast enough. eg, mine reboots when receiving and making calls. As
    my contacts wwre on the card, phone rings, I flip open the cover, system
    update then needs to access card to display caller info and image, it
    cant do it fast enough-CRASH! Loaded everything from card to device, removed card, problem solved!

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