Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update underway for real


Owners of the Sony Xperia S have been led a merry dance over the last few days regarding the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, but now we have the great news that the new firmware is finally underway for real this time.

As we reported yesterday the early information about the Jelly Bean update for the Sony Xperia S was incorrect and users were left wondering when the new firmware would finally find its way to their handsets.

Now though as the Xperia Blog are reporting the update is landing for French owners of the smartphone, and it’s the real deal this time as the screen shot you can see on this page as well as others via the link above clearly shows the update arriving for some users.

The firmware has a build number of 6.2.B.0.200 and is accompanied by the 3.4 kernel as well, and we have had some of our own readers saying they have just received Android Jelly Bean on their Xperia S.

Now as the tweet we had yesterday from Sony confirmed the rollout of the new firmware can take up to four weeks to reach all end users, which is common with Android updates. The new software can get held up by certain carriers as it spreads to more regions, but if you have already got the notification and downloaded the new Android 4.1.2 software let us know your whereabouts and how the installation went.


270 thoughts on “Sony Xperia S Jelly Bean update underway for real”

  1. Reply
    Zed says:

    Nah, I dont care about your software update anymore Sony! I just planning to never buy anything from you!

  2. Reply
    ahmad says:

    i am in egypt and i didnt recieve anything
    Sony is a big lier company
    we should to stop buying its product

    1. Reply
      Manoj Lahane says:

      i found update pc companion and update is now process to download….check with pc companion…in india maharashtra

      1. Reply
        Mirhawk says:

        Pics? We have got pics from France, Poland and Germany too. You need to provide proof to authenticate Your info.

    2. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      Same here… I just checked via both OTA and PC companion… There’s no update as of now… in Delhi india

    3. Reply
      Mistah Green says:

      LOOL Bro u gotta chill, give it some time and jelly bean will be in ur hands.
      I own an Xperia S and i aint complaining.

  3. Reply
    Ajju Khan says:

    Hi Friends, Yes its true…. I just got the update for Jelly Bean firmware ( 6.2.B.0.200) in my Xperia S ( India , Chennai )

  4. Reply
    abhishek padukone says:

    no from mumbai, maharashtra , India also . if any1 from india has got the update then please share the screenshot

  5. Reply
    Amit says:

    I don’t know how to say , but I am waiting this movement for long . But still seems that I have to wait more because may be jelly bean will land in India in first week of june.

  6. Reply
    Espen says:

    Norway, I have it via Sony PC Companion on the computer, not by Update Center on the phone.

    1. Reply
      John Iwantschak says:

      O2 customer like yourself, but I’ve not got it yet. Checked PC companion too 🙁

      1. Reply
        Pmac2k says:

        I wonder how they distribute… sounds like its staged even across a network. Feels much better, ui seems to be more responsive. My handset is nothing special, was direct but from o2 so all locked up, no rooting, very simple and straight forward upgrade… did it during lunch at worklunch at work

    1. Reply
      Subrat Tiwari says:

      tell me how u got it?? there is no update in sony update service. should i need to do some settings or something?

  7. Reply
    AbdulAziz Shaikh says:

    I bought this phone in Dubai and am using it in India.
    Received the update just a few minutes ago 🙂 In the process right now.
    insha-Allah, all will be well. 🙂

      1. Reply
        Lanzxilog says:

        How is it? Still waiting for mine, what are the new features, were the rumors real? Thanks in advance.

  8. Reply
    xperia s says:

    still no luck…. got glued to the pc companion… still says upto date.. From bangalore.

  9. Reply
    Manoj Lahane says:

    hi friends i got update for xperia s and proceed to donload now…..india maharashtra.

  10. Reply
    Lanzxilog says:

    How is the new os? Is it good, can someone please give us a quick review about it. Im drooling over my keyboard but still nothing. From the philippines

    1. Reply
      dimitris says:

      Εμενα γιατι δεν εχει κανει εμφανιση ακομα..? :/

  11. Reply
    Lanzxilog says:

    It looks like a lot wont be sleeping early tonight, atleast from where im from. Hahaha. Philippines

    1. Reply
      Ameri Asnawi says:

      Its 31st May 0000hrs… and finally… got it… ==’ took long enough…
      Xperia SL

  12. Reply
    Martin Deschambault says:

    Wooohooo! It’s loading up right now! I’m in Canada but my S is rooted with a generic firmware.

    1. Reply
      zeoxzy says:

      Is your mobile locked to 3? or unlocked? Cause i’m unlocked, using t-mobile and nothings comes up yet

    1. Reply
      Subrat Tiwari says:

      hey…m also from bangalore..how u got the update coz on my device there is no update..m checking everyday.please tell me how u got that

          1. johan says:

            You are conected to internet? Check the firewall or antivirus settings… Another user from your country have the update now!!

            Check your settings friend!!

  13. Reply
    Isaac Jayaseelan says:

    Anyone from india getting over the air update. I’m not seeing any update ota. I’m from chennai

      1. Reply
        Joseph Chavira Vélez says:

        Pasame una copia de seguridad de tu firmware u.u aca no sé cuando llegue 🙁

        1. Reply
          johan says:

          Estoy en proceso de actualización, 55% completado, apenas la tenga te la paso, listo?

          1. Joseph Chavira Vélez says:

            gracias hombre 😀 me la mandas por FB o correo te lo agradecere infinito 😀

  14. Reply
    Kal RH says:

    How I can get the update (it’s available here in my country) but i hace problems with the steps whe i disconnect the phone and i press teh volume botton the computer dont recognize my phone please help… I miss my N8 from nokia 🙁

  15. Reply
    johan says:

    Así es, ya tengo Jelly Bean en mi Xperia S, confirmado, ahora mismo estoy actualizando por medio del PC Companion…
    Saludos desde Colombia!!

    1. Reply
      Kal RH says:

      amigo como lo hiciste yo tengo problemas al desconectar mi cel y presionar el boton d bajar volumen

      1. Reply
        johan says:

        Tienes el software del pc companion instalado?? El hace todo automático!!
        Avísame si te funciona!!

        1. Reply
          Kal RH says:

          si lo tengo ya descargue el software pero el problema es cuando me pide desconectar el cel esperar 5 segundos…volver a conectar presionando la tecla d bajar volumen hago todo eso y nada…

          1. johan says:

            mira la respuesta de arriba amigo… has lo del admin de dispositivos…

          2. Anonymous says:

            Not sure why do you need to restart your phone. I suppose the restart is a part of the update process and it automatically restarts the phone as and when required. This is applicable for both the ways whether you’re updating via PC companion or via OTA.

  16. Reply
    Kal RH says:

    yo tengo problemas al desconectar mi cel y presionar el boton d bajar volumen ayuda x favor

    1. Reply
      johan says:

      lo que podrías hacer es abrir el administrador de dispositivos de windows y darle a actualizar software de controlador al icono con un signo de alerta, el nombre te dará indicios de que es tu teléfono, si tienes conexión a Internet el descargara el controlador automáticamente…

  17. Reply
    pumastance says:

    Updating in the UK through PC companion on giffgaff (o2 in disguise). The phone was bought abroad though…

  18. Reply
    Ajju Khan says:

    Friends, the update is not available on 3G network. Please turn on your WiFi or check with PC companion. It worked for me in India 🙂

        1. Reply
          Manoj Lahane says:

          battery life is good….when i play subway surfers game game is opening fast & better battery than ICS
          Very good job sony
          but one thing is so sad ….on camera option …superior picture quality option not there…
          my xperia s overheating on ICS …,,,But on jelly bean solve this problem
          my xperia s is NORMAL now…..

          1. Manoj Lahane says:

            check it …update is any time hitting on your handset…
            …..reset your phone after update …its better for ur new software performance…..good luck..!!!

        2. Reply
          Manoj Lahane says:

          battery stamina mode is very effective….
          u dont need any other gadged….
          your jelly bean complete all process

  19. Reply
    Jimmy S says:

    EE/Orange/Tmobile whatever you call it still has not got it in probably one of Sonys biggest markets the UK!!!

    1. Reply
      shah says:

      I have a sim unlocked handset and am still waiting, I don’t think its tmobiles/EE fault.

      1. Reply
        Jimmy S says:

        Fist of all you shouldnt unlock your phone! Second of all Sony had released the update and its then up to the networks to finalise it and release it at their discretion.

    1. Reply
      Manoj Lahane says:

      iam already update my xperia s near to basar
      i think this update depending handsets…..
      check continuely …..
      update hit on your phone any time
      just remember update is 477.8 Mb
      use pc or sony update service….

    2. Reply
      Manoj Lahane says:

      i think your xperia s update hit on your phone today 7 or 8:00 pm evening wait……

          1. vijay says:

            if you go to service menu on your phone by dialing *#*#7378423#*#* and look into Service Info -> Software Info -> Look at Phone software version , what do you see there? In my phone I see 1252_0023_***

          2. vijay says:

            mine also starts with 1252_. but how come you got the update when many of us did not get in India? How did you update please?

          3. Manoj Lahane says:


          1. Manoj Lahane says:

            i got update yesterday 30/05/2013
            check via sony update service …..
            you can try sony update service..!!!

          2. Jeevan Kumar says:

            I have tried numerous times so far… I have not yet received
            the update…

          1. Manoj Lahane says:

            app opens quickly and battery is better than ICS
            OVERHEATING PROBLEMS IS completely gone…
            walkman is also improovement from sony..
            m lucky to get update yesterday via sony update service..
            and one more thing…u dont need to any other(MX player) player sony official media player is open all media files or all video files (SUPPORTED)*****
            u belive or not…..but iam happy now…
            good luck for all..!!!!

          2. Manoj Lahane says:

            also sound quality awaysome…!!!
            i like walkman to listen music on jelly bean …for xperia S
            in *** INDIA***

  20. Reply
    Isaac Jayaseelan says:

    Checked in WIFI, OTA, Pc Companion. No update found. Its hard to believe this. I am trying from chennai. My network is Airtel. How am i not getting it PC companion is still a mystery for me.

    1. Reply
      Andrewfication says:

      using pc companion! tried using OTA but nothing so i decide to use PC comp .. and there you go!

      1. Reply
        shininglight says:

        S or SL? Im from Iloilo, Philippines. still haven’t got the update. im using xperia SL.

        1. Reply
          Andrewfication says:

          SL bro ..2pm then done updating around 5pm coz of lagy net .. im just sad coz ive ead about the overheating issue gone .. but its not ..it overheat still after updating to JB! 🙁

          1. shininglight says:

            done…1st booting. “Android is upgrading…” “Optimising application 183 of 213.” This is what is showing on my SL.

  21. Reply
    mahendiran says:

    friends i bought mobile in india but using in russia , still i cant update .. any answer pls ..

  22. Reply
    Subrat Tiwari says:

    i have checked many times but no updates in india..how u guys got the update.kindly tell me the process u followed.

  23. Reply
    Gyan Sahu says:

    Just got update notification today,
    Can someone please give a review of JB fo Xperia S,
    I read on some sites that there battery backup has been degraded
    Also any update on camera

  24. Reply
    rafi says:

    got update sony xperia s to jb but lot of problems is there
    sound buttons not working camera zoom out not working ????

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