Sony Xperia Ion Android Jelly Bean update info due soon

Sony has been busy in the last few days updating some of its older hardware to the Android Jelly Bean operating system, and now the Sony Xperia Ion has been promised some info on the whereabouts of the new firmware soon.

The likes of the Xperia S, Xperia SL, and Arco S have been in the news recently regarding the Jelly Bean update, but the Sony Xperia Ion has been missing from this list and previously the company promised that the new firmware would start arriving from the end of May.

Now the company has taken to its Twitter account to reveal it has some more information coming about the Android Jelly Bean update within the next two weeks. It is not known if this news will cover a reliable release date for the firmware or something else but you would imagine it covers the software’s availability.

It has to be remembered though like any new Android update they are released in stages and are also dependent on individual carriers giving the go ahead for the rollout, and the new firmware will replace the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android the device is currently using.

Once available this will bring a nice fresh new feel and look to the handset with new features such as Google Now, Project Butter, better multitasking, and much more. So hopefully in the next few days we will be able to share some good news for when the update can be expected to arrive.

Are you looking forward to this update or are you thinking of upgrading your handset now?

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Ion JB info
  • Rino

    Hoping upgrade to jb will coming soon on few days here in the Philippines . I have been waiting and monitored the news for the said update and upgrade from time to time.

  • Sam

    Waiting for my new Samsung S4. Goodbye Sony, forever.


    Waiting for my new Samsung S4. Goodbye Sony

  • Nogbod

    bye bye Sony, should never have left HTC

  • RoseAngel

    Update, update, update… For ever Sony’s problem… Next phone = no sony

    • rorovn

      Agree with you, no Sony next phone

      • Arun Kumar

        Agree. Sony smartphone = no forever

  • Blabla

    so sick of waiting

  • arun thuvasery

    tired of watin fo jb update for my xperia ion…pls release it soon..:(

    • nick arora

      I truly agree wid u..
      m waiting for jelly bean update to my ion for so many days

  • vesra

    Everyday i see more and more phones being released by Sony and it’s just another nail in my Ion’s coffin. Was looking forward to the Xperia Z, but since it’s CES announcement, Sony has announced 3 or more new phones. Stop making more phones and focus on the ones currently on the market. Thought Sony was in financial troubles? By the time the Xperia Z hits north amercia, there will be 20 more sony phones incoming.

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