iPad mini 2 delay and Retina vs battery life wishlist


The Apple iPad mini 2 is getting a whole lot of attention lately and we want to hit on what many websites are saying, we would like to talk unreliable sources saying the tablet has been delayed as well as discussing the importance of Retina display.

How on earth can there be an iPad mini 2 delay if no official announcement has been made let alone a release date, what are we talking about here! Is there a delay with production or is there a delay with a release date?

Yesterday Phones Review did report that there were speculations suggesting the iPad mini 2 may not release this year, that is fair to say, but to say there is a delay is totally wrong because you cannot delay something that does not exist yet. It has been said the mini 2 will go into production at the end of 2013 but will not release until early 2014 and this is also fair to say, stop using the word delay everyone.

The Apple iPad mini 2 has caused somewhat of a stir when it comes to the so-called Retina display, and everyone hopes it will be included when it finally releases, a few of our readers have already said if the new mini tablet does not come with Retina then it will be a deal breaker for them and would not entertain buying one.

We here at Phones Review would prefer a faster processor and more memory, but most of all a bigger longer-lasting battery, Retina display is not important to us as the iPad mini works well for us.

We would expect the mini 2 to be thinner and with a bezel-free design as well as being a little lighter than the current iPad mini, it depends on the individual but for us Retina display is not important.

How important to you is it to have Retina display on the iPad mini 2?


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    Kevin says:

    Well I gave up waiting for the iPad mini 2 and just got the iPad mini and I have to say wooow. Yeah yeah the screen isn’t as good as my iPhone 5 or iPad 3 but you it’s pretty damn useable – it feels good.

    I think this is a case of top notch graphics don’t make the game any better…. Get me? Yeah sure a retina screen would be fantastic but let’s not get hung up over it people – way more important things.

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    Kyle says:

    Apple just needs to come out and say that the iPad Mini 2 will be released on such and such date! Everyday it seems that stories change on release day and if it will have retina display or not. Hopefully if the rumors are true about the new iPad being released in September, that at their news conference they will set the for the mini! I want to get a mini, if it comes w/o the retina display and a few months later it comes out with it, I will wait!

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    ronf57 says:

    Ok,first the word “Delay” refers to the expectation of whenthe device would be released. i.e. it was/is expected to be released same time in 2013 as ipad mini was released last year….November. therefore if it will not be released until december or not until 2014…that is a perceptive release “delay”. ‘Nuff on that.

    Retina display is a must have for the ipad mini 2 to be competitive, as is a faster processor, more storage space and more memory. 2011 Ipad specs don’t cut it in 2013 let alone 2014. they should jump the shark and make it a phablet with all those new features and the device sells for $650 to everyone in the Apple eco system and many of us waiting for the competitive device that does it all.

    That is the Apple opportunity for ipad mini 2 a top model that works as a phone too.

    $600 Apple iPad mini 2 Phablet
    w/2gb ram 64gb minimum storage retina display A6x+ minimum

    $400 Apple Ipad mini 2 retina 64gb storage 2 gb ram A6x+ min. with wifi
    $350 Apple ipad mini 2 retina 32gb storage 2gb ram A6x+ min. with wifi
    there’s the killer apple offering to squash android markets for top devices.

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