BBM for Android, iPhone and sales impact reinforced


Over the past couple of weeks we have kept you updated on news surrounding BBM for Android and iPhone’s iOS, although a few of our readers wondered how BlackBerry might earn a revenue stream from the chat app on competitor platforms.

After looking at the different revenue opportunities for BlackBerry, we then followed up with how BBM for iPhone and Android could be potentially damaging for future BlackBerry phone sales. Some users in the BlackBerry smartphone camp think that BBM could bring people back to that platform, although the feedback we received from Android and iOS users is something a long the lines of “no chance”.

Those of you that previously owned a BlackBerry smartphone have voiced how you miss BlackBerry Messenger and want it on your Android phone or iPhone. This is one reason BBM is likely to be an extremely popular app when it sees a release date before the end of September, although that date is yet to be confirmed. Another article we published at the start of July looked at Teens buzzing over BBM launching on Android and iPhone, so again this reveals a really good chance of success.

BBM for Android, iPhone and sales impact reinforced – following on from our article about the potential damage to BlackBerry smartphone sales, it seems that some analysts are also having their word on what might happen once BBM releases on iOS and Android.

Barrons issued a report recently looking at future smartphone sales and buried within this report was a quick look at BlackBerry. They mentioned that global surveys reveal BB7 consumer sales will drop sharply after the launch of BBM on iPhone and Android. This will have a bigger impact in emerging markets thanks to consumers upgrading older handsets to cheaper Android phones with BBM contacts supported thanks to the app launching on this platform.

It seems the majority of smartphone users agree, as seen in this comment “When BBM launches on Android and iPhone, us BlackBerry users will have nothing to brag about. BB will suffer after implementing this move”. We have seen many similar comments, but do you agree?


5 thoughts on “BBM for Android, iPhone and sales impact reinforced”

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    GGP says:

    I think it will probably bring some users back. It won’t likely have the full BBM experience, so no screen sharing or video chat. BBM video is so much better than Skype on my laptop in terms of picture quality. But mostly I think it will help BlackBerry move away from hardware to software based company. Just like how their Qnx os is in almost every car out there but no one knows it

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    ShanRSA says:

    It is pretty clear that Blackberry will restructure as primarily a software centric business and will eventually come out of the hardware business. In the long term this may prove to be a stroke of genius. Time will tell but clearly the Blackberry board know that by releasing BBM to competitor platforms its gives users one more reason to never go back to blackberry.

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    Anthony Chopra Bbcradioseven says:

    HURRY UP STUPD BLACKBERRY you are or will be the most incompitant idiots if it has not come out by 30th of this bloody damb month so THERE !!!!!!””””””BLOOOAAADDDDYYY HEELLLL BLACKBERRY BBM

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