BlackBerry Z10 price slashed again, now free


The BlackBerry 10 operating system is hoped to be the stepping stone in helping the company halt the downward spiral of its market share and hardware sales. The US market is seen as an important marker in how the new platform is shaping up but it seems that all is not well as the BlackBerry Z10 price is slashed again with the device now being offered free.

Just over a week ago we heard how US retailer Best Buy had dropped the price of the BlackBerry Z 10 down to $49.99 when agreeing to a new two year contract on AT&T or Verizon Wireless. Now fast forward to today and this price has now reduced to a big fat zero for customers of AT&T.

It is not known if this is a limited time offer or a permanent price reduction but it comes after a BlackBerry shareholder called the launch of the device in the country a disaster. The move may just be a way to help shift units in preparation of a new device as rumours begin to emerge about the BlackBerry A10.

This could be the device that was getting CEO Thorsten Heins so excited about previously, but the coming months could prove pivotal in the company’s future existence. The BBM app for Android and iOS is now down to be released in September, but there are worries that this could impact sales of its devices even further.

The BlackBerry Z10 has only been available since March in the US though and begun life priced at $199.99 which is quite a big price drop in a short length of time. There has been a lot of praise for the handset and the operating system from early adopters, but the trouble is it seems that a lot of consumers are unwilling to give the platform a try and instead sticking to their Android or iOS hardware.

Will you now pick up a BlackBerry Z10 following this latest price cut?

Source: Best Buy.


12 thoughts on “BlackBerry Z10 price slashed again, now free”

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    peter allen says:

    Hi I own Z10 and its a good phone, a few problems many now sorted, the marketing of BlackBerry products is not good, and launch price too high, again a company trying to charge I phone price with a new O.S. and phone, and it appears that the Z10 will be cast adrift when new A10 arrives, after such a short time, after playbook fiasco, BlackBerry is losing trust and customers,

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    mike johnston says:

    First : This is a bashing article.

    Second : I have a Z10, and it is a really good phone. If you haven’t tried it, you wont know.

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    BB BB says:

    A $0 contract for the z10 is a tremendous deal! The z10 is perfect for email and productivity. I get it the z10 is for more Advanced and mature users and could use a few more applications, but for me this phone is perfect. It’s security is second to none and encrypts all my data in seconds. The virtual keyboard destroys my Nexus 4 and this is the perfect phone for my business and email workload and I love the browser which is the fastest I’ve used on the market. The 10.2 update will be huge and add even more features and I’m looking forward to what BlackBerry brings. Haters can hate all they want. This phone rocks!

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    xBURK says:

    I’ve had the Z10 for months up here in Canada. I can honestly say it’s by far the best phone experience I’ve ever had. Two problems: People will not try it out because of BlackBerry’s bad reputation in the last few years 2. BlackBerry’s marketing is terrible. I swear, once you get over the learning curve on the new operating system, you’d find it almost impossible to give up. If only BlackBerry could finally get a marketing campaign that is actually effective.

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    Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones says:

    Happy to be an apple iPhone user.. I am no blackberry fan like I used to be. Their beyond awful.. Look how they have treated their iPhones. But think how BlackBerry haver treat their fans & users is disgusting… Look at the playbook… Next they will be doing the same with their crappy phones… BlackBerry (CrapBerry ) Suck…BigTime!!!
    Nobody cares anymore.. Don’t see them lasting – Anyways!!

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      Kessler Holly says:

      Where’d you learn to write? Since you’re an Apple user, download the latest Phonics app

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    Xonic says:

    After being forced to use blackberry for the past 7 years (including Storm and Torch models) because of work, I would rather quit my job if they force me to pick up another blackberry than picking up another blackberry.

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    KnowYourRightsFool says:

    I want the Z10, but I do not want a contract. If the sim-free price drops under $499 I might consider getting me one. Anyone who buys into contract phones and doesn’t go for this deal are crazy. They need to get over their “os-shy” syndrome, and give this (better than iPhone5) phone a chance.

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    brendanhohoho says:

    The range of hardware and software innovations in the BlackBerry Z10 running the BlackBerry 10 OS shows that the company desperately wants to carve out a bigger future in smartphones. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that extend well beyond the actual Z10 device.

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