Microsoft Surface phone idea via Lumia concept


While it seems that certain versions of the most recent attempts by Microsoft in the tablet PC market hasn’t quite met expectations, we still hear regular rumours that a smartphone will be eventually released by the company. Now today we have a Microsoft Surface phone concept that gets its ideas via the Lumia range of devices.

There have been rumours for months now that Microsoft is thinking about releasing its own branded smartphone to run the Windows Phone 8 operating system, and we have already seen some design concepts.

The latest idea that you can see on this page comes courtesy of designer Keith D. Gutierrez, and as you can see the device is inspired by the Nokia Lumia WP8 range of handsets with its bold colour finish and design.

There is what looks like a display that is around the 4.7-inch to 5-inch mark, and displays of this size will be supported with a future Windows Phone 8 update later this year along with quad core processors.

Around the back is a camera discreetly positioned towards one of the corners while there is a Microsoft logo sitting in the middle of the rear cover, and down one edge of the device are a couple of metallic looking buttons for power and volume.

Whether Microsoft does ever release its own branded smartphone remains to be seen, and at least Nokia will be hooping it never does as the Finnish company is currently the front runner on the platform.

Would you like to see a Microsoft smartphone that looked like this?

Source: Deviantart.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface phone idea via Lumia concept”

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    marees says:

    Nokia doesnt need to fear a Surface phone. Its top sellers are 520 & 720 which would be below the range of a Surface phone if it is ever launched.

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    esail says:

    like android, there is room for PENTY. It would be like a nexus and receive all the updates first.

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