Samsung Galaxy Note 2 refresh with Snapdragon 600


Not so long ago it was reported that Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean was going to be skipped on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 in favour of 4.3, but now the mystery continues after the latest news suggests there is a new SGN2 being made that could feature a Snapdragon 600 CPU.

Samsung is getting a lot of attention lately especially when it comes to a new Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Snapdragon 800 CPU, as well as the new Galaxy Note 3. Now the strange has got stranger after G 4 Games reported that there could be a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model with a Snapdragon 600 processor.

Apparently the Korean manufacturer is working the apparent new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Snapdragon 600 CPU on, the Note 2 is not the top of the range smartphone anymore but it is still very popular.

The model number GT-N7018D has been talked about for a while now, especially after it appeared on the Bluetooth SIG website and has been FCC certified. It has never been seen in AnTuTu until now. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 variant is expected to come with Android 4.2.2 as well as a 1.9 GHz processor, apparently it scored 26,901 points.

We have looked, asked and emailed about the new Galaxy Note 2 variant and as of yet not had any replies. G4Games are surmising that a Note 2 could get the Snapdragon 600 CPU based on the specs and score.

Could there really be a refreshed Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a different processor before the Note 3 is released this year?


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 2 refresh with Snapdragon 600”

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    chris313 says:

    I’m getting real fed up with Samsung producing a newer model of a phone you just purchased a week ago. .. The Galaxy note 2 isn’t even a year old now the dam thing seems like it came out 5 years ago..

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    jp says:

    “Sgn2 ia not the top of the range smarphone anymore”. Thats your opinion then cause I totally disagree

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