LG Optimus G Pro (Sprint) and LG G2 FCC debut


The LG Optimus G Pro smartphone has already impressed a lot of people since its release in some regions. Meanwhile the G2 handset is another phone from LG that looks destined for success and is set to be officially announced on August 7. Today we have some news about the LG Optimus G Pro for Sprint and the LG G2 FCC debut.

Starting with the Optimus G Pro that is already carried by AT&T and soon to be offered by Verizon. It now seems that Sprint is about to get in on the action too, as there has just been an appearance at the FCC of a handset with model number LG LS980.

Everything about the device fits with it being Sprint’s LG Optimus G Pro, including the model number and also the fact that this version supports CDMA and LTE over band 25, suitable for the Now Network. There’s no news yet on exactly when this phone will become available on Sprint, but it’s not likely to be long considering it has just been approved by the FCC.

Moving on to news about the LG G2, and yesterday we told of an event on August 7 and video tease for the reveal of the G2. Many potential customers in North America waiting for this phone may be wondering which carriers it will be offered on, and some information has just been revealed by an appearance of this phone with the D801 codename at the FCC.

The FCC has approved this LG G2 variant that supports frequencies used by some of the large Canadian networks as well as AT&T and T-Mobile in the US. The model that has passed through the FCC supports LTE and HSPA but not CDMA, although it’s possible another variant will also arrive at the FCC. It does look likely though, that when the LG G2 launches in August it will release on multiple carriers.

Are you a Sprint customer pleased to learn that the Optimus G Pro is coming to your choice of carrier? Maybe you’re one of the many people waiting for the LG G2? Let us have your comments on these two handsets.

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    DorianGray says:

    It’s a waste of time now… It shouldn’t have taken so long for LG to make it available in the USA (it was in Asia ~8 months ago), and then it made another mistake with AT&T exclusivity with its USA release… I’ve been with Sprint for a decade and had strongly considered this phone for my next upgrade, but not enough to move services..Now that we’re only a month or 2 from the HTC One MAX and Samsung’s Note 3, the G Pro is more or less rendered moot.. And sadly, you just know LG will be shaking their heads, wondering where they went wrong… I will be considering the G2 though, as its specs are confirmed… The 5.2″ screen should be nice, as I worry HTC may be going too big with the rumored 5.9″ screen (which sadly feels like they were copying some of Samsung’s early spec leaks)…

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