Nexus 7 2 Google Wallet problems discussed


Since Android 4.3 was released there seems to be a few issues, earlier on today we reported about the Nexus 4 getting hot and now we want to bring it to your attention about the Nexus 7 2 Google Wallet problem and a couple of new updates.

The new 2013 Asus Nexus 7 has received two new firmware updates; these are the JWR66N and JSS15J, which upgrades Android 4.3. The first update basically installs itself when you connect your tablet to a wireless network for the first time; the second is a normal update that will pop up in notifications.

Both JWR66N and JSS15J updates are nothing important but just minor ones for bugs and little enhancements, please do let us know what you find when you install these updates.

If you plan on installing Google Wallet on the new Nexus 7 then think again, it seems it is not compatible according to Android Police, which is crazy really considering the tablet comes with NFC. If you try and install Google Wallet via Google Play or the latest APK you will notice it will not download.

Are people really bothered if the Nexus 7 2 is not compatible with Google Wallet? There are a few that may not want to carry a 7-inch tablet around with them and use NFC, seems more practical on a smartphone.

A few comments online have popped up suggesting that there is no Secure Element in the new Nexus 7 and this is why Google Wallet is not compatible, do you agree with this?


8 thoughts on “Nexus 7 2 Google Wallet problems discussed”

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    Karl says:

    since the nexus 7 is wifi only —- why would anybody care about wallet — if the store you want to pay does not have wifi to logon first — it does not sound very practical to have wallet on the nexus 7
    not sure where the point is

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      CAC1031 says:

      Actually, you do not need wifi or any other internet connection to use Wallet in a store. You only need to be online to set it up or switch payment option, otherwise it works like swiping a credit card and the store gets your info offline.

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    NEXUS7 says:


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    Ryan Stewart says:

    Yeah because anyone is actually going to tap their tablet on an NFC reader to pay! That would look soooooooo normal!

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      hoosiercub88 says:

      And tapping a 4-5″ phone looks normal?

      It’s less a point about how it looks or works and more a point that the original N7 had it, and supported it. The new one doesn’t and it’s their new flagship going into the next generation of Android hardware/software.

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        Ryan Stewart says:

        yes, it does because you can hold in in one hand and everyone know’s it’s your phone. However taking a tablet out, a device that completely obscures the reader looks plain stupid imho
        I take your point about the original nexus but I can’t see many people paying using this method anyway

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