Motorola Moto X cases by Incipio offers variety


The Motorola Moto X was officially unveiled last night and will be made available to those in USA, consumers will be able to buy via Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular and possible T-Mobile, as well as online retailers such as Best Buy. The new smartphone will be released late August early September, now we would like to show you the Motorola Moto X cases by Incipio that offers plenty of variety and protection for your new Moto X once you purchase it.

Incipio is offering 8 fantastic cases, which will be available once the Motorola Moto X goes on sale.

offGRID Battery Case
This battery case has been specifically designed for the Moto X, which offers 2400mAh charging capacity. This is a sleek thin case that offers more battery life of up to 12 hours for additional power; it comes featuring LED status indicators.

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The Atlas Waterproof Case
This is a case that has been designed with many layers, which will protect your Moto X smartphone. At the moment they have not listed this one on the Incipio website, bit they have mentioned it is coming in their press release. The Moto X Atlas case has a hard shell with Flex20 material and is water-resistant thanks to clever enclosures, it also has Military Standard 810G and Ingress Protection (IP68) providing water, dust and drop protection.

The Watson Wallet with Removable Case
This is a folio eco-friendly vegan leather cover with multifunctional design, it will allow Motorola Moto X users to store credit cards, cash and ID. This is an interchangeable Plextonium hard shell feather case with a micro suede lining, there are no pictures or pricing on this one either, but we know its coming thanks to Incipio’s press release.

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DualPro SHINE Case and DualPro Case
The DualPro case has been priced at $29.99; there is no pricing on the Shine version as of yet. This is a form factor case designed with two layers for protection, it has a soft feel but yet offers shock absorbing inner silicone core. This one also comes with a Plextonium outer shell, the SHINE version has a brushed aluminum style finish and they promise it does not interfere with cell reception.

NGP Impact Resistant Case
This case is only priced at $19.99 and offers Flex20 technologyand is tear resistant, for more information please visit here. Other Incipio cases for the Motorola Moto X phone includes the Feather Case and Feather SHINE case, the non-shine model costs $24.99.

The cases come in Grey, Black, Cyan, White and Pink colors, you will be able to buy direct on Incipios website or through Motorola. As soon as the Moto X phone is available these cases will go on sale.

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