iPhone 6, 5S with iOS 7 to innovate for autos


It is easy to think almost every Apple patent will end up being a feature for iPhone 6 or 5S when one or both of these devices see a release date next month, but there will be certain innovative technology that is obviously aimed at next-gen Apple iPads and iPhones. One of the latest Apple patents surfaced on the official US patent office this month, and it talks about your portable electronics learning configuration preferences when in cars and other similar environments.

If this type of feature landed with iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5S, then it might be sold as an exclusive feature for a time just like Apple did with Siri for iPhone 4S. This would make the iPhone 6, if we see a metal version this year with a plastic 5S, more desirable and follows Apple’s love of keeping specific features for new devices.

We will also see evidence of certain features in iOS 7 as we move away from beta 4 towards the Gold Master, so if the software and 7th generation iPhone were to innovate for autos then this will become evident very soon.

You can see the patent description for self-configurable environments in the image below, or take a look at the images on the United States Patent and trademark website. It is clear this is heavily targeted at autos and this is seen with two references of the difference between a “user’s car” and “rented automobile”. Your iPhone 6 might include a feature that understands the difference between your car and someone else’s, but can self-configure in these environments.


Would you like to see the iPhone 6 or 5S with iOS 7 innovate more in a car? The patent also explains that the portable device will be able to import preferences into the visited environment to automatically configure the environment. This might mean a deep level of auto pairing that is way beyond what we see now with an iPhone and carmakers, so it could mean a new native app for autos and similar environments.

This possible feature will add to other more solid evidence for iPhone 6/5S specs, which include a fingerprint unlock being revealed in iOS 7 beta 4 code.


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