Moto X real life battery performance bests claim


When Motorola unveiled the Moto X they knew this phone was not going to match the HTC One or the Galaxy S4 in terms of hardware performance, but that is not what this new handset is about. Having said that, there is one piece of hardware that out performs those other models, and that is battery life.

Motorola’s claim was 24-hour battery life, but it looks as though this was a little too conservative. In a recent review the Moto X real life battery performance bests Motorola’s claim because the handset had been on for one day, two hours and 12 minutes and still had 28 percent battery life left.

The Moto X review from Engadget was not done by a light user either, as he used his Moto X hard, such as Spotify running almost all the time in the background. He also used his handset several times for calls and went on Pocket to keep up-to-date with the current news stories.

Twitter was set to sync every quarter of an hour, along with running Google Maps while out and about. That is certainly a lot of usage for the Moto X, although we are sure other users will use the handset even more. Having said that, with 28 percent still left on the battery that will still give you enough juice for a number of other tasks.

One thing is clear, in a Moto X phone vs. HTC One, Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5 battery life test the former will keep going while the others would have died a long time before.

It does show that with some clever thinking a smartphone is still able to achieve some positive battery life results, it is just other phone makers need to keep upping their game in terms of specs in order to be better than the rest, something Motorola was not too bother about with the Moto X.


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    deadpenguins says:

    ” – it is like the old Duracell commercials with the bunny.”

    Was that the world’s lamest attempt at being funny, or just a fail?

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