Nexus 7 2 release reveals Nexus 10 2


Now that the Google Nexus 7 2 (Nexus 7 II) has been made official, attention is turning to the new Nexus 10 tablet, the Nexus 10 2. Today we want to take a look at what the Nexus 7 2 reveals about the Nexus 10 2, as it’s often possible to glean some information about an upcoming product from a new device in the same line.

Two weeks ago we had some initial news about the upcoming Nexus 10 2 and the possibility that it might release running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Following this we informed readers about some rumored specs for the new Nexus 10, but now it’s time to look at some indicators from the new Nexus 7.

The original Nexus 10 is available from the Google Play Store and it now seems very likely that the next-generation of the device will release later this year, especially considering Android head Sundar Pichai recently confirmed a new Nexus 10 for the “near future.”

One thing we can be almost sure of is that the Nexus 10 2 will not have microSD expansion. No pure Nexus device has had a microSD card slot so far and this seems unlikely to change, considering the new Nexus 7 still doesn’t feature microSD storage expansion. Some of you may be quick to point out that the special Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a microSD card slot, but it is not a pure Nexus device.

As far as internal storage options, again we can take a clue from the Nexus 7 2 that has 16 and 32GB versions. We feel it’s very likely that the Nexus 10 2 will have the same storage options, although it’s possible that we may be surprised with a higher option too. LTE is another area open to debate and the arrival of the Nexus 7 2 LTE means it’s likely that an LTE version of the Nexus 10 2 will also appear.

Although there have been rumors that the new Nexus 10 may be bumped in size to an 11-inch display and dubbed the Nexus 11, this looks highly unlikely to us. The Nexus 7 kept the same name and screen size, and so it’s not plausible to think that the Nexus 10 will be any different in this respect.

Regarding the design of the Nexus 10 2 we can take some pointers once again from the new Nexus 7. This has been slimmed down from the original model, has slimmer bezels and has a less hefty form factor. It has maintained the plastic build though, as well as a matte finish to the reverse, but despite this it still manages to look better than the original. Following this we expects some design enhancements for the Nexus 10 2, with a slimmer build and lighter weight.

Finally we want to consider the all-important operating system for the Nexus 10 2. Previously we told of speculation that this will launch running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, and all the evidence suggests that this will be the case. Google has a pattern of releasing new Nexus devices with updated Android versions.

Thus the Nexus 7 launched with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean while the Nexus 10 released running Android 4.2. The Nexus 7 2 runs Android 4.3, hence it looks extremely likely that the Nexus 10 2 releasing in the next few months will run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. This seems even more likely considering that the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 2 have already been spotted running Key Lime Pie. As well as this, a Nexus 5 smartphone is on the way and so this also seems likely to launch running Android 5.0.

It would be interesting to hear from readers about the Nexus 10 2. Are you waiting for this device? If so, do you agree with these indicators from the Nexus 7 2? Send your comments to let us know what you are hoping to see for the Nexus 10 2.

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5 thoughts on “Nexus 7 2 release reveals Nexus 10 2”

  1. Reply
    Ester says:

    Yes I’m waiting. I wish we would hear more about it. Does it mean that we should not buy Nexus 10 (2012) and wait for the Nexus 10 2 ? It leaves us hanging a bit.. also it would be fantastic to know if Nexus 10 2 is a 2013 release or 2014. Waiting for more news 🙂

  2. Reply
    Anthony says:

    I was only waiting for it in the hope that it would have microSD expansion. I won’t bother with it if it doesn’t. What’s the point of a widescreen hi-def screen if you can only store two or three 1080p movies on the tablet?

    It’s just a poor design decision IMHO.

  3. Reply
    Kormakur Danielsson says:

    While I believe you’re right about Nexus 10 2 not likely having any expansion slot, Nexus One did have microSD storage.

  4. Reply
    Charlie says:

    Is there not a way of connecting an external storage device containing ‘more’ movies to the Nexus via a micro USB?

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