Undesirable Nexus 5 features, rear buttons


A few days ago saw the launch of the LG G2 and the early signs in terms of specs and public opinion are very positive. Having already looked at how the LG G2 compares to its main rivals things are in the new handsets favor, but one of its features has had a mixed reaction, more so because it could be used in the Nexus 5.

LG G2 to transform into the Nexus 5 — Some of you will be wondering just what we are on about, but it is pretty simple really. The LG Optimus G from last year later became the Nexus 4 because they were pretty much the same handset, and so we figure this will also be the case for the LG G2 and the Nexus 5.

This has since led to a discussion on undesirable Nexus 5 features found on Google+ following an article found on Product Reviews. They pointed out that the Nexus 5 could come with rear buttons, which as you know is the same as on LG G2.

Like we said above, the response for LG’s latest flagship smartphone has been a positive one, but when it comes to the subject of the rear buttons and its possible inclusion on the Nexus 5 it is a different matter.

Okay, so looking at the response there are a few that are in favor is such a features, but it is clear there are more of you who believe it to be a bad idea. Most people still prefer to have a button like this on the side because of it being more convenient.

One response put it best, saying that while it does not matter where the buttons are placed, they hate the idea of one button having multiple features.

As for those positive responses, some consumers believe that while it may be a strange experience at first, it will not take long to get used to having a button on the rear.

LG G2 and Nexus 5 innovation — Those of you who believe the idea of this rear button is seen as innovation on LG’s part, you would be wrong. This is because there was a phone back in the late 90’s that had a trackwheel like thing on the rear and was used to scroll, and also another handset (Motorola we think) that had a touchpad on the back. So it is clear putting buttons and such on the rear of a phone is nothing new, it just never took off — question is, will LG make this the next big feature on a smartphone?


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    kevin says:

    dont care where the buttons are placed. Just want the damn lg g2 for nexus pricing with nexus pricing. (350ish$)

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