Wait for iPad mini 2 vs buy iPad mini now


Many consumers are asking if they should buy the iPad mini now or wait for the iPad mini 2, this really depends on how bad you want the small Apple iPad really. At the moment the iPad mini 2 details are all based on rumors, release dates and specifications are just drummed up pieces of information based on speculation, but we will talk about these below.

We know that Apple will release new products this year with new hardware and software and no doubt new services, and it is looking more like we will see an iPad mini 2 launch between September or October, we personally believe the iPad mini 2 will come in October because Apple will concentrate on the next iPhone release and public version of iOS 7 in September.

So far to date since the rumor mill started one major question pops up a lot about the iPad mini 2, and this is of course “Will the iPad mini 2 have Retina display?” The current iPad mini has resolution of 1024×768 and the Nexus 7 2 has resolution of 1920×1200, so it stands to reason the iPad mini 2 needs a better screen to compete. What would be good for the next-generation mini iPad is a 2048×1536 Retina 7.9-inch display, but this would mean app developers will be very busy indeed.

We believe the iPad mini 2 will be a refresh of the current model with a few hardware and software changes, the design will no doubt stay the same, and it will be the iPad 5 with new design change. It would be good to add an Apple A6X processor as this would be good enough, anything more would not be worth it for the iPad mini 2 unless they can put a super-sized battery in to handle the processor and Retina display, yes there is the mention of an A7 chip but this would be best suited for the iPad 5.

We could sit here all day long with the ifs and buts when it comes to the iPad mini, so lets get back to the question at hand.

Should I buy an iPad mini now or wait for the iPad mini 2?
This is very easy to answer, with the hope of release within 2 months it would be best to wait for a more superior mini tablet. If you are not into more speed, better display and just a refresh of the current model then just go buy the iPad mini that is on the market now. There will be a few retailers putting a price cut on the iPad mini to make more room for the newer model, so you could wait about another month to see if the price drops.

In a nutshell
Just wait for Apple to announce the new iPad mini 2, and then you can decide if this one is for you, if it is too much for what you want it for then you have the option to purchase the current model.

Will you be buying the iPad mini, or will you wait for the new iPad mini 2?


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    pter says:

    what about the ipad 5 . should i buy ipad 4 or ipad 5 . i really need a ipad because the school begin soon.

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