Plants vs. Zombies 2 released for iOS, Android ETA unknown

There has long been certain applications that are available to mobile users that have gained a huge following, and can often be available as a free download. Now the Plants vs. Zombies 2 game has been released for the iPhone, but the Android release ETA is unknown.

Back at the beginning of June we brought you the news that the sequel to the popular Plants vs. Zombies game was promised to be released on July 18th. This date obviously came and went without any new game, but now the new title is available on the App Store for iOS users to download.

The game has been delayed due to additional testing that was carried out according to Polygon, and the new title brings plenty of new Plants and Zombies for users to enjoy. There is now Lighting Reed, Bloomerang, Bonk Choy, and many more new plants as well as a number of new zombies that include the likes of Swashbuckler Zombie on the Pirate Seas.

There is also new plant food and power ups that promises to take the game to a new heights and a number of new levels that include Pyramid of Doom, Big Bad Butte, and Pirates Booty. Keys can be collected to unlock brain teases and new plants, and despite only being available for a short time users have given the game many positive reviews.

At the time of writing there is no information regarding any Plants vs. Zombies 2 game release for the Android platform, so it could be quite a few months yet before users of the platform can get access to it. Hit the App Store to download Plants vs. Zombies 2.

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  • sabrewulf

    It will be the same as all the others. Ios first.. maximise sales.. when they start to dry up… put on to android. Why is it all the hardcore gamers are on android but have to wait ? Stupid

    • KeepTheCompetitionRunning

      Because android users can just download the apk(full), install, then download the data offline/online. This will be an easy step, even an eight-year-old kid can do it. (NO PROFIT FOR THEM), admit it, you have done this, “it will be the same as all the others” no, “it will ALWAYS be the same as all the others” =)

      • Martin Bohannon

        It’s a free game, the only way they make money is ads and in-app purchases. Anyone downloading the apk outside of the Play Store won’t hurt their profits. Besdies just because people can do that doesn’t mean most do, it’s an excuse for a dev too lazy/cheap to run two teams in tandum for release to both platforms at the same time.

      • Nyankana

        Either way, it doesn’t hurt with releasing it on multiple platforms, at least better than nothing. Multiple platforms can generate even more profits. Since Android version will eventually be released anyways, so why not just do it now and earn extra profits? Not everyone rips apk off the net due to potential security issues and shady practices going on. Sometimes what a business is trying to do is really mysterious.

        • sabrewulf

          Oh it will be released… its huge huge profit making

      • InTheKnow

        All of you can’t Read. It’s free to play on iOS but now has Micro transactions. So Piracy it not an issue.

        • sabrewulf

          Nope… but timing in business… everything

      • anthonyakl

        who told you that this game is a paid apps??i have downloaded it for FREE 3 days ago.what profit does apple get??

        • sabrewulf

          You need to educate yourself on freemium my friend. Its worth millions.

  • Mohammed Taher Patla

    Ya true but this game is going to be free on android right

  • sabrewulf

    I don’t mean mean physical sales (unit sales)(its a freemium business model after all). Im talking customer interest generation sales, the unseen profit maker. Put the game on Ios first… hyped up then sold on that hype.. when its starts to die off..hype a release date on android that will not only drive android sales but reinvigorate interest in ios. This is business and everything is micro calculated to maximise profit, including release schedule , regardless of rose tinted glasses of gamers and their ideas. Myself included. The first was a hit… sequels are all about profit. The devs might be heart and soul gamers , but they also want to be multi millionaires. This title will almost guarantee it. In fact..the time it took me to write this the probably earnt another 10k. Clever thing freemium… it makes you rich.

  • I just want comment

    Hit the App Store you say? WHAT ABOUT I HIT EA’S FACE UNTIL THEY DIE.

  • When it will be released?

    when the PVZ 2 on android released? i can’t wait cause i only got android and my sister have iphone but the iphone always with her even when go to school T_T

    • When it wibb be released?

      oh and please released it soon! i’m waiting for it 😀

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