BlackBerry 9720 available unlocked in UK now


We recently informed readers about the upcoming BlackBerry 9720 smartphone, aimed at emerging markets. To be frank this lacks excitement in the way of specs, but then it’s not intended to be a high-end device. We had heard that it would initially launch this month in some areas of Latin America, Asia and EMEA, so we’re rather surprised to see that the BlackBerry 9720 is available unlocked in the UK now.

BlackBerry’s recent woes have been well-documented lately, and it doesn’t look likely that the uninspiring BlackBerry 9720 will make things any better. Specs include an 800MHz processor, 2.8-inch screen with 480 x 360 resolution, 512MB of RAM, and 512MB of internal memory, expandable via microSD.

The BlackBerry 9720 also has a full QWERTY keyboard, a 5-megapixel rear camera, a 1450 mAh battery and launches running the BlackBerry OS 7.1 operating system. It’s rather a mystery why BlackBerry would choose to release a new phone on the older operating system, but who are we to question this! Unlocked Mobiles now has the BlackBerry 9720 for sale unlocked with a price of £179.98 including VAT.

If you want to buy the phone on contract though, then it looks as if you’ll have to wait a little longer. Will you be buying the SIM-free BlackBerry 9720? Are you surprised that BlackBerry is still coming up with new handsets running the older operating system? Let us have your comments on this device.


5 thoughts on “BlackBerry 9720 available unlocked in UK now”

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    Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones says:

    BlackBerry 7 is crap!!! Don’t see this phone lasting – blackberry had the cheek to say apple was old and that they keep bringing the same old thing out – over & Over again. You’re well wrong Heins !!!.., more talking bout you’re company more like. So much for this focusing on BB10 .. Sorry but their ones that going backward rather that forwards. BlackBerry is crap.. I had the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and to be 10000% honest – it was crap!!! I ditch me bold 9900 with a month. Another Crappy BlackBerry is all we need… Go away blackberry. The sooner the company goes the better. This is why blackberry are losing Interest nobody want a operating system that’s just over years old… This one of reasons blackberry are losing their users… Then all the stuff over the playbook – then to cap that they are putting BBM on the iPhone & android. BlackBerry are a joke when it comes to Business.

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    DK says:

    For years I was a fanatic bb user. Due to lack for updates en very slow interface I switched to Nokia Lumia en things are way better with this os. No customer in my shop even thinks to buy a bb. Really don’t know why they release a bb7 os device.

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    Amanda Jane McGuire-Jones says:

    If people wanted BB7 – theres loads of shops selling the BB7 phones. I used to have the BlackBerry Bold 9900 – beautiful phone — But hated their software – which was Crap. BlackBerry has the cheek to call Apple Dated – and they are bringing out another dead end product – BB7 was a massive failure. BlackBerry Should be staying Focus on BlackBerry 10. Everybody knows that BB7 was a big flop!!

    Apple not the ones that are dated here – it’s BlackBerry – no wonder they are failing in the phone market.. BB7 is so 3 years ago!!!

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    mobyjoe says:

    it makes a great deal of sense for blackberry to bring out this phone. millions of users love the blackberry curves and bolds with os7. not everyone likes the new os10, and not everyone has the budget to buy the top end devices and indeed not everyone wants one. so now with the 9720 available, people who love the curves etc can now have a blackberry with a larger screen and a long lasting battery plus a decent 5mega pixel camera at a price that they can afford. so everyone is happy. those who like their toys and dont mind spending a fortune can buy their androids and iphones. whilst those who like their blackberry phones can buy the 9720. i dont see a problem. buy whichever phone you like and enjoy.

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