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The HTC One is now available to buy over on Verizon Wireless but many have said they will purchase via Wirefly because it is cheaper. So please do have a little read to see what is best for you whether you want the smartphone on or off contract.

Finally the wait is over for Verizon customers wanting the HTC One, they were the last major carrier in the U.S to release the smartphone to its customers. Earlier on today the Verizon Wireless HTC One page went live for its customers to purchase, but is it wise to buy via Verizon Wireless online or should you opt for Wirefly?

Verizon Wireless is selling the HTC One on a two-year contract for $199.99, or you can opt off contract for $599.99, but Wirefly are selling it cheaper on contract and more expensive if you do not want to tie into a 2-year plan at $149.99 and $649.99 respective.

If you are looking at buying on a contract plan then it makes sense to use Wirefly and they are $50 cheaper than Verizon Wireless, but if you buy the HTC One outright you will pay $50 more with Wirefly, so it depends on if you choose contract or not.

If you purchase via Wirefly they do state the HTC One comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system, via Verizon Wireless you do get the latest version of Jelly Bean, which is 4.2.2.

The above is based on the 32GB sliver HTC One, if you want to buy on contract it seems Wirefly is the best option to save money, if you want the HTC One outright and off contract then Verizon Wireless is the best option.

Will you be buying the HTC One via Verizon Wireless or Wirefly?


9 thoughts on “HTC One Verizon Wireless vs Wirefly price”

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    Mjr says:

    Or you can get $50 off the price plus free shipping on the Verizon website by using coupon code FIFTYRMN at checkout

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    BryanG says:

    Left Verizon when Amazon ran their $49.99 special on the AT&T version. Got it in black which I like better then silver. Data quality, speed, and signal strength have been great so far in 3 states. Glad I didn’t wait till now. Still have jelly bean 4.1 but that doesn’t bother me. Great phone and Verizon should have released with the rest of the competition. Left them after 20 years as a customer.

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      Samuel says:

      Bryan you are yet one of thousands of whiners when it comes to this phone. So what it was 4 months later that Verizon made it available? So people do the math. Buy at Wirefly(which I have heard from numerous people to stay away from)off contract for over 600.00,or buy through Verizon full price at 599.00,hmm,do the math there,which makes the most sense economically here? It is pretty obvious. Plus Wirefly does NOT have the latest software on it as the one Verizon is selling currently. Not to mention,I would rather renew my contract and get the phone for 199.00 and I get a generous work discount,or waste 600.00 dollars and buy it outright. Who has that kind of money anyway? Probably most of us do not. Certainly wont miss you Bryan. A T And T does not have a great network,and neither does Sprint,T Mobile even is better than those 2 are. Cheaper network does NOT always mean better and I can say that from personal experience. Verizon hands down has a better network and I have not had any major problems with any of my phones from them. So by all means Bryan keep whining as I am sure you whine about a lot of other stupid and insignificant things as well. HTC ONE will do well on Verizon.

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        BryanG says:

        Angsty much? If you have faith in their network then you do. I haven’t had any problems with AT&T. Why should I wait and keep paying for something I’m not satisfied with. I paid nowhere near $600 or $199 or $149.99. Amazon got me what I want with a 2 year contract for fifty bucks. Doesn’t matter to me if your work contract gets you a generous discount. My work contract pays for my entire cell service whoever my provider is. I’m shopping for the hardware that I want. If my contract is ended then it’s costs me nothing to shop around. When I go on vacation I will be able to pick up a local sim in Taiwan and Italy and use the phone that I am familiar with on the local GSM networks. Something I could never do while traveling as a Verizon customer.

        Verizon may not miss me. But if your “thousands of whiners” happen to leave too. Then they will collectively miss customers. If no one leaves then they did right by their customers to focus on Motorola Droid hardware. Either way my experience is relevant to those who find it useful and you can whine all you want. I still get to post while enjoying the phone I wanted.

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    Brian Munsell says:

    Or just go to Sam’s Club and walk out with one for $150 instead of waiting for it in the mail

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    Luis says:

    Ooh my god, buying a phone without a contract at Verizon specially at one of their stores is so ridiculous absurd. Those guys are complete idiots. Trying to buy it off contract and they tell you. U can’t . They have no clue yet Verizon is sellin it without the contact. That clerk must have been retarded

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    Matt says:

    VERIZON30 and it’s 139.99. It worked when I ran it through my cart. I didn’t not submit my order. From what I heard from others, you cannot use the pick up in store option with this. I am not certain if it’s true or not.

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