iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Note 3 as phablets


There is a battle brewing with iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and this is one that involves two smartphones yet to meet a release date. The expectation of Apple launching a phablet has been around for a while and would likely not happen until 2014 at the earliest, but it is an eventuality that a bigger iPhone will emerge at some point sooner rather than later.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will launch in the next few weeks and follows up on other phablets that made the term cool, so it would be Apple this time around that needs to play catch up unlike with the original cool touchscreen iPhone.

It is safe to say there is already a strong demand for an iPhone 6 with a much bigger display, as seen with many comments like this “I’m waiting until September and hope to see a bigger iPhone 6. If the screen is smaller than 5.2-inches then I’ll buy a Galaxy Note 3 or Nokia Lumia 6-inch screen as they look better anyway”.

Some people wonder why Apple is taking so long to launch a bigger screen iPhone and hope the 7th generation changes that. The problem is no rumors or leaks point to a bigger display, and instead everything is pointing to a cheaper iPhone 5C along with a revamped 5S model.

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Note 3 as phablets — the above comment is one of many that reveal current Android users wanting to purchase a big iPhone 6, which is a full upgrade with the latest specs and fully redesigned. This might happen but in our opinion not in 2013.

If we see Apple push the lower price this year with a minor 5S, then it would set WWDC 2014 as the perfect launch platform for an iPhone 6 phablet to radically change Apple’s position in the marketplace with a bigger iPhone 6, high-end 5S at 4+ inches and a budget 5C version.

We featured an iPhone 6 concept video two days ago that included a 6.2-inch screen, and while the design left a lot to be desired it is clear people want the range of screen sizes.

If you had the choice between an Apple iPhone 6 phablet and Samsung Galaxy Note 3, what handset would you prefer and with what specs?


4 thoughts on “iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy Note 3 as phablets”

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    jpswain says:

    Apple I- phone must have Specs:

    (1) 6″ 1920 x 1080p screen
    (2) 64 bit OS
    (3) 4 gigs ram
    (4) 128 – 256 storage
    (5) I-pad mini functionality
    (6) 17 mp front camera
    (7) 4000 amh battery
    (8) waterproof
    (9) widescreen TV / monitor keyboard interface

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    Jolly says:

    iPhone must not be the same old experience .boring boring boring.
    Android has far more facilities . Full stop .
    When the iPhone first came out there was nothing like it anywhere. Dead company walking maybe ,unless they pull their finger out and start some more real innovation .
    The problem is Apple has so many sycophants that tell Apple what Apple wants to hear rather than telling them what they need to here!

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    ccag says:

    amazing that gadget2us offered USD1.0 leather case, it is said, the slim design case for Apple iPhone6 was sold USD24.99 in Italy ,but his promotion only last 5 days

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