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The iPhone 6 will not arrive this year and this has become clear with only a couple of weeks to go until Apple’s next event in September, but we will see a 7th generation iPhone in the form of 5S and 5C. Putting names aside, the real iPhone 6 would feature not only an improvement in specs but also a complete redesign that takes things further than the current generation.

We have seen a few poorly made iPhone 6 concepts that raise the idea of a phablet that would take on Galaxy Note 3 and one of the latest featured some amazing specs. That concept was based more about dreams than facts, although some others tend to aim for what is possible rather than putting anything on paper.

The best iPhone 6 designs target what is possible by a release date in 2014, and some innovative features would arrive from Apple patents that have only just been published. You can see how a thin iPhone 6 is possible in an earlier article looking at a patent improving the thickness of all iDevices.

iPhone 6 revolutionary versus late features — there is a clear difference between what consumers class as revolutionary features and those that have been tried already. It is true that LG and Samsung already revealed flexible displays with the latter brand showcasing a working wrap around display. If Apple produced an iPhone 6 with a wrap around display, as in this concept, then some people might claim they are stealing ideas from Samsung.

Another Phones Review reader also mentioned, “a built-in projector phone appeared around 3 years ago and it didn’t catch on and a fingerprint scanner was on the original Motorola Atrix. If Apple’s iPhone 6 includes a fingerprint scanner, built-in projector or wrap around display then they are just using late technology and nothing revolutionary in my mind”.

While we understand this persons point of view, it is good to remember that Apple’s success has always been about repackaging technology in their own unique way and consumers obviously love it as seen by units sold. If they included at least a flexible display and fingerprint scanner on an iPhone 6, then you can bet it will be done in Apple’s own way and might even be made popular like they did with touchscreen phones.

Others think an iPhone 6 with a wrap around screen wouldn’t be revolutionary and instead is a very bad idea. “Why would you want a wrap around display? Unless Apple patents a hover iPhone, how would you hold a phone like this without touching the display on the side?” said another commenter.

Then we have the problem of getting an iPhone 6 case to fit a device like this, which would at the very least need to be clear in certain areas. We have already seen a great solution to this issue that’s called Graphene. You can read a lot more about a possible iPhone 6 with Graphene in another article, and how this technology would mean no need for a case and also other benefits are provided like much better battery life.

Do you think Apple still has what it takes to launch a revolutionary iPhone 6? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this question and the above information, and also if you think Apple will always produce a phone with late features from technology already on smartphones.


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    subliminal says:

    No. Apple sucks! Always will. Their devices are poorly made and evey man and his dog that has an iphone has the same bloody phone! There is no variety with apple. So you have a bunch of sheep running around with the same device! Apple, you suck!

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        subliminal says:

        No Mr Samsung here! Samsung make great phones and products. I would happily own a Samsung phone but I prefer HTC. I speak about Apple as bring an iPhone owner myself, and the times it failed, is my Perot that they suck. Every person I know that has/had an iPhone has has/had issues. The main button failing for a start! Freezing or not booting at all. Some have sent theirs back multiple times only to have the same issues. 1 friend alone has had 4 brand new iPhone 5’s. I finally convinced her to get a HTC. She has never looked back.
        Sorry but from previous experience with iPhones, and many of them, they suck!

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          Mendaxx says:

          Maybe i’m lucky with my Apple products but the only one that has ‘broken’ was my iPhone 4, the backlight didn’t work so the screen was very dark and pretty much un-usable, so I took it to the Apple store and it got replaced without even showing the receipt!
          Other products i’ve had: iPad Mini / iPad 2 / iPhone 5 / iMac 21.5 / MacBook Pro Retina / iPod 3rd / iPod 5th and never have they lagged, got a virus, crashed, overheated, etc. And that’s why I keep buying their products whereas Samsung/Sony/HTC I cannot say the same for.

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      johnny maverick says:

      Your rage seems to be in the wrong direction it’s not apples fault that the consumer wants an iPhone. It’s the consumer that just wants to have an easy phone to use and follows the marketing. I’m willing to put good money on the likely hood that a lot of the Samsung customers are using their phone in the Samsung easy mode and it looks pretty much the same as most other people’s. I work in the industry and sell phones in Australia and that’s what I have noticed.

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      Not a Happy_Bunny says:

      Yet another idiotic anti-apple post based on emotion and rhetoric that absolutely ignores the facts.

      “Their devices are poorly made ..”, really? My wife has the an original iPhone 3, not the 3S, it has never gone wrong, shows no scratches, no dents, screen is totally clear, with no failed pixels, it’s not made from cheap plastic, is very robust and stands up to being thrown around in my wife’s handbag on a daily basis, doesn’t seem poorly made to me.

      “There is no variety with apple. So you have a bunch of sheep running around with the same device…”, I really don’t understand this comment. Everybody who has a Samsung Galaxy S3 has the same phone, just as everybody who has an iPhone 4 has the same phone. However everybody who has an Apple phone does not have the same phone, as I said my wife has an original 3, I have a 4 and my daughter has a 5, they’re definitely not the same phones, just as people who have Samsung phones don’t all have the same phone.
      I am not an Apple fan-boy, before you start down that road, I use a PC not a Mac and I have both a Sony Laptop as well as a MacBook Air, each has its own place in my routine. However what I would admit to is being an absolute android-phobe, or anti anything else that puts revenue in Google’s pockets. Google is the worst case of anti-privacy practice in the world imo. and that includes governments. I wouldn’t trust the Android operating system on any of my equipment, just as I refuse to send emails to anybody who has a GMail account. (Read the current news articles surrounding Google’s assertion that anybody using a GMail account, including those non-users who just send email to a GMail account, that they “have no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

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    tazman1984 says:

    Apple technology is always far behind any one else every time they release a product its specs seem to be behind its competitors take the iphone five the specs arnt even up to scratch with the galaxy s3 and I think they need to get some new design ideas think they have milked its original iphone 4 design to much now I used to love my 3gs then I had an iphone 4 which was crap signal grip problem havent had any apple product make go wow since

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    Lawrence James says:

    Whilst graphene is here, it’s integration into technology (especially mass produced consumer goods) is still quite far away. Think along the lines of ten years or so. There are also some political issues surrounding the ownership / patents of graphene… and some quite large ones at that.

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    gg tailom says:

    I had an iphone 5 but I thought it was rubbish. One struggles to read the text and the phone quality is shoddy. Iphone 3 and 4 were ahead of their time but Iphone 5 is inferior to Samsung by a long long way. Iphones are far too small for people in their 40s-50s-60s to read, its clearly a phone for children so I gave mine to one of my kids.

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