Focus on Nexus 5 as 8GB Nexus 4 runs out


We all know the Google Nexus 5 smartphone is on the way, but the question many of us would like an answer to concerns the release date. Expectancy for this device is huge, even though we don’t even have confirmation yet of the manufacturer. However, the focus really is on the Nexus 5 now, with news that the 8GB Nexus 4 has run out.

We recently gave readers a summary of Nexus 5 info so far, and regular readers may remember that just a few days ago we told how the 8GB and 16GB models of the Nexus 4 phone were now having their prices slashed on Google Play. The price on Google Play for both versions was cut by $100, a significant saving, and we cautioned readers that at these prices the Nexus 4 was likely to sell quickly.

Prices of the Nexus 4 were also cut substantially in other regions, including the UK, Canada and Australia. We noted that although this was not proof that the arrival of the Nexus 5 was close, it looked safe to assume that it’s not too far off, with Google trying to clear current stocks of the Nexus 4.

As we suspected, the price discounts have led to a rush of demand and the 8GB version of the Nexus 4 on Google Play US has now sold out. Presently the 8GB version is listed as being out of inventory with the possibility of more stock arriving. However, many observers feel it’s unlikely that more of the 8GB Nexus 4 will become available again, with attention now turned to the upcoming Nexus 5.

The 16GB version however, is still available at Google Play US, so you’ll want to hurry if you want to take advantage of the current price offer. The Nexus 5 is likely to launch running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, and Droid-Life points to sources suggesting an appearance near to October 31.

It’s important to remember the launch of the Nexus 5 remains unconfirmed at this stage. All of the signs indicate that it’s not too much longer away though, and as soon as we hear more about this we’ll let you know.

In the meantime you might like to check out a recent Nexus 5 concept that we showed readers and has certainly got people talking. Are you already intending to purchase the Nexus 5, even though nothing about it has been confirmed yet? We’re always interested to hear from readers so let us know your thoughts on the Google Nexus 5.


9 thoughts on “Focus on Nexus 5 as 8GB Nexus 4 runs out”

      1. Zombie Killer says:

        Just a little hint, the device version number does not correlate to screen sizes in inches. Nexus 1 was a whole lot bigger than 1 inch.

        I will also tell you that the massive size of nexus 4 turned off a LOT of people wanting smaller phones.

        There is a point where enough is enough. 5 inches is WAY too big for a phone. The problem is that the hardware vendors are going stupid with the “bigger is better” kind of spec list. They can’t fit a full-HD resolution into 3.5 inches, so they make the screen 6″. WRONG APPROACH.

        It has to actually fit into your customers’ hand. That is the singular “hand”, and not “hands”. A chainsaw should be operated with two hands. A phone, with ONE hand, because you need your other hand for things like carrying a cup of coffee, or a bag, or what about amputees? If it takes two hands to work your phone, you’re doing it wrong.

        Also, not everybody has massive gorilla like hands. Half of the potential customers are female, most of whom have hands considerably smaller than the average male.

        1. Tuấn Ankh says:

          Most girls don’t even know about the Nexus brand, so how are they the potential customers?
          And you are not gonna reach the top of the phone much anyway. Calling and texting can be easily done with one hand on a 5″ phone. If you can’t swipe the notification bar down to read a text, here is the hint: the messaging icon is right at the bottom.

          Regardless what I just said, I’ve seen a bunch of girls using the 4.8″ and larger phones. They have no problem using those.

          1. Dumbass Female says:

            “Most girls don’t even know about the Nexus brand” What a ridiculous and ignorant comment. Sorry, I forgot; we’re too busy child rearing, painting our nails and looking after our husband’s needs to be interested in tech. Idiot.

          2. Tuấn Ankh says:

            That’s just an observation. I swear most girls know more about the iPhone and Samsung phones. All the girls I know who use the Nexus 4 were introduced to the Nexus brand from their friends (including me).
            At least you can go around and ask. I was just stating whatever I observed.

            And I didn’t even think about any of those things you just argued about. I didn’t even talk about married women.

          3. bigsteve says:

            Alright love, you’ve made your point.

            Now go make me a nice cup of tea, there’s a good girl….