HTC One and One Mini blue editions now official


The HTC One is a flagship Android smartphone that released back in March while the HTC One Mini is a baby sibling that hit the shelves just last month. Recently we gave some leaked news about a possible blue color option for the HTC One, and that has now been made official along with a blue version of the HTC One Mini.

Until now the HTC One has been available in black or silver with a recent red variety (carriers vary), and the HTC One Mini launched in either black or silver. Around a week ago we heard rumors of a blue HTC One and saw some leaked images, and further to this then saw an image of the blue HTC One spotted at large.

HTC has just announced a Vivid Blue option for the One and One Mini and we’re showing the HTC One in blue in the official image here. We had no inkling that the One Mini would also be coming in blue, so this is a nice surprise for those considering purchasing this device.

Release dates for the blue varieties have not been confirmed other than Q4 and this option will be region-specific, so may not be available everywhere. As soon as we hear further news on release dates and regions where the blue models will be on sale we’ll let you know.

Pricing has not been confirmed, but there’s no reason to expect that the blue versions will be any different in price to the colors already available. Of course, specs will also be the same, and these blue handsets will be available for the lucrative holiday season.

Are you pleased to hear of these new blue colors for the HTC One and HTC One Mini? Maybe you’ll be adding one to your Christmas wish list? Let us know with your comments.

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