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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is already the subject of some attention, even though its release is still many months away. The Galaxy S4 is undoubtedly a great smartphone, but Samsung has faced some criticism over its rather bland design. Today we want to show you a Samsung Galaxy S5 envisioned with a unique design.

Time and time again just about the only criticism leveled at the Samsung Galaxy S3 and also the S4 was it’s rather non-premium plastic build. We know that many readers would like to see the next Galaxy S flagship step up to something rather more stylish, and that’s where concept designs come in useful.

Occasionally we spot concept visions for future devices that give an interesting look at what could be offered. They often bring something new to the table and this Galaxy S5 concept is one such example.

It has been known for some time that Samsung is working on flexible screens, and folding displays are something that may well appear on flagship Samsung devices in the future. Some time ago we showed a concept Galaxy S5 design featuring a foldable display, and the new concept that you can see here also comes from Jermaine at Mobileaks.


The previous concept was foldable on the horizontal, but this new idea folds along the vertical instead, giving a really distinctive look. Another stand out aspect is an extra LCD screen on the reverse that disappears when the handset is closed. The vertical screen can be used for viewing notifications and also acts as a music player interface.

As you can see from the images here this concept Samsung Galaxy S5 has an edge-to-edge display and the home button is positioned slightly to one side at the top to allow for the vertical fold. This is also an extremely slim design that would be likely to appeal to plenty of customers.

Although this concept Samsung Galaxy S5 may be just a little too much of a departure for Samsung, we’ve been longing to see something so sweepingly different and this would certainly fit the bill. However, what we’d really like to know is how readers feel about this design.

Are you already looking ahead to the Samsung Galaxy S5? Would you love to see the next Samsung Galaxy S flagship appear with a design as groundbreaking as this one? Do let us know by sending your comments.

Source: Mobileaks (Google Translated)


11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 unique design envisioned”

  1. Reply
    ken says:

    I would rather not wanted to see a line down the middle of my phone screen. How would you design it so the line is not one bit noticeable?

    1. Reply
      TruthRealityFact says:

      Note the reference to a ‘flexible screen’. With this technology, I assume the ‘flexing’ part would sit within the ‘curvature’ at the fold point.

      1. Reply
        Robin Watt says:

        Rarely is anything unbreakable… seriously. If anything was unbreakable, we’ve yet to find or make it. Even mountains are destroyed over time.

  2. Reply
    TTmalimosiao says:

    I still need to be convinced on this folding ability, only time will tell. There are so many strories about the look of S5 and all are so different so one never knows which source to believe

  3. Reply
    christian says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about it folding I don’t sit at a desk and I keep my phone in my pocket at work and if a coin or something else gets inside the fold what’s gonna stop it from scratching or busting the screen. And also after folding it Time and time again what’s to stop the flexible screen from developing a crease in it just like a price of paper ?

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