New iPad 5 video reinforces previous leaks


Ahead of the iPad 5 launch this fall we’ve already seen countless leaked images purporting to be parts of the design. Many that we’ve seen so far have been pretty consistent regarding the build of the next full-sized iPad. Now a new iPad 5 video has appeared that further reinforces previous leaks.

The leaked parts that we’ve seen so far suggest that the iPad 5 will have a slimmer and narrower design, with thin bezels. We’ve seen back panels, front panels, and casings that indicate that film-based touch technology will be used (as on the iPad Mini), instead of the glass-based panels used in the iPad 4.

The film-based technology will allow the iPad 5 to be both lighter and thinner than its predecessor. Now a three minute YouTube video has emerged that purports to show the rear shell and the front panel of the iPad 5, and also compares the size to the iPad 4. We have embedded the video below this story for your convenience.

The video ties in well with previous parts we’ve seen and also offers an outline of the hardware, showing the separate volume buttons, and speakers. The overall design is less wide, and despite the iPad 5 having the same display size as the iPad 4 it comes in 1.5cm narrower.

The rumored move to a design that’s more similar to the iPad mini is also strengthened with this new video. However, we should point out that none of the leaks so far can be substantiated as the real deals until Apple chooses to announce the device.

Many people are hoping to see the official introduction of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 very shortly, with an expected release in Q4. Apple is holding an event on September 10, but don’t cross your fingers for news on the new iPads just yet, as this event is set to reveal the iPhone 5S, 5C and iOS 7.

Let us have your comments on this video pertaining to be iPad 5 parts. Are you happy with what you see? What specs would you like to see Apple bring to the next-generation iPad?

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