Nexus 5 reveal on video, not much doubt


It’s all going on today in the smartphone world, with great new devices being revealed all the time from IFA Berlin. Though it’s highly unlikely that we’ll hear anything about the Nexus 5, we haven’t forgotten that many readers are eager to hear more about this Google Android smartphone. It now seems the Nexus 5 could have been revealed on video, in fact there’s not much doubt.

We recently summarized much of what we know or has been rumored so far for the Nexus 5, and it seems very likely that we’ll see an official introduction of the phone soon. Yesterday we told how existing Nexus 4 stocks are starting to run dry, indicating the launch of the Nexus 5 seems close.

One of the joys of Nexus devices is that they run pure stock Android, and it has been widely thought that the Nexus 5 would launch running Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. However, Google threw everybody yesterday by announcing that the next major iteration of Android will be dubbed 4.4 KitKat.

A promo video showing the unveiling of the Android KitKat statue outside Google HQ was released, and eagle eyed observers spotted something very interesting. A Google employee filming the statue’s arrival is shown in the video and is holding an unknown Nexus device, which appears pretty large.

Check out the YouTube video below at 0.38 seconds and you’ll see the mystery device that seems to have a matte finish on the reverse with the Nexus logo. Google has already pulled the original video, but once in the wild these things are difficult to put back in the box.

The phone is shown at some distance in the video but the image that we’re showing you here is a closer look from Droid-Life. The large rear camera is also clear to see, and this reflects rumors of styling similar to the new Nexus 7 2 tablet.

To be frank, we’d be amazed if this doesn’t turn out to be the Nexus 5 that up until now Google has kept a closely guarded secret. Even the manufacturer of the phone has not yet been revealed, although if you check out the image here and squint hard enough, it could be LG. There have been plentiful leaks about the phone, but until Google chooses to announce the device, nothing can be confirmed.

We’ll be following developments on the Nexus 5, and if the device pictured in the video does indeed turn out to be the Nexus 5, then it doesn’t look too much further away. Are you one of the many Android enthusiasts waiting for the Google Nexus 5? Share your thoughts on this device with other readers by sending us your comments.

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