Samsung Galaxy S5 with fresh imagination


The Samsung Galaxy S5 will not release until next year but many of us are already wondering what might be brought to the table with this Samsung flagship smartphone. Today we want to show you a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SV) designed with fresh imagination that offers a take on what the device could look like.

Some readers may recall that we recently showed a concept design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 (see here) that was designed by Greco Medrano and featured some pretty realistic specs for a device that’s still two years away. Now Medrano has turned his attention to the Galaxy S5 (or as he dubs it the Galaxy S V).

His latest concept that you can see below is a sleek looking device that’s not too far away from a credible design for the real deal. We feel it’s nicely styled, but bear in mind that this Galaxy S5 render has quite rounded corners considering the just-announced Galaxy Note 3 has less curves and Galaxy devices are often styled very similarly.

We rather like the pattern on the reverse of the phone that seems to be rows of tightly packed dots so that they almost resemble tiny boxes. However, again this differs from the new Galaxy Note 3 design that features a faux-leather textured reverse.

This is a respectable addition to other concept designs we’ve seen of the Samsung Galaxy S5, though perhaps not quite as groundbreaking as the very impressive foldable design S5 concept we showed recently. It’s always interesting to take a look at concept designs though, as it’s intriguing to imagine handsets further along the line.

We’d really like to know what you think of this latest Galaxy S5 design so please do let us have your comments. Would you like to see the finished article with this styling? Maybe you prefer the previous Galaxy S5 concept (linked to above)?

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    Lisa says:

    With the way Android works, for me it would be important for a flagship phone to have plenty of internal memory, good battery power (current models drain too easily with all the apps running) and stereo speakers that you can hear someone on.

    It is also important that the phone is waterproof. current designs are just too easily damaged from water.

    As for the size and shape of the phone, it needs to be something which can easily fit in a pocket or handbag. It also doesn’t want to look out of place in a small woman’s hand or a large man’s hand. How many people out there with large fingers struggle to operate a smart phone?

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